Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Can't Do This Again

Because I keep blogging when I screw up, it's no secret I have gone off plan a few times over the past 21 weeks on Medifast. Four times, to be exact. But something new is happening.

I started Medifast on February 28. I was 100% completely on plan with NO slip ups, cheat meals, or days off for a good solid 10 weeks. I was down 26 pounds. Then, in the middle of week 10, I had a slip up. It was unintentional; we ordered Vietnamese food and what came was not what I expected, had too much salt and some unidentifiable sauces, but I ate it anyway. And then, the next day was the first intentional screw up when I ate off plan at a buffet when we were out of town. That first 2-day "off plan" event felt like no biggie; I was up one pound, which came back off in a single day. It was not hard to get right back to Medifast and keep dropping the weight.

The next screw up was only two weeks later. I went off plan when my relatives were here visiting. They brought in some yummy food and potato chips and I ate some. They also made brunch one day which I ate as well. This time was not as easy; I gained TWO pounds, had a headache and felt icky and bloated. But I got back on plan and that extra weight was gone in a few days. This was in early June.

But a week later I did it again... ate some junk, had a burger. Gained a couple pounds and then lost it again. I did NOT feel well, trying to get back off the carbs. I felt sick, had major headaches, huge amounts of joint pain and swore to myself I would not go back off plan again.

One, two, three screw ups. I went another five weeks 100% on plan and feeling fantastic! What an easy diet! It's simple and enjoyable and as long as I stay on plan, take my walks, drink my water, cook reasonable dinners, I lose weight. I got down to 191 this month. And then, last week, 20 weeks in, I lost it again with the eating, went completely off plan. Not binge eating. Not a ton of crap. But I ate more carbs than usual, more calories, more salt, more fat, a little sugar. Small amounts, but they add up. And this time, it has been hell to pay trying to get back on plan.

Sunday I was 194. I was back to 100% on plan but Monday I was 195. Another 100% on plan day but today I was nearly 196! It's not "female cycle" related, either. I am walking, drinking water, eating healthy. But oh do I feel horrid. I feel beyond sick with the whole carb withdrawal thing again. If you've ever gone off sugar, or done something like South Beach diet, you know the icky feelings you get when your body is getting off sugar and carbs. Headaches, sometimes nausea, fatigue, generally feeling lousy. And I have to tell you, I feel absolutely, physically MISERABLE to the point that I ate a piece of wheat toast today just to try and make it go away. If I could, I would go to bed and sleep until tomorrow to escape this feeling.

Every time I go off plan, it gets harder to get back on. I think it is not good for my body to go on and off, on and off a low carb plan. It is just too much. Four off-plan "episodes" in almost 5 months, and each episode is harder to get back from. Today I thought, "I cannot do this again. I absolutely CANNOT physically suffer like this one more time. No more. I just feel too sick and this is NOT good for me."

So that is my commitment to myself. On plan or find something else. I love Medifast. It has done wonders for my weight loss and my binge eating issues. But it is pretty strict. You can't just go have a piece of toast. It screws up the plan. Too many carbs.

So I am going to do my best to get through this one last carb withdrawal state, get back on plan 100%, and stay there. And if I cannot stay there, I am going to have to figure out something else that works for me. When I am on plan, this is easy. I feel GREAT. I lose weight. But going off, it is torture. I am very hopeful I can get back on plan and stay there to get another 30 pounds off. I really hope so. Stay tuned.


Crys said...

I so admire your honesty. I really do. We're all in the struggle together. Some of us are not nearly brave enough to keep blogging through it. I'm rooting for you.

Banded Girl said...

I can't tell you the number of times I've read your blog and been astounded at your willpower when it comes to sticking to Medifast. The diet seems so restrictive and I think I would seriously be setting myself up for failure with it.

Having said that, it seems to have worked so wonderfully for you! Maybe a few months was all you needed to kickstart a more sustainable eating style for you--kind of like the induction phases of other popular diets we know :)

Also, I've gotta say, your self-awareness still impresses me. I think that knowing what our pitfalls are and recognizing when we're falling into old patterns is the most important part of weight loss.

Anonymous said...

On and off is tough. Low carbs is an unforgiving routine. Adding a bit too many carbs has an immediate effect. I had some success in the past with Adkins type routines but I always fell off the wagon. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you find your way again.

