Sunday, March 7, 2010


Ah, yes. It is finally time for me to post my weigh in results for one week on Medifast. I'll preface this by saying:

Everything I ate all week was posted on my blog.
I followed the Medifast plan religiously.
I did not set foot on the scale all week because I thought it might influence me one way or the other.

I began last Sunday weighing 234 pounds. Today, I weigh 228. That is a loss of six pounds.

That is pretty good! As you know if you have followed my blog for long, 227/228 is my "comfy weight" where I seem to settle a lot. I lose, I gain, but I keep coming back to this weight. It lets me fit into my jeans, it lets me be fairly active, and I feel pretty decent at this weight. I look better at this weight than I do even ten pounds higher... it seems like the muffin top and extra chinning comes on when I get above 228. But of course it is not a good weight for my knees and other joints, nor for my heart, so I forge on.

How do I feel about the loss vs. the effort? Well, I'll let you in on the conversation in my head this morning:

me: Six pounds, huh. That's not a lot.
myself: It's pretty good for one week. You have a hard time getting six pounds off in a MONTH usually.
me: Yeah, well, lots of people on Medifast lose ten or more pounds the first week.
myself: But they have probably been eating junk food all along, and even had huge "last meals" in the few days before they started. If you binge before you diet, of course you lose a few more pounds.
me: Right, that's true. I was eating pretty healthy already. My "last meal" before Medifast was a mango.
myself: Yep.
me: But I have lost 6 pounds in a week before, eating healthy yummier foods. Heck, I have lost 8 or more pounds in a week.
myself: Yes, but then do you keep it off?
me: well, no... not always.
myself: so the problem is not losing weight in a week. The problem is losing weight consistently, each week. