Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Plan and Weigh In

Happy Easter! Or happy Sunday if that's what your today is. I got through a painful growing experience aka "fit" last night (detailed in my last post) and am feeling better today, even though I am surrounded by candy. Not mine. My kids'.

In the past, our Easter tradition went like so:
Spend the entire month of March buying bags of Easter candy, eating them in secret, and replacing them 4 or 5 times.
Buy loads of candy, one last time, the day before Easter (for the baskets). Since I was not getting a basket, I'd buy several of my favorite Easter candies for myself. Because, you know, I didn't get *enough* Easter candy all month.
On Easter morning, bake big, fresh cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting for breakfast. Eat three for breakfast and several throughout the day.
Immediately after breakfast, dig into the candy while my boys dug into their baskets which were PILED with candy of every kind.
We'd go to a community Easter egg hunt for MORE candy, and then have one at our house for even MORE.
Dinner was ham, scalloped potatoes loaded with cheese, sour cream, butter, and canned cream of mushroom soup, fresh homemade rolls and butter, and of course dessert (usually a cake) because it was a holiday and even though we were all in sugar comas from the candy and cinnamon rolls, we *needed* a cake.

It was like a hedonistic sugar festival around here. Back in 2003 when I was trying to get healthier, I had a brief stint where I put granola bars and juice boxes in my kids' baskets, which got a less-then-ecstatic response from the kids. Then I pretty much went back to the old routine.

When I was a kid, I never got an Easter basket. I didn't get any Easter candy at all. I am sort of a fanatic about holidays as an adult and my favorite candy in the world is Easter candy. I *want* my kids to have baskets of candy, but I am a lot more moderate now. I admit I have an emotional attachment to Easter and its candies because of my childhood experiences, so I try to be kind to myself about it. It's a very deep hurt that is slowly healing and becoming less of an issue every year.

I decided not to make *any* special breakfast. I just knew it would torture me. I am sticking with my Medifast meals, gave my daughter some whole wheat toast and hummus, and if the older kids want eggs I will make them (they are still asleep).
I went shopping *one time* for Easter stuff. All of it went into the closet and was not touched again til I loaded the baskets last night. I did get candy. Chocolate bunnies (a very small one for my 4 year old, medium ones for the teens), some chocolate eggs, a few other things. My little one only got a few pieces of candy (she hardly ever gets sugar); her basket has lots of art supplies because she *loves* to do art (stickers, pens, etc) and a couple of little toys and hair clips. She was thrilled! She also has not eaten nor asked to eat any of the candy yet. I am proud of the good job I am doing with her... her attitude about sweets is quite reasonable for a 4-year-old.
We dyed eggs yesterday. We'll have an Easter egg hunt in our backyard this afternoon.
Dinner will be on plan: roasted pork tenderloin, green beans, salad, mashed potatoes (I won't eat those, they are for the kids) and whole wheat bread & butter (ditto). No dessert. The candy is enough.

Now for my week 5 weigh-in. This was disappointing. Last Sunday I weighed 220 pounds. On Wednesday, I got down to 219! Then I went on vacation. I did stay on plan (I'll chronicle the meals in another post) and got a lot of exercise. I had no scale access but I felt thinner. MUCH thinner. I figured when I got home and stepped on the scale Saturday morning I'd be down at least a couple of pounds, but instead I saw 221. I figured it must be sodium bloat (from eating dinners out) and would go away. I drank tons of water and watched my sodium levels yesterday. This morning? 220. So this week, my net loss is zero.

Well, the only thing to do is continue. Stay on plan, eat right, hope for a better scale result next week. But in the meantime, I will focus on how much looser my pants are (almost ridiculously so; I need to move to a smaller size soon). I know I have not had a single cheat meal or off-plan snack, so there isn't much else to be done but continue. And maybe add in a regular exercise routine this week.


Daisygirl said...

I'm sorry you had a disappointing weigh-in - very frustrating, as I know from personal experience. I'm sure you are correct that it is the sodium. I beleive next week will show great results again!

spunkysuzi said...

Our bodies do that to us sometimes!! Frustrating but continue with what you're doing and i'm sure you'll be further down in no time :)

Margie M. said...

Like you, sometimes my body feels "thn" when I wake up and I figure I'll see a loss on the scale. Sometimes the opposite is true. Sodium water retention? Who knows. I just stick to my own plan for the day and usually within a day or 2 at most the scale likes me again.

This losing weight or maintaining weight loss business can be frustraing. But worth it.

You ARE doing awesome with your Medifast plan, but even more importantly, the job you are doing with your daughter's food is the best. Happy Easter

Kyle Gershman said...

Happy Easter! I took fresh body measurements the other day and took some new progress pics which I may or may not publish...they both are improvements. You haven't mentioned some of the other measures that you could be doing as well besides the scale. Of course, the loose fitting pants is a good measure too.

You are doing great...your body will catch up to your doubt in my mind.

Leslie said...

Continued good work, Lyn. Just hang in. And btw, I totally relate to your Easter season eating of yore! Sounds like a redux of mine!

He Took MY Last Name said...

Get a measuring tape and start keeping track of your inches. I have only lost 8 lbs in 8 weeks total but I have lost 13" off of my body.

The scale never tells the whole story.

Honestly, it feels great knowing that I am losing inches (which is what real people see, they dont know your numbers on the scale) when my scale doesnt budge, or moves in the wrong direction.

Its okay to not lose. You will not have your perfect body image (thin running round in a bikini or whatever) and still weigh 200+ lbs. The weight has to come off sometime. Just focus on your inches for now, and forget the scale.

I lost 4 lbs but 7" off my stomach... you can't tell me the lbs are more important!

Lyn said...

Oh, I do measure inches and post my measurements every ten pounds. I have not lost any inches in 2 weeks, which I don't really understand since my pants seem looser. Maybe the inches are coming off in areas I am not measuring. I do hips, waist, thighs, calf, upper arm, wrist, neck, bust. But the areas in between might be shrinking.

Dinah Soar said...

Great job on the Easter candy front Lyn.

You might want to put the past behind--i.e.not getting an Easter basket/candy as a kid. It's the past--don't let that continue to hurt you in the present.

You've made up for the candy you didn't get as a child for Easter. Time to let the past go. And you might reframe your thinking and say "I didn't get candy at Easter and that was good because"--then fill in the blanks. Really, how good is candy for any of us? Too you might frame it in this thinking: a lot of people who are not Christians do not celebrate Easter. Your family was one of them evidently. But the reality is that you suffered no great loss in the bigger scheme of things.

Reframing the situation--i.e. seeing it in a different light, from a different perspective can help us free ourselves of the ties that chains us to the past.

You--and you alone-- possess the key to unlock those chains. Unlock those chains and fly away. Escape, moving away from obesity to the land of Lyn who is the ruler of her dominion.

Betty said...

I know you are disappointed about your weigh-in, but I must say you are an inspiration to me! Your posts so often read as if I wrote them myself, and I'm so inspired by your walking headfirst through your recent blogged-about "episode", and for your awesome Easter plan!! I'm glad you are being kind to yourself. You deserve it!

Lyn said...


I don't dwell or ruminate in the past, but, those experiences are a huge part of my being. Half my life was spent in a religion that was very intense and different, and it shaped me through all of my formative years. That is not something I can let go of. I have let go of the anger, hurt, sadness, but I am still A Person Who Was Raised Differently, who was shunned, who went through experiences that were difficult as a child and shaped me into who I am. And for that, I am thankful, even for the painful things. Because I like who it made me. I am strong because of it.

Sammy said...

I'm sorry that the scales didn't reflect your efforts this week :( But I think it's so awesome that you've stayed on track, especially on a holiday like Easter where it can be so tempting! I love the idea of putting non-chocolate things in your little ones basket :)

Ice Queen said...

Remember, the scale is full of evil and lies like a rat. You feel a difference and your clothes are showing it. So, don't take what old Scale Face has to say too seriously. You know the truth. :D

You are a steely eyed missile woman, making a healthier Easter for you and your kids. Yay, you! :D

ohiofarmgirl said...