Lanie Painie said...

I'll support you no matter what you decide, as long as you stick with your commitment to make your mind and body healthy. You go girl!

Ice Queen said...

Lyn, I know that you can do it. I think back over everything you have been through, how hard you have worked, the mental and emotional shifts that have occurred and I am unable to believe that there will be any other outcome for you.

Will Medifast and low carb be your lifetime plan? That I can't say. I don't live in your body. But, I do know that if a plan isn't sustainable for you over a lifetime, you are not likely to want to or be able to stay with it long enough to reach goal, much less maintain over the long haul.

Is toast important enough to you that you need to switch plans? Perhaps go to calorie counting or Weight Watchers so that you can have carbs in the form of bread? Again, these are questions only you can answer.

Whatever you decide, you have the fundamentals. This Medifast plan has helped you overcome some immense hurdles in your life. I believe that you could switch over to another program/plan and work it successfully for life. You just need to know what that is. ;) :D

Eva Burns said...

You can do it!!! You need to focus on how good you feel, and how you feel when the weight is coming off. When I want to go off plan, I think about how awful I felt when I first started MF, and quite honestly, I don't want to feel that way again. It is almost like I am scared to feel that way again.

So, get back on the wagon, and stick with it. YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!!!!

spunkysuzi said...

I find going off of a plan and then trying to get back on one of the hardest things to do.
In fact i said the same thing to myself two weeks ago that i just couldn't do it one more time!
It may happen again but i sincerely hope not.
Good for you on staying strong!

Lyn said...

Ice Queen~

No, I don't care about toast. It is not important to me. Not one bit. I was not eating the toast because I was craving it; I ate it because I knew that eating carbs of any kind might lessen the symptoms and misery I was experiencing.

Kurzweil - MF Boards said...

Lyn, I admire your honesty. I also want to say it is quite helpful for me to hear this as someone who is also doing MF. Not that we ever want to hear of someone going off-plan and feeling awful, but it reminds me not to even put one toe down that slippery slope. I absolutely can see being in exactly your situation.

That said, your friends over at the MF boards are there to push, prod, pull, beg... whatever support will be most helpful to you! Please come there, ignore the people that give dismissive comments about "just decide to do it" (people who clearly don't understand compulsive eating issues), and get some luv from us!!

Shane G. said...

"I am very hopeful I can get back on plan", I caught this immediately only because I had a break through today. I was chatting with one of my friends and we were talking about how I "hoped the blog would give me the breakthrough to success i needed". I hope. It sounds positive, but for people who have the sickness you and I have, it is the escape clause, the recognition that failure is possible. Hope is a good thing, but in this case, it is the enemy. You need to "know" that you will get back on plan, no back door to slip out of and run away. So, buck up, dust off, and get back on the horse. Ride Cowgirl Ride!!!

Julie said...

I wonder if this shows that this may not be sustainable for the rest of your life? Not the MF, the low carb plan. I hope you feel better soon.

Leslie said...

Thanks once again, Lyn, for your honesty. You are so right about it getting harder to get back on after going off. In AA they say that it's easier to stay sober than to get sober. I've written about this phenomenon on my blog as it relates to food.

I find myself feeling that at some level I'm still "on the fence" about my powerlessness over certain food products. I don't want to get triggered by certain foods. But I do. Acceptance of that fact would avail me a lot more of peace with food I so crave.

I have absolute faith you will find your way back quickly. You've made incredible progress. These glitches serve as excellent lessons about ourselves and about life. We just don't learn much when we're on a winning streak!

Feel better fast. You are doing it!

Lyn said...


I do think low carb is the best way to lose weight, but never considered being low carb for the rest of my life. I like fruit too much to do that! And oatmeal :)

But I do plan to stay off fast food, fries stuff, sugary stuff, and refined carbs.

Julie Lost and Found said...

Thank you so much for sharing openly about your struggles.

I have a low carb question..does "low carb" mean no fruit at all?? I thought it just meant limited carbs.

I KNOW you can do this Lyn and I think what is really quite admirable is your coming back even after a 'screw up' (we beat ourselves up too bad!) and you persevere and are consistent.

There are a lot of people, probably myself included at this point, who would screw up and totally drop the ball.

