Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weigh-In... Happy or Sad?

This morning I weighed in. I have completed 6 full weeks on Medifast. I stepped on the scale and saw 217 pounds! Last Sunday I weighed 220, so that is another 3 pound loss for a total of 17 pounds in 6 weeks. That made me very happy! I have longed to be this weight for over a year and a half and finally here I am, enjoying life and feeling amazing. And then the little voice started:

"Yeah but you didn't lose ANY weight last week. You should've lost way more this week. Not 3 measly pounds."
"Yeah but you weighed 219 on April first so that is only TWO lousy pounds gone so far this month. Two pounds in 11 days is NOT good. Failure!"
"Yeah but you coulda lost two pounds in a day just going potty. Hahahaha! Two pounds is nothing."
"Yeah but..."

At this point I shut YeahBut down, put the little voice in a bottle like a bothersome genie, corked it, tossed it, and said to myself, "Self, I am so proud of you. You have stuck with your plan for six weeks straight without fail. You have not binged once in six weeks. And you even strength trained your upper body TWICE this week. Yes, self, I am very proud of you!"

And then I smiled and gave myself a hug.

I feel wonderful. This morning I fit into some jeans that did not fit me at all last month, and wow, they look great on me! My butt even looks good! I am getting a lot more interaction and attention when I go out. At first I wondered if it was just my confidence drawing people in, but several times I have been obliviously loading groceries into my car or scanning shelves for an item I wanted when men just walked up to me and struck up pleasant conversations out of the blue. That never, NEVER happened to me at 278 pounds. I hate that weight makes such a difference, but it does seem to, and I have to admit it is nice to be treated like a "normal" person out in public. Too bad people can't treat everyone the same. But I do feel good. I also started taking a sublingual B vitamin complex this week because my energy has been pretty low for a couple of weeks... actually, since last fall. It has made a world of difference in both my mood and energy! I take one dropperful a day and am feeling like myself again.

I see a lot of people who get upset when they don't lose a lot of weight each week. No matter what the eating plan is, we all want results. Just like on the Biggest Loser, where we see people crying because they "only" lost 4 pounds that week, we set up expectations for ourselves and if we don't get what we want, we might feel like it isn't worth it. But you know, it is worth it. Because it is about getting healthier and not eating junk and conditioning our bodies. It is about LONG term results, not one week or one month. It's about not having unrealistic expectations and accepting that weight loss can take a really long time. I see people on Medifast who think that because *some* people drop 5 or more pounds every week on the plan, that their "measly" 2 or 3 pounds a week is a failure. I see people quitting all sorts of plans and going off and going back to eating junk and regaining weight because they aren't losing "fast enough." Actually, I think it is a sign of maturity to NOT always base your actions around what the scale says. Sure, if you have a long plateau it is wise to examine your eating, switch up your exercise, and perhaps tweak or change your plan, but what sense does it make to give up and eat junk because you "only" lost one pound this week?

So I see my loss, I see my weight, I feel good, I am happy. Even if I lose 5 pounds a month that is awesome! It will get me to my goal. Quitting will not.

Life is so good and I am very pleased with myself. My arms are getting stronger. And I can't wait to make some yummy cauliflower pizza for dinner tonight!

*FTC-required disclosure: Medifast provided me with its products for my personal use for free. Medifast states an "average weight loss of up to 2 to 5 pounds a week."*


Lori said...

Great job on the loss! As you get closer and closer to goal, the weight losses become smaller as well, which can also get discouraging. As long as the scale is going in the right direction, it is reason to celebrate!

K. said...

great job on the weight loss. doesnt matter how small, as long as it is a loss! keep up the great work!

Theresa said...

What a wonderful success! No matter what the scale says you are so much smaller at the new 217 than the old 217. Even though there are times you have felt like you didn't accomplish anything over the time you struggled..... you strength trained, walked, exercised and it shows. :) Good job on the loss. Not everyone can say they lost weight over the month that had a holiday in it!

~ChubbyMommy said...

Good job on your weight loss! Be happy as you are going forward; i know how hard it can be...celebrate all good things!

Autumnforest said...

Good for you--the bigger part of the battle is assimilating the changes and noticing how different your life is and seeing yourself differently and the other is giving yourself credit for everything you do. It's like raising a child--you need lots of confidence and encouragement in your endeavor. You are giving that to yourself--yahoo!

Shelley said...