I always heard if you aren't losing pounds you are losing inches...(if you are sticking to it). good for week will show more I am wishes. Dianntha

Theresa said...

I'll tell you what I always tell my kids when they write a test. "If you did your best you should be very proud of your mark" Substitute weigh in and there you have it. You were on HOLIDAYS!!! If you flew it does really take days to have the body back to normal. If you drove you probably sat far longer than you are used to. I predict a fantastic week ahead for you and a weigh in to match. Yeah 70 pounds down here you come!

nikki7 said...

Girl, I feel your pain!! 2 weeks ago, I was stuck at 181 for DAYS!!! The scale was driving me crazy. I took my measurements and vowed not to look at the scale for the entire week. I drank 120oz of water, exercised every day and stayed completely on plan. Imagine my disgust when I stepped on the scale 8 days later, and it said 181!!! Grrrrrr!! I am in it for the long haul, so there was no alternitives but to stick to my MF plan. Well this week alone, I am already down to 177. 4 pounds in a week. Go figure! The body releases when it wants to, even when we are 100% on plan. (BTW, this is my TOM!!!) Crazy!

Diana said...

It could be water, or maybe even your body pausing to adjust. You're doing great!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn. What you have done so far on your own and since starting Medifast is just great. Kudos to you girl! I am also using Medifast and sometimes that dang scale just doesn't want to move. I have had a few 0 loss weeks (sometimes 2 in a row - grrrr!), BUT then the scale starts moving again. It will for you too. I promise. And here's the bonus, for me sometimes I get nothing, nothing, nothing, then all of a sudden 3-4 lbs. Just like that. So hang in there girl. You are making it happen. Patience. And Happy Easter! I LOVE that you are setting a healthy example for your kids. You rock!

Pixie said...

I know how frustrating it can be (I've lost 155 pounds) but you really are doing wonderfully and that is something to be darn proud of.

Good luck with your goals *hug*

Mad Woman said...

Oh I am sorry that you had a disappointing weigh in. It's such a frustrating thing to have happen.

But you're doing great by the sounds of it. Getting through the holidays, especially chocolate filled ones like this, are hard. And you did good!!

Jessica said...

You have done an amazing job this past month! You must feel like a million bucks! Happy (belated) Easter!

Dinah Soar said...

Lyn--in your post you stated: It's a very deep hurt that is slowly healing and becoming less of an issue every year.

In your comment to my comment you said: I have let go of the anger, hurt, sadness.

I guess I'm confused about what you are saying.

Lyn said...


It's kind of like the pain and anger over a lost marriage. At first you may be very angry and dwelling in anger. But once you forgive and let go of the anger, it can still take time to heal the wounds caused by the other person or by the experience. My healing hasn't been instantaneous, but over time, the actual hurt is less and less. I am not holding onto anger or nurturing any festering negativity. But the inner child still heals.

Hanlie said...

Wow! I disappear from the blogging world for a few weeks and you lose a good few pounds! Well done! I'm sorry that you feel disappointed in this week's results, but the overall picture is great! Good job, Lyn!

sarah said...

Have I told you lately that I love your blog? I do!!!!! I have been reading for a couple years and you really are an amazing person. The weight will release do not fret.

anne h said...

It all works out in the end - despite what the scale says. Most people who follow the scale know that she is a fickle and cruel mistress!

beerab said...

You just keep right at it girl- this morning I woke up at 203 and couldn't figure out why till I realized DUH! TOM! Curse him lol. I should start Wednesday and of course that means I bloat 1-2 days before. I'm hoping to finally get to onederland after this week. :) I know you'll continue to lose- I'm proud of you for not giving up. :)

PhluffyPrincess said...

Great job! I read your blog faithfully, although I don't always comment. And yours is one that made me want to start watching my sodium intake. Once I realized how much salt I eat regularly I was shocked. Now I am more aware of "salting" foods, but still find that I am ingesting way more than I should. Could you do a post on how to limit sodium intake? Thank you if you do - thank you if you are unable to also!