You're doing awesome and have a lot of people that you've impacted and we're all rooting for you. :)

Lyn said...

Julie Lost & Found~

"Low Carb" can mean different things to different people. For example, on South Beach Induction, you cannot eat fruit. On Medifast, you cannot eat fruit except what small amounts are in the products already (a few raisins, etc). Because fruits are high in natural sugars, many low carb plans do limit them. On South Beach Phase 2, you can add back in a limited amount of fruits. The same is true for Medifast... in Transition, you add back in fruit servings. But at that point you're not exactly LOW carb.... more like "reduced" carb.

I aim to eat a maximum of 100g carbs per day. Since a banana, for example, has 27-30 g carbs in it, they are not on plan.

My carbs come mainly from the fresh vegetables I eat everyday plus the Medifast meals.

Diana said...

Interestingly, a very good friend of mine did MediFast for six months, or about 24 weeks. She was perfect. Never went off plan, never cheated.

Then it happened, over the next couple months she would "cheat". Each time it got harder and harder to get back on plan. Sadly, she's gained back most of the 60 pounds she lost. As she says, she just went crazy when she got to eat real food again.

Like Suzanne said, when we fall off of any plan it's always hard to get back on it. Each time we fall, it's a little bit harder to get back to a restrictive diet. MediFast is one of the strictest diets I've ever seen. At least, from what my friend ate. I knew it would work for me, but it's worked so well for you.

Don't give it up yet. Slipups happen with any weight loss plan, whether it's MediFast or Weight Watchers or whatever. It just happens, doesn't mean the plan won't work for you again.

Hang in there Lyn. You're so close to goal, I just know you're going to make it.

Mistie said...

You can do it Lyn, I know you can.

Ms. PJ Geek said...

I've been thinking and journaling and self -analyzing and reading a lot on blogs about the topic of having trouble sticking with a program. I do better, lose more, and am more peaceful when I can string along more time of good days. That's stringing along good choices, good days, good weeks, good exercise, and the big kicker-- not feeling deprived. That is one tall order.

I'm currently eating a meal delivery system Bistro MD that is 1200 calories a day including 3 meals and 2 snacks. The ...it's About 40-45% of calories from protein, 30-35% come from carbs and 20-25% come from fat. Breakfasts include pancakes or crepes or sometimes a a protein bagel which is just like a real bagel and it is usually served with almond butter or turkey sausage and egg white..there is fruit in some of the dishes. They allow extra fruit and protein if you are very physically active.

I just mention this because it is more balanced in the carb standing , but is still considered low carb. The snacks sound like the ones you've described with Medifast , but there are also weekly treats like a sugar free cheescake or swiss cake role. I'm not connected with this company and don't get any deals or discounts. Paying my whole way, I have not even contacted them about my blog. I just mention this as it might be an easier transition for you off medifast. For me, I do better with structure and don't have to cook for anyone or enjoy cooking, so it's working for me. Good luck.

Joy said...

So frustrating! I am sorry you are struggling! Keep focued and find out what works BEST for you. Keep at it...Just don't give up...EVER!! Hugs!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I hear you! Doing Medifast myself, I know that this is a plan you don't want to go on and off again.

Do you think if you were paying for the Medifast food that it would give you more motivation?

I know that it sure does for me. If I go off, and it takes 3 days to get my body back into fat-burning ketosis.. that's $10. a day... so that's $30. So, I've never felt that eating something off plan (like a donut) was worth $30.

But it is hard sometimes, I tell ya. You just have to learn what your triggers are and give yourself some options when you hit those triggers. For me, it's being prepared with foods that I can turn to like my knox blox jello squares, or my peanut butter balls.

I'm sorry it's been hard getting back on plan... such a pain. But I admire your honesty and determination!! You can do this and reach your goal because you can do hard things!!


Anonymous said...

Staying tuned and cheering for you!

You're making your life work, one way or the other!


Dinah Soar said...

You didn't go on Medifast for life..just for a time, to help you get over a big hurdle of being stuck in a rut. You've come a long way. Maybe it is time to try something else.

BUT...figure out what the next step is before abandoning Medifast or else you may find yourself losing all the ground you've gained.

