Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just some stuff.

I have been super busy today! I have company coming to stay for several days so I might not get a ton of writing done, but I am 100% on plan. A few random tidbits:

-my forearms have suddenly gotten kinda mushy. I noticed that when I started dropping weight around my hips, the fat went from firm to squishy and then I shrunk. So maybe I am about to lose some forearm fat.

-I took my little one to a picnic with some other moms. I was amazed at the lunches these little ones were eating: bags of chips, Cheetos, Kool Aid packets, sodas, candy, cookies, and fast food. Admittedly that is what my sons' picnic lunches used to look like ten years ago, so I don't *judge*, I was just observing and thinking about how come we adults think that is an okay way to feed our kids. I was thinking about how I was raised the same way, on chips and candy and cookies and McDonalds and how that is pretty much *how it is* in our society. And then I looked at my daughter with her juice and whole wheat crackers and cheese and hummus and I looked at my lunch of Medifast pretzels and a string cheese and iced green tea and I thought, really, I am just thankful I know how to better feed myself and my kids now.

-I had pinkeye for 3 days and it made me feel very run down. I was tired and crabby and I got pretty much nothing done at all. On top of that I seem to have injured my knee (how? who knows?) and have been limping around all week. It hurts A LOT to go up stairs but I am actually still able to take the stairs several times a day, something I could not do at 278 pounds even without an injury. Because of the injury and then the illness, today makes day 7 of NO exercise. I miss it. I would LOVE to walk or bike but I just wasn't able. I am giving the knee another day or two and then after my company leaves I will get back to daily biking or walking.

-Tonight for dinner I had a big bowl of cucumber salad with vinegar, lite sour cream and dill, and a couple of rotisserie chicken thighs. Yum.

-I am way, WAY behind on my emails. I get about a dozen blog-related emails per day, sometimes 20 or more, and I have always tried to answer anything personal within a week. But I had a big problem with one of my email accounts that took me a couple weeks to (sort of) straighten out and I have been pretty busy, so if you've emailed me and not gotten a response yet please forgive me. I read EVERY email right away but don't always get to answering them til later, and it has just been crazy 'round here with kid stuff etc. But thank you SO MUCH for the support. I really appreciate it!

-Overall, life is good.

Catch ya later :)


✯FiTCETERA✯ said...

I think it would've been better to get stinkeye.

I think as a culture we don't see the damage we're doing to the kids with all this fake food. Treats should be treats not a steady diet.

It's so good that life is going well for you, Lyn!
Here's to thinner forearms!

georgia said...

glad life is going good! :)

I just got over the pink eye--goes hand in hand with having preschoolers!

I'm with you on the kid food--I've been on my soapbox about that subject a lot lately!

Autumnforest said...

All the observations you're making settle into you and become part of the new reality--the one we get when we wake up from our junk-food-induced stupor. You are a wise woman. I have no doubt that this year has been a gigantic turning point for you. You will look back and not remember that woman you once were because you see things differently. It was interesting what you said about food and kids. When I was growing up, my dad would go away a lot and mom didn't drive and there were 5 kids, so we'd go to the commisary, get tons of food and store it in the freezer and root cellar and we had no fast food anywhere near us. We had fast food about twice a year! Never ever had a weight problem growin up, as you can imagine. All meals were made from hand. It was a different world. I am back to that life again and it's funny but I feel so satisfied when I never did before. It's like the sugar kept me wanting more and I couldn't get off that rocketship. Yeah, we do set our kids up for how to fuel the body.

spunkysuzi said...

Have fun with your visitors!!
Sleek forearms=priceless :)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree about what parents pack kids in their lunches. Lunchables anyone? For a glimpse of some amazing lunches, check out The blog has pictures of some truly beautiful, healthy lunches eaten and enjoyed by a 1st grader. Inspiration for us all! :)

Lucy said...

Busy is good and toned arms are lovely! Thank you for getting back to me, and as promised, you totally inpsired me:

Diminishing Lucy: The True "Before and After".....

Sarah said...

Hey Lyn -- thanks for being an inspiration!

I left you a blog award. Check out my latest post.

Hanlie said...

It's been great catching up with your blog after being out of circulation for a while. You are doing so well and I enjoy reading your thoughts and insights.

tabby said...

