Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easy Low Carb Chicken Fajitas

I'm back home from vacation, tidying up a bit and looking forward to Easter. We'll be dyeing eggs today and the kids will have baskets and an Easter egg hunt tomorrow. I usually make yummy cakes and pies for Easter along with a baked ham, cheesy hashbrown potatoes, green beans and fresh baked rolls, but that's off the agenda this year. Instead, I am planning to make a lean, juicy pork tenderloin with asparagus, greens, and salad... and mashed potatoes for the kids. They can have something from their Easter basket for dessert, and I can have a Medifast chocolate pudding. We can all enjoy deviled eggs on Monday!

Tomorrow will be my 5-week weigh-in and I will share what I did and ate on vacation, but for now, here's a little recipe for you to try this week: Chicken Veg Fajitas. They're super healthy, filling, and low carb. It's also a Lean & Green meal for Medifast. And VERY simple and easy.

Have the butcher cut some chicken breasts into strips. Saute the chicken in a bit of olive oil with some seasonings of your choice (black pepper, onion & garlic powder, paprika, maybe a bit of Mrs Dash or some taco seasoning or chili powder) until cooked through.

In another pan saute some strips of fresh peppers (use your favorite; I had red & orange, but yellow and green are great as well). If you are not on Medifast you can add some sliced onions. Cut a raw zucchini into strips as well and add those. Stir fry these in a bit of olive oil until crisp-tender. (I also like sliced mushrooms and some broccoli in this mix but I didn't have any on hand).

When everything is done, put your chicken and veggies in some lettuce leaves instead of tortillas, roll up, and eat! I had 6oz cooked chicken, about a cup of veggies, and about a cup of lettuce, along with a bit of salsa and lite sour cream.

Depending on your eating plan, avocado is great on these too. You could also use the filling in a Carb Balance or whole wheat tortilla. It's very good and versatile, and the leftover chicken & veggies can be mixed with Romaine for a wonderful fajita salad the next day.

Hope you enjoy it!


Diana said...

That looks good and yummy! :)
Have a great saturday Lyn!

Losing Cleo said...

Those look good, I'm going to have to try those.

C.G. the Foodie said...

Those looks awesome!

MargieAnne said...

I like this. I use lettuce like a wrap quite often. Love the crunch, freshness and the benefit of low carb. I also dislike the cardboardiness of most every wrap I've tried.

Thanks for recipe.

Leslie said...

Yummers! I bet you'll have an awesome weigh in!

Rebekah said...

Yum pretty similar to what i have been eating most nights!