What can you do, what can you live with, what adjustments are you willing to make to reach and maintain your goal?

Only you can decide that, only you can figure that out.

I've finally, after years of trying, figured out what works for me and it began with Intuitive Eating.

But it took me two years to get to this good place that I am, where I am finally consistently losing weight and have no feelings of deprivation, restriction or guilt...and where I never go hungry.

We learn so much of the time through trial and error. And that often must include loss. But we learn from each loss as well as the wins.

So, this battle of the bulge, winning this war is something we live out daily, we struggle, we fight, and we discover with each win and loss what helps us and what hurts us.

So, hold the fort and know your enemy. Fight hard, endure like a good soldier. You will win, in time, if you keep on keeping on.

Good luck and God bless.

jules said...

well, to be absolutely honest, I don't think there is a 100%. You are trying to be absolutely perfect in your eating - I can only talk about myself, but for me that would never be possible. And I think wanting to be perfect puts so much pressure on you and you would feel even worse when you slip again. Come one 4 times off plan in so many months? give yourself a break! it's fine!!!! you have done soooo well! be proud of what you have achieved! look at the number of days you have actually stayed ON the plan, instead on focussing on those you haven't. I get the feeling you're beating yoursef up too much, feel too guilty about one bad day - which might end up adding to the physical discomfort you feel from the carbs.
I usually give myself one day of the week to go out with friends, have a burger and some carbs, even have some beers. I am fine as long as I eat right for the rest of the week. It might not be the best for my body - but it's sure good for soul and I can actually enjoy that burger because I don't have to feel guilty about it...
you are doing just fine! not perfect - just human!

Anonymous said...

Maybe your body is trying to tell you that it's time to get off Medifast? You've lost a tremendous amount of weight so far. Is it possible to take a break and just maintain this weight loss, let your body have a chance to get adjusted to this weight? Maybe you could add more exercise to your daily routine? I've been using Wonderslim but I have never been as strict with it as you have with MF. I drink the shakes for breakfast and most dinners, but have a "normal" lunch every day. I'm not losing as quickly as you are but I'm happy to do it slowly. I guess the bottom line is only you know what is best for you.


Michele said...

Dear Lyn,
I along with hundreds of other fatties are behind you. I wondered though as I read your blog about your difficulty with getting back on the plan if you have ever heard of a fairly new book called: Mindful Eating by Jan Chozen Bays? It is not a weight loss book-but a book about being mindful of what we eat and paying attention to the many different kinds of hanger that we face daily. Might be of interest to you. Thanks for sharing your personal story. Michele

Anonymous said...

I really commend you doing the Medifast thing! I tried it years ago but was so wrapped up in a binge eating/starving cycle it did nothing for me! Good on you and your level of self-awareness, it is inspiring!

Fat Grump said...

Lyn, I think through blogging and your own analysis you have learnt so much about yourself and the way you eat and the ways you best lose weight. That in itself..knowing yourself..is a powerful tool.

You have been very good folowing a fairly restrictive diet. You haven't suffered and the weight has come off. You have such resolve. Personally, I couldn't follow such a restrictive plan long term. Some people are good with the 'rules' of a plan, whereas others (like me) go off the rails because of 'rules' and what I see as restrictions.

It seems a low carb diet is the way forward for you and I suspect you are aware that the time is approaching when you may have to tweak the Medifast plan or adapt it in some way so that you don't feel you have messed up if you do include some of the foods you enjoy. I suspect you may have mastered portion control now. Do you trust yourself not to binge-eat again?

You seem very methodical and well organised. Perhaps you could devise a diet of your own making now which does include foods you enjoy in small quantities? Given we have to establish eating patterns for life I think you may be beating yourself up unneccesarily for going 'off plan'. The Medifast way is far too strict to do for life or even long-term I'd suggest. I think you may have to have a Plan B Lyn..one which you can follow successfully. Having carbs and then restricting carbs obviously upsets your system, as you are finding out but 'cheating' on Medifast is also upsetting your body and your equilibrium. Not good. Feeling as you do, you may be setting yourself up for (minor) failures.

I think you are well on the road now to reaching a goal weight and maintaining it. I suspect you'll continue to live in a much healthier way, Medifast or no Medifast. Whatever way forward you take, just remember that you have so much support out here. x x

Anonymous said...