Congratulations, you are really doing great...and to be so steady with your eating and NOT binging is such a tremendous achievement - I'm very proud of you, and of how you are treating yourself!

Rebekah said...

Congratulations on your loss Lyn! You ROCK! I feel the same sometimes, oh ONLY this much but then I realize, HOW MANY days, weeks, months and even years have I been really trying to lose weight? If I could Just do this a different way, I would have ykwim?
keep on fighting the fight you are doing amazing!
PS Just curious (if its not too personal) how tall are you?

Mad Woman said...

Good for you for putting YeahBut away where it should be. You're doing really well and like you said, a loss is a loss.

Those people on Biggest Loser lose a LOT of weight in a very short space of time, but have you noticed how many of them put it right back on?

Keep doing what you're doing and you'll be fine!

In Honor of Me! said...

Good for you for shutting down the negative voice in your head. I have the same voice. I would say most overeaters experience the same negative self talk from time to time. I am proud of you!
I hate it when other people try adn diagnose me based on their illnesses, so please don't think I am doing that...I am not. You mentioned being tired. Well, I have been tired for a god while now. I am like you, usually lots of energy and working at something all the time.
I didn't feel depressed, I know what that feels like oh so well. But just tired. I recently changes doctor's and found out that I am anemic due to low iron. I just started taking an iron supplement today via dr's orders, so not sure how much it will help.
Thought this might be good info.

Keep up the good work and watch the scales drop week by week and month by month until you are under 200....won't that be great??


Anonymous said...

Fantastic loss. And especially when you consider it's one tiny little moment in a big picture of health.

Tony The Pink Panda said...

Slow and steady and definitely happy.

Lyn said...


I am 5'6" tall :)

(And I have two sons who are 6' tall!!!!)

Ice Queen said...

Congratulations on your loss. Not only is the number on the scale falling, you are gaining so much insight, wisdom and strength during this process.

You are an inspiration and I am learning so much, reading your thoughtful, heartfelt observances.

Julie said...

See, I knew you wouldn't need the good luck I sent yesterday! Well done Lyn!

Anonymous said...

Hy Lyn. I've poked my head in here a couple of times. I'm also on Medifast and the scale moves SLOWLY for me compared to other Medifasters. I have had to throw that YeaBut stuff in the trash many times. I go through it constantly. For some reason the scale moves slow for me but I am moving down in sizes. Weird! I just step back and look at the big picture. If a few months ago somebody had said you can be 20 lbs down in 3 months, I would have said Sign Me Up! Now I am down those 20 lbs and I still give myself a hard time. Bottom line - your consistency and tenacity are amazing. You don't even know how many people you are helping. You are doing great. You really, really are. Congrats!

CJ said...

Great job on the loss! How long is this medifast diet?

Lyn said...


as long as it is working for me. Most people stay on it until they reach their weight goal. I am taking it a month at a time to evaluate whether it is helping me.

spunkysuzi said...

I think you are doing great. I strongly believe that losing slowly but surely will stay off easier!!

jules said...

I don't think it's only because the weight - that before men did not come up to talk to you. It's also the charisma - you are feeling much better about yourself, and that is refelcted in your behaviour... and your charisma!
Enjoy it!

Diana said...

Yay Lyn, that is awesome! Good job :)
And I definitely agree.. people do treat you very differently when you're thinner. This is actually one of the issues I have, that makes me really angry sometimes. I mean, I have now lost the weight and people are much nicer to me. But all those years I was overweight.. I don't know, it just makes me angry that people can be so shallow.
Anyway, keep up the good work!

beerab said...

Great job girl! A loss is a loss and IMO it's better to stay the same then regain!

Can't wait to see you when you hit onederland :) I'm waiting on the other side ;)

that TOPS lady said...

Great post! I needed to hear it today.

Jennifer said...

I totally agree with you Lyn! I have shut down the poor me as well and I feel good about my accomplishments and "maturity" for sticking on plan. Great job.

KisMJ said...


I really enjoy reading your blog. You tell like it is and you usually hit the nail right on the head! I can really identify with the "noise" in your head. I have a committee meeting going on in my head some of the time, too. I just try and remember what someone told me once. They told me, "Your head is like a bad neighborhood and YOU do not belong in there alone!!!" Glad you have your blog to write about the "noise" in your head and tell it to shutup. You are doing a wonderful job and I'm glad we met online!

Mary Jane
a.k.a. KisMJ