I see alot of unhealthy kid's meals too. But for me it was opposite. I always fed my daughter healthy things and would not let her have junk.

I didn't care about what I put in my mouth, so long as she had the good stuff. As she got older, she started to question why mommy got the cookies and candy and why she got fruit and veggies.

Now we all eat good together. I want her to see that I care about myself too.

It's been very sweet lately, as she will tell our friends and family that "mommy is eating healthy now" lol

Lyn, I grew up on lot's of fast food. Lordy, I can still remember the packaging and what the original big mac was like. My mother fed me big macs when I was 10 years old.

Leslie said...

Hope all the ills are on the mend. Remember the RICE acronym for the knee: Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. And Ibuprofen if nec. The ice is great and you can do it 15 minutes every hour as you're able.

NewMe said...

In addition to Leslie's good advice regarding your knee, you can try using a tensor band if you have to walk a lot.

It's wonderful to see how well you're doing.

Dinah Soar said...

Feeding kids junk food goes way back. I can remember in the late 1950's having bologna on white bread--Wonder bread brand because it built strong bones 12 ways according to the TV commercial--with catsup, only because I preferred it over mayo; a bag of potato chips; and always always a chocolate Hotess cupcake. I adored the cream middle, which I dug out with my finger, and the top layer of frosting, which I peeled off and consumed--the cake part was thrown away. I did have milk to drink since that was the only thing the school sold and I didn't carry a thermos. At home Ovaltine was stirred into my milk. It's chocolate flavoring with vitamins.

Surprisingly I was never fat. I never ate breakfast either. I never ate fruit, and veg was always always canned, and mostly corn, peas and green beans--served at supper with always fried meat and always white potatoes almost always fried or mashed with gravy.

My mom's generation had healthier foods because many/most of them had gardens--WWII and the victory gardens and people back in the day lived closer to the land as well. There were fewer highly processed foods and fewer 'frankenfoods'.

Likely the name brand foods that I was served were purchased based on TV commercials that touted their benefit.

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

HI! I just found your blog. So happy to find it and relate to you. My husband and I are also on a journey out of obesity! Check out our blog at:

Keep up your good work and don't give up! There are alot of us in the same boat. :)

Tricia said...

totally get you on the emails thing. EEK it can get overwhelming, but I LOVE hearing from my readers. I'm sure yours are understanding about taking time to get back to them.

happy to hear youre doing well

ohiofarmgirl said...

You are making progress...don't let pink-eye slow you down too wishes. dianntha

Anonymous said...

I am with you on the kids-and-junkfood-observation, but it is possible that for some/most of the kids at the picnic the junk was a 'treat' since they were at a picnic and perhaps they eat really healthy 80% of the time.

I may be a bit sensitive to this because a couple of years ago I did an early morning 5km charity run, my husband and kids were with me, and it was an unseasonally chilly morning. We stopped at a local coffee shop and my 5 year old daughter ordered a hot chocolate - a big treat in our house. She walked around gripping and sipping this hot chocolate in a coffee cup and 3 people (women) approached me and criticized me for allowing my daughter to drink coffee. Unbelievable.

We eat a very healthy, pre-planned, balanced diet in our house and the odd time that I let my kids have McDs, a bag of chips or some other fast food treat I hope that people aren't judging me as a bad Mom.

Teale said...

I remember as a kid LOVING picnic day because it was like "free junk" day! So glad that I'm refocused & don't eat like that anymore!

mominVA said...

Something to keep in mind when you are observing other childrens lunches, especially on field trips, is that this may not be how they eat every day.

My kids eat a diet that is 80% whole grain, organic foods and they rarely have fast foods. BUT on field trips and special occassions, like the last day of PE today, I will let them pack a lunchable or I might let them have some chips. They know why they can't eat these things all the time but just because they are junk doesn't mean they have to avoid them entirely. Do we not as adults engage in "junk" sometimes, maybe not food but tv or a drink here and there? The point is teaching your children a healthy balance of these things so I wouldn't be quick to jump on the parents of the kids with a lunchable on the school field trip. That may be the same kid who orders the salad in the cafeteria 3 times/week like my son was when he attended school in 2nd grade.