Just my two cents: I think that sticking with Medifast as long as you have and only having a couple off-plan moments is something to celebrate. I don't care who has lost weight on Medifast; not one of them could be 100% on-plan all the time. That is perfection and perfection just does not exist in the diet world, nor does it have to. But! I do understand that you need to do what makes you feel the best and if striving for being 100% on-plan is it, then we are all rooting for you! I am glad to hear that you are making plans for the future. You have come so far, Lyn, and your faithful readers are all standing behind you :)

Splurgie said...

You have a lot of support here. You've had rough patches before and you always keep going. That has been successful for you over the long haul. This is one of those rough patches.

Tammy said...

If you're able to stay on Medifast and get the last 30 lbs off, will you be staying off carbs forever on your own? You may have stated here before what your plan was for after Medifast and you were at goal weight, but if you did I'm sorry, I must have missed it! lol Tell me again. :)

Anonymous said...

these posts really make me feel like these meal replacement plans don't actually help one learn how to survive in the real world. it seems like you are so tied to medifast right now, that you won't be able to get off. i mean family will visit, birthdays will happen, and in order to stay sane, sometimes you have to satisfy the wants and desires for the burger. i feel like you aren't learning how to eat these in moderation or how to fit in the real food. are you concerned about this while on medifast and what you are going to do when you have to go off the program?

Susan W. said...

Thank you for continuing to share your journey!

Lyn said...

hey guys,

Thank you for all the support. A lot of you are asking/mentioning the same things, so for those who do come back and read my responses, here's a few thoughts:

I am not being hard on myself for the mistakes or lack of perfection. In fact that doesn't bother me one bit. What bothers me, the point of this post, is that I am having a PHYSICAL reaction that is getting worse each time I go high carb and then try to go back to low carb. I actually felt like I had the flu yesterday. It is MISERABLE, the reaction my body is having to going off plan. THAT is what I am not willing to put myself through anymore. I am going through it now, one last time, to get back on plan. But I don't think some of you understood how absolutely sick I was from sugar/carb withdrawal. It is not a mental thing, but a true physical one you can research on your own if you are so inclined.

Yes, Medifast does teach a lot, and I have covered that in earlier posts. There is also a transition and maintenance plan which I have also referred to and you can read about on the Medifast site.

I never intended to be *this* low carb "forever" (see my older post called Diet or Lifestyle). I already know how to eat healthy foods and portions... if you've been reading awhile you may remember how my meals were all based on veggies, whole grains, lean protein, etc. The problem that kept me from losing further was binge eating. Medifast has truly helped me nearly eliminate that issue, tho no, I do not yet trust myself not to ever binge. I think I will always have to be careful of that.

Anyway, I am plugging along, and will certainly continue to lose the weight and live a healthy lifestyle regardless of whether it includes Medifast or not.

Theresa said...

Many others have said what I'm feeling Lyn.

Do you think if you had to pay for the program it would keep you on track? (you know for me it's $100.00 a week. That's an expensive slip up!)

Do you think the small slips mean you are not making amazing strides in your binge control?

If you were not doing Medifast and could binge without the physical fallout being so severe... would you do it more often?

Medifast is not for life, but it's helped you get your life back... (IMHO)

Don't throw it away just yet Lyn. The demons you are fighting WANT you to spiral out of control. Everyone here wants to help you through the rough patch and come out the other side successfully.

You are just like all the rest of us. You don't have to be perfect or a shining example. Just a real person facing real struggles.

You are learning how to deal with life without using food to medicate. That is an amazing success story. It is however a process and a lifelong challenge. Use every tool you are given to help you along the way Lyn! I totally agree with Kurzweil!! Her post is EXACTLY what I'm thinking!

Anonymous said...

When you started Medifast, I started Atkins, then transitioned into South Beach after 3 months. I am committed to low carb for life. BUT...I will not eat gluten again. I've eaten a bit more fruit now and then (without it bothering me) but the only time I felt sick was when I had some granola...so I put 2 and 2 together. Maybe you are gluten intolerant. Just a thought. I was able to completely go off the daily Prilosec I took for years for GERD. Turns out the GERD was related to gluten intolerance.

Well, good luck! I know you will figure this all out and find a way to continue your amazing success!

