Saturday, May 29, 2010

Off Plan but Had Fun :)

Wow, I had a GREAT time with my company. I thoroughly enjoyed having them here and feel rejuvenated emotionally. But physically I am a wreck!!

The good:
I had 100% on-plan dinners that I prepared, with my usual lean protein and lots of fresh veggies.
We walked a mile each day, together.
I had my Medifast bar and green tea for breakfast each day.
I stayed low carb, for the most part, until today.
I skipped the donuts when we all stopped at the coffee shop and everyone else was having sweets.
I did NOT eat a ton of junk.
I did not drink any alcohol even though everyone else was.

The bad:
I did not get in all my Medifast meals.
Yesterday my guests brought some appetizers in, and I had some of them. I had a few slices of full fat cheese, a bit of a nice (but rich) pate (in fact I had more than a bit of this. I ate too much of it), and while THAT would have really been ok because of being low carb, I ate two things I really had been determined NOT to eat. I had about 5 Ritz crackers, and a handful of... POTATO CHIPS. (Yeah, omg. I remember writing that post about never eating fried potatoes again and as I was having a few I wondered if I was going off the rails completely. I really did. But I didn't feel guilty. I ate them because they were a "special" kind someone brought for us to try and they looked really good. But I think, in the future, I *will* be avoiding them completely).
Today was the worst day dietarily. I started out ok but my dear guests made brunch (it was a dish I'd requested they make over 8 months ago so this was done for ME) and I so wanted to enjoy it with them, so I just did. No guilt, just life. I had a serving of this yummy dish which contained probably a lot of fat and salt, but also was pasta-based, and enjoyed every bite. I am not a diet Nazi and didn't feel that my Medifast diet was somehow more important than enjoying something we'd planned months ago, and I think I made the right decision on this one. I felt like as long as I could rein it in and not let it turn into a week-long free-for-all, it was an okay choice. However, it *did* set off some cravings and I had 2 pieces of white toast with butter and one BITE of pie as well. I also took one BITE of ice cream and it was so sickeningly sweet I almost spit it in the sink. Seriously, how did I ever eat that stuff! It was vile.

So anyway, I was left this afternoon (with guests gone) wondering, now HOW exactly do I get back on plan? When and where and at what point am I on plan again? I ate a couple of cheese slices as I pondered this. And then, because I had a bellyache (not from eating too MUCH, because I was in fact moderate, but from eating the wrong kinds of stuff) I decided that yes, I should just start right this minute and *be* on plan. So I'll have my Medifast meals on schedule the rest of the day, drink lots of water, and have a healthy Lean & Green dinner. And that's that. Back on plan.

I do feel rather ill and I woke up with a splitting headache today, so that's incentive enough to get it in gear. The scale was up to 205 (from 203) this morning, which is mostly carb & sodium bloat, but I think that will go back down within 3 days. I will bike tonight. My weigh-in tomorrow might not be too great, but I think I'll be pleased with the month overall on June 1st.

Happy weekend! See you tomorrow!


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I think you were strong considering all that was around you. I like the way you are jumping back on and not letting a little slip up get you down!

I have struggled at times too, getting all my medifast meals in but it's just about never giving up! Way to go!


Andra said...

No guilt, just life. I LOVE IT! So nice that you enjoyed your company. You had a great time and then carried on with business as usual, that's awesome. No excuses for one last binge just because you ate a few chips, good job.

I'm cooking my pastured broiler chicken that I watched grow from a chick. We picked it up this afternoon right after it was butchered. It didn't even go in the fridge, I'll be blogging about it soon.

Christie said...

Good job for getting right back on with the plan. From what you say, you didn't over-eat at all anyway - just a few bites of some non-diet stuff, and it's interesting that you didn't feel well because of it!
I've been on my own plan for just a few days now and it's amazing how much better I already feel. Just shows how bad all that junk is for us!

Karen said...

This is why you are so successful, have that ability to get right back on plan and not let one meal turn into 6 months of crazy eating. Way to go!!!! SO glad you had fun too...that's what life is all about and I am glad you didn't let a couple crackers or potato chips ruin it!!

And PS to Andra: no sadness about watching that baby chick grow up and then turning him into dinner? I was clearly never meant to be a farm girl!!! LOL!

Leslie said...

As much as I want to ultimately lose a certain amount of weight, my biggest goal, and intention, is to make peace with food in all circumstanes. That's what it sounds like you experienced with your company. You enjoyed, ate a little more and off plan than usual, and then are able to resume your day to day program.

