Friday, June 4, 2010

How To...

Today I was wearing a necklace that my daughter gave me for Christmas last year, and suddenly it was gone. Not far, though... it dropped into my ample cleavage. After I retrieved it, I came home and decided to Google "how to fix a broken necklace."

But there's a funny thing about Google. If you start typing something in, a drop down box appears with suggestions to finish your sentence. It gives you suggestions based on the most popular things people search for when typing the same phrase. So when I typed "how to", the drop down box suggested:

how to tie a tie
how to kiss
how to lose weight fast
how to get pregnant
how to solve a Rubix cube
how to train your dragon
how to write a cover letter
how to get a girl to like you
how to get rid of a hickey

Entertaining, no?

And as I kept typing, when I got to "how to fix a broken", Google suggested I was trying to fix a broken:

nail on a dog


Google is a great distraction. Try typing in "why" or "can I" and see what I mean.

Anyway... I actually just wanted to post and let you know that today, my first day wearing a top and bra that really fit right (see previous post), I got TWO absolutely unsolicited comments on my having lost a LOT of weight, both from people who see me frequently. One was, "You've lost, like, a hundred pounds!" and the other was "You look like you're losing weight this very minute! Like, right now, as we speak!" Yes, I am getting slimmer right before their eyes! And yes, it feels good, and yes, not wearing baggy clothes made that much difference!

I'm very much looking forward to wearing another new shirt tomorrow. Life is good!


Claire said...

That's the kind of encouragement that we should all have in our back pockets for those days that we feel fat. :) Congratulations!

Taryl said...

Yay for unsolicited compliments! We told ya you looked gorgeous, and none of us have even seen it yet ;)

I find google suggestions funny too, as well as what phrases bring people to MY page!

Lucy said...

Photos please!

Enjoy the compliments!

Christie said...

Your google story made me laugh. I also enjoy that drop down list that comes up when searching.

The funniest (hope this isn't too graphic) was a couple of months ago, when my dog was on heat. I didn't realise that dogs have, like a "period" at this time, and it can go on for weeks. Leia was bleeding a lot, and leaving blood spots all over the beds, sofas, carpets ...

I knew that if I wrapped something around her she'd just pull it off and so in a fit of desperation, and feeling really stupid at the same time, I decided to google "Can you put a tampon in a dog?"

I got as far as "Can you put a tampon ..." and up came a very entertaining list, top of which was
" ... in the wrong hole" !!! The mind boggles and my answer to that one would be a very definite NO, you'd know about it if you did!!

Third in the frequently googled questions was my dog questions so I'm not the only idiot thinking along those lines at least - and the answer in case you're interested, is no you can't!

Lea said...

I am so glad you go some wonderful, appropriate, non-threatening, and positive comments to shore up your resolve to wear fitting clothes! Yay!

Hanlie said...

I love that about Google! My sister just got internet this week and I was coaching her that you can find out just about anything on Google.

Those are great comments! Just shows you that your hard work is not going unnoticed. I would love to see a picture...

Spaghetti Cat said...

Awww yay! <3

Lyn said...


LOL!! Your comment made me laugh this morning! That's pretty funny. I hope you found a solution for your dog :)


I have 70 Pounds Gone pics from last month in the sidebar, and very soon I will be doing the 80 Pounds Gone pics (I hope)... probably in 'that' outfit!

Deb said...

So happy for you. :-)

My Body In Motion said...

I'm so happy for you that you're feeling good in the clothes that fit you! You're getting comfortable with your sexy bod!:-) Keep up the amazing work (and the fantastic blogging)!

Barefoot Pixie said...

Pictures?? Please??

Sandy said...

Yeah for you! Enjoy every moment and be proud of what you've accomplished! Can't wait to see the new pics!

Steelers6 said...

Yay!! Glad you were a-ok with the comments too. Some days I feel like I could use a few, and then sometimes I think I would not want a lot of focus on me. Glad it was encouragement to you. Funny that your comments were even from ppl who see you often.

I remember getting better/new bras for the first time in my WL journey maybe 2 years ago. I wore one for the first time paired with a new (in my new smaller size!) top that was not baggy & somewhat fitted as well. I still remember the response from one friend [who I too saw frequently!] A typical response would be "oh you look nice, nice top" or something. Instead she looked at me and said "WOW".

So I guess it is better not to hide behind our clothes as we get smaller. I would like to look like I am losing weight before their very eyes! haha

Oh, and waiting to wear "that outfit" til your 80 lb pics will throw the effect out the window. Bc by then it will be too big. haha. Chrissy

Anonymous said...

I learned how to tie my son's necktie on Youtube. :-)

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO for compliments and wearing clothes that fit!!

And just so you know, my post today is about how I had to eat my own words to you regarding the "looking too good" post. :)

And I'm second (third, fourthing) the picture request!

Anonymous said...

try typing in "(your name) needs"
that's funny too. well done on your weight loss. keep plugging away.