With love,

April said...

oh Lyn you and I and our stories are so similar it is crazy! Because truly when you are struggling I am struggling, when you have success I have success. Plus our numbers. Throughout the past couple months we have stayed within a couple pounds of one another. ...I'm currently 190, and have been for majority of the month of July. My eating plan is Slimgenics, and it is hard too. But when I do good, and stay on plan I think "I CAN totally do this." then a slip up happens. My most recently slip up was so bad that I gave serious thought to just giving up all together. I truly feel like our journies are one of the same, even though I know that they aren't. We are fighting the good fight, and I truly believe that before we know it those 30 pounds will be GONE!

Xina said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. I'm not doing medifast, but I am low-carb dieting and every time I find myself in a situation where there is nothing "on plan" for me to eat and cheat a little I get sick. Physically sick. About 30 minutes to an hour afterwards my heart begins racing and I feel sweaty and nauseous and start worrying that I might be having a heart attack. That's my blood sugar dropping after a spike. I know what it is but it doesn't make it feel better. Then for DAYS afterwards I'm achy, tired, HUNGRY and grouchy. The fall out of going off plan is hell. I have also considered switching to something more forgiving of a slip up. For now I'm sticking with it, though. Low carb is the only way I've managed to loose weight and I figure if I have such a bad reaction to the little cheats then it must be the best way for me to live.
So my suggestion, for what it's worth is to find a few safe items that you can keep on you at all times to ward off hunger in case you are somewhere where you can't find anything on plan. I've been telling everyone in my life that I'm diabetic even though I haven't been officially diagnosed yet. I find my friends and family are more sympathetic to my dietary needs and more likely to make a meal I can eat if they think it's for a medical reason as opposed to weight loss. And I don't know how medifast works per-se...but maybe you should start to transition to the next phase and introduce SLOWLY a few more carbs into your plan and then maintain that level for awhile. Having a few weeks of weight maintenance between periods of weight loss will also help to tighten up any loose skin if you have any like I do. Plus it's good knowledge for you to find your maintenance level so you know how far you can go before you stop losing.
Good luck, I hope you feel better soon.

beerab said...

I'm trying to go with the new thought of "it's just food." Spending time with my family won't be more enjoyable because I ate those chips.

You are doing very well btw- I'm rooting for you!

Princess Dieter said...

I like your sensible, analytical approach. No just keeping the wobbling on and off, but try again and, if that's not doing it, seek an alternative.

I can't do all-out lowcarb. I've tried and I get the same thing--the icky feeling when I seesaw. So, I gave it up years ago.

However, I FEEL better when I'm LOWER carb, not low-carb. It's never easy for me to portion control, but it's EASIER when I lower carb. Granted, I am insulin resistant. And that may be part of it, so 6 years ago, I just stopped having any single snack that was carbs (ie, no more just toast for me or just crackers). I knew I had to add protein to any snack or mini-meal. No plain fruit. (Which I used to do all the time).

I wish it was easier for everybody, but even smart and wise ladies like you have trouble with the balances, and being honest is good for those starting a fatfighting journey.

I do like adding extra protein (though I prefer Whey to Soy), and it helps.

You're not the only person who struggles with a plan--any plan--even one that got a big wad of pounds of you with relative ease. And you're not the first person on Medifast who's had the yoyo (my previous letter carrier was a MediFAster, and we'd chat about it--that's how I first heard of the plan some years ago--and how she'd be on then off then on then off, but it was what got the weight off fastest for her, so she persisted.

Here's to you regaining your footing/mojo/whatever and reaching your goal..which you will.

Anonymous said...

Lyn, I wish you could know how much your honesty in your blogs means to me....Thank you so much for expressing yourself honestly.

On the carb thing, I think it's clear from reading some of the comments here that some people obviously dont have the same issues with carbs as others of us do. I'm like you and know only too well the hideous physical effects of going off plan.
Thanks for being there each day Lyn. It means so much to me when I read your blog.
I'm rooting for you.

Anonymous said...