Sounds like another victory for you Lyn - very happy for you!

Larkspur said...

Good observation of how the other stuff makes you feel... we do run so much better on the right food.

✯FiTCETERA✯ said...

In the book I'm currently reading "Fit from Within" one chapter is devoted to "Get rid of the idea of blowing it".

The very best thing to do is exactly what you're doing.
Moving forward. No guilt. No pressure. You haven't done anything "wrong". You enjoyed foods you don't normally indulge in anymore. That's all.

I'm proud of you!

Dinah Soar said...

This is good practice for when you reach goal. The situation this weekend warranted a few changes, a few special treats...but only a few. Once you finish Medifast you will have to devise a way to deal with these bumps in the road. Perhaps Medifast has a maintenance plan.

spunkysuzi said...

I think this was a great way for you to see how you handle the foods that are not on plan right now! I think you handled admirably :)

LHA said...

Indeed, you have the right attitude. It is good that you can see this episode of eating for what it was---a good time with friends. The reason so many of us binge eat after such a situation is a combination of guilt and feelings of deprivation. By tasting and enjoying some foods that you don't usually eat, you allowed yourself to be part of the fun and festivities. By limiting the amounts of those foods, you preserved your way of eating in general. Sometimes it is like walking a tightrope!

I can't think of any way you could have done better. If you had stayed 100% on plan while everyone else enjoyed different foods, you might well have felt so deprived when they left that you would have had a real eating binge. This way you had some fun, enjoyed your guests and feel ready to go back to your eating plan right away. Good job!

Spaghetti Cat said...

Glad you had a great time! I had been wondering!
As for going off plan, myself personally I have switched from medifast to a similar program (although, I have lots of medifast products, and am thankful for that as the new plan doesn't have as much in portable products like bars you can have often etc).

I have been editing the diet to work for me. In fact today, I had some godiva chocolate. About 25 calories worth, spaced over an hour. Which, if you knew me, is totally insane because I used to be the type to eat a King size anything sugary in one seating. And actually, this REAL chocolate only had 3g of carbs, I felt fully satisfied, and stopped everything I was doing to enjoy the flavors and feelings, then went back on with my day (tons of walking).

I love these meal replacement programs, I know I am going to get to goal on them, but I also know I have to do it *my way*. I need to be on the higher end in regards to some nutrients. I need to allow myself some things in very moderate portions, I need to get exercise, etc.

If after a few weeks my body tells me no, they don't like how I am doing this plan, i will change it, but for now I am enjoying the changes and learning from and working with my body!

Hope you feel better! I am glad you enjoyed yourself but I can agree- taking in much higher amounts of fats or products your body is not used to even in small portions can really upset your body!

best of luck, I love your blog and following your success, and it seems like, your escape into happiness :)

Mishe@EatingJourney said...

I think that the whole part of life is to be able to deal w/ life....esp when it comes to food.

I think the true litmus test is to see how you go in situations like those which you wrote about. I think that you did a great job. It's not easy and you could have let yourself completly go, but you didn't. Let it go, get back to where you feel good and move on.

It's a just one day.

Mad Woman said...

I think one of the things we need to learn to do is let go of the guilt when we come to situations like this. I also think you did really well considering everything that in your face.

Well done!

Lori said...

I'm struggling now with how to do just what you did - eat 'off plan' food in moderation. I don't want to be a diet Nazi either. Thanks, once again, for leading the way for the rest of us!

Tammy said...

All things considering, you did EXTREMELY well. I really believe that. Back on plan today and it's no big deal...just a blip on the screen of life. :)

Anonymous said...

Lynn, that's my objection to Medifast or any true "diet"plan. If you are calorie counting or on weight watchers, anything CAN fit without a need to feel guilty about enjoying a special dish on occasion. Can you live on Medifast forever?

Lyn said...


No, of course not. But I don't want to lose weight forever, either. There's a season for everything, and my season for maintenance will include different things than this season for weight loss does.

Anonymous said...

This is terrific to read. This is how thin people live. You've got the right mindset now. No guilt, no going completely off plan until "next Monday", just move on and get right back to your plan. Well done, Lyn! You should be proud of how extraordinary this is.

Dillypoo said...

"I so wanted to enjoy it with them, so I just did. No guilt, just life."

You. Are. Awesome.