Saturday, April 24, 2010

More Medifast Food Reviews

I got a new box of Medifast food the other day (I decided to continue Medifast for another month) so I have some new foods to review! Later, when I reach the two month mark on Medifast, I'll be doing an overview of how I feel about this program, what I like and don't like about it, and what I have learned from doing it. I certainly have learned a lot.

Anyway, on with the reviews. First up is the Cream of Broccoli Soup. It comes in a packet and you add water and microwave it:

Well, let me be frank, here. YUCK!!!!!!! As soon as I got it out of the microwave, the smell hit me. If you have ever had canned broccoli soup, it is that smell. Hey, maybe you like canned broccoli soup, in which case you would LOVE this. But I am a made-from-scratch kinda gal, and I make killer broccoli soup, so I don't like the processed stuff. This was bland and had that fakey canned taste. I tried adding some chicken bouillon, black pepper, and chopped steamed fresh broccoli. It was a slight improvement but still a no go. Then I tried adding some grated cheese. Better, but not what I would call *good.* I am absolutely not fond of this soup; in fact, I'd say it is in my bottom 3 of the many Medifast foods I have tried. And while tastes do vary among Medifast users, with some people loving a product and some hating it, this one is generally not very well liked in my experience on the message boards. Just a heads up.

Next up is the Caramel Crunch Bar. This is another one that I was slightly worried about. Some people say the caramel is hard and unpleasant. So I was prepared when I opened my bar... but ooooh, it looked really good!

It's your standard Crunch bar with soy crisp balls, but has a nice bit of caramel and drizzle of chocolate on top. The caramel sort of permeates the rest of the bar a bit too, in a nice way. I took a bite and... yum! The caramel *is* a little stiff but NOT hard. I think if it was cold or you ate it in winter it might be a bit too stiff, but I was trying it in 80 degree weather which softened it up a bit. I tried microwaving it for a few seconds (8) and that softened it up even more. The topping turned a bit gooey like caramel ice cream topping. It's sweet with a bit of salty. I really like this one.

Next, we have the Cinnamon Roll Crunch Bar. Another standard Crunch bar base, but with a cinnamony white drizzle which also coats the bottom of the bar.

I liked this one as well... not as much as the chocolate crunch bar varieties, but good! The smell was identical to the Oatmeal Raisin Crunch Bar and the taste was very similar, except a bit more cinnamony and no raisins. I like this one better than the Oatmeal Raisin bar.

Finally, we have the Cranberry Mango Fruit Drink. This one gets mixed reviews as well, so I didn't know what to expect. I thought it would be okay but not something I'd want again. It's a powder that you mix into water, like a shake, and serve over ice if you like:

I mixed it in the mini blender and then added ice cubes. It was kind of milky looking rather than the clear I had expected. I took a sip... and hey, we have a new favorite! I love this one! It is a lot less sweet than the shakes, has a nice fruity flavor (predominantly mango), and is very refreshing! It reminds me of the yogurt mango smoothies I used to make myself for breakfast in the summertime. Granted, it is not as filling as some of the other Medifast foods, but is about as filling as a shake, to me. I like it for my first meal of the day, or when I am really not hungry but need to get a Medifast meal in. I have been drinking this every day and will order it again.

There you have it. There are only a few things left I haven't tried; some I don't intend to EVER try based on others' reviews and knowing what I like and don't like (not going to try the Cream of Tomato Soup or anymore powdered shakes or oatmeals... I just don't like the shakes and oatmeals) and I am allergic to shellfish so I'm not trying the Crab Soup either.

If you'd like to read my other Medifast Food Reviews, go here. If you are interested in a coupon code for Medifast, it's here.

Looking forward to my 8-week weigh-in tomorrow!

*FTC-required disclosure: Medifast provided me with its products for my personal use for free.*


Blubeari said...

I look forward to hearing your overall review of Medifast!

Missa said...

Do you think you would try a different meal replacement diet after this, or would you prefer a regular eating plan?


Lyn said...


I see this as a one-shot deal for me. I was already sick of trying every diet under the sun before I started Medifast, but I had never done anything quite like this so wanted to try it. It is working so well for me, and I am confident in the research and doctors behind it, so I doubt I would try any other meal plan or "diet" again after this. I hope to transition back to a healthy, whole foods, veggie based way of eating after Medifast. I know that works well for me as long as I can keep the binge eating at bay.

Val Weaver said...

Lyn, you have no idea how wonderful and encouraging it is to read your blog. My BFF (of 16+ years) and I have been on (and unfortunately off) MF on a WL journey of our own, and while it's great to have her support, I sometimes feel like we're alone on the MF journey. We're back OP (feel free to check out our joint blog if you like I really enjoy reading yours. I've tried a few of your recipes (um...zucchini alfredo anyone? YUM) and look forward to reading more as you continue your journey. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I felt the same way about the Cream of Broccoli Soup. I wasn't wowed by the oatmeals but just tried making them into muffins for the first time today and they're great! Plus, like the bars, much more convienent since it's already prepared.

Theresa said...

thanks for the reviews. I too am finding that I have not binged since I began and believe it or not I'm beginning to forget to eat until the tummy growls. (close to a binge in the first week but I'm much better now)

spunkysuzi said...

I'm so glad your finding foods that you enjoy!

Lyn said...


I went and checked out your blog, and tried twice to leave a comment, but the word verification wouldn't work. Just wanted you to know I was by :)

Val Weaver said...

Thanks for trying! And stopping by to read. :) I'll try to figure out the bugs, but I'm still new to blogging, learning as I go.

Jenny said...

Lyn, if you like tuna/salmon patties, you can use the cream of broccoli soup to make them. It does use up a medifast meal in combination with L&G which makes it difficult some days (I usually NEED all of the meals to feel satisfied), but I think they're really good. Just combine the soup with a can of tuna, one egg white and salt and pepper. After you mix it well, fry it in little mounds or patties on a Pam sprayed pan. I like to eat them with SF ketchup! Of course, you will still have a green on the side, and depending on how much tuna/salmon you use, some lean as well. Hope this helps!

Anonymous Fat Girl said...

My mom lost a bunch of weight on Medifast. I do laugh when I think back on a trip she made to Florida a few years ago when she was on it and she was really freaking out about flying the pre-made shakes in the airplane and the cabin pressure. She was worried they would explode! I don't think she had any problems, but I always remember that. :)

Lin said...

Hi Lyn,
Just want to check in and tell you how happy I am for you! You're doing great and you must feel wonderful about yourself.

Rebekah said...

Lyn- thanks for your reviews. I am def. not a huge fan of the soups, but the chicken noodle is okay to me if I soak it overnight.

I have a trick- if I am home- I microwave the bars for 9-15 seconds depending on if i want to eat it with a fork. It makes them soft and realllly good! I am loving Medifast as well!

mongomoss said...

I'm beginning my MediFast diet tomorrow, May 11th. I'm a 63 year old guy with Type 2 diabetes and ordered their diabetic four week pack.

I'll be checking in with your blog as encouragement. Thanks for being here. :-)