I personally don't want to live in a world without carbs. They are just too yummy and they are everywhere. My sister-in-law used to ask me: "Does this diet work?" And my reply was all diet plans work--if you do them. My problem is I don't do them consistently and I have a tough time doing a good job of both diet and excercise at the same time. Medifast sounds awfully restrictive--maybe it is not so much the carbs, but the extra calories--since you are eating so few? Anyway, I have been following your blog for a couple years and struggling along side you. I keep losing and regaining the same 5 pounds. You are doing really great--keep on keeping on.

LHA said...

This post and the comments indicate what a thorny problem carbs/sugar/flour present for a lot of us. I do know the kind of "sick" you feel when trying to get back to low carbs after a slip-up! I have also followed a carb restricted plan and lost significant weight, only to gain it back when I couldn't maintain the low-carb lifestyle indefinitely. I am presently working with a nutritionist on losing weight again and this time I am being careful not to deprive myself too much. For me at least, deprivation inevitably leads to an eating binge. I don't know if this will help you, but my goal is to be able to eat the occassional treat such as birthday cake on my birthday, some sweets on Christmas Day, lasagna once a year--but stick to a more reduced carb plan most of the time.

It has been a bumpy road but I know if I eat too many carbs on a daily basis I don't feel as good and I have more trouble controlling portions. On the other hand, if I restrict carbs too much I will eventually "crack" and risk going permanently out of control. Good luck finding the balance that is right for you. This is a tough battle, but one that is so worth fighting. Thank you for your very insightful and inspiring blog.

Jennifer said...

Lyn-having dong Medifast I know just what you are saying. It is a strict plan but how you feel when you are on it is great!!! So many vitamins and nutrients. My body loved it. Until I stopped losing because I was exercising more than the plan liked :( which didnt seem like much to me. Anyway, if you go on and stay on then I am sure you will see results. Sometimes our bodies just need to catch up from the confusion. Good luck to you. I am sure the numbers will be heading in the right direction soon.

Honib1 said...

to my friend who is a real fighter.. you will do this.. you can do this... I love reading about how it goes for you.. Good or bad.. you are bold and honest... much luck~

Susan said...

I've been following your blog for a few months, now, and I am always encouraged to find a kindred spirit on the weight loss journey. I just crossed over into the 190's, too, having lost over 40 pounds, now. I'm curious about what your carb count is on an a regular on-plan day. I eat around 1150 calories, and I'm trying to stay between 50-90 carbs. I feel good, but there are days that I really want some fruit to eat. That's what I'm struggling with now. Good luck at finding the balance with your eating plan. I am using a food tracking program that was an upgrade at the gym where I am a member. It's called anytime health. I journal all of my food on the site and it keeps running nutrition totals. I love it. Keep sharing. Your struggles and successes are an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Lynn, I don't know how the last 24 hours have gone for you but I'm hoping you've begun to feel better. See if using bouillon and lots of water along with headache medicine eases you through. Also, if there's a way to have a friend or babysitter take over for an afternoon so you can nap or just stay quiet with a movie. You are an inspiration to me and I'm hoping that you'll break through as you so often do. As to stopping and starting - I agree with all that the starting again is excruciatingly hard but once back in the routine it is such a relief and boost in energy and self esteem. Keep your eye on that prize and and rest.

ohiofarmgirl said...

This program seems to work for you just set your mind to it. Don't set yourself up for a fall...you have worked too hard for that. Full stream ahead. Falling is normal it is what you do after that makes you a success. Dianntha

Anonymous said...

Lyn, could you post the fiber, protein and carbs that you eat each day on Medifast? That way, those of us who cannot afford Medifast could get somewhat of the same diet you are?

Theresa said...

for the anonymous poster asking for the particulars of Medifast. They are available on Medifast1.com

Using regular foods at these caloric counts won't give you the full nutrient requirements you need. Check out the site, and under learning there are many references to the carb/fat/protein values.

Deanna - The Unnatural Mother said...

Lyn, I believe you will find your way whether its with Medifast or not, medifast could be the path to take the weight off, and than you find what you need to keep it off, and work whatever YOU need in your life whether that's carbs or no carbs. I know that I am a carb girl a bread and pasta carb girl, I try to limit them as much as I can w/out thinking about the fruit/veggie carbs it works for me, will it work for you? maybe, maybe not, it's for you to determine. I applaud you for sharing your life and managing all these comments!

Lynna said...

Just sending support and hoping this day is better. You're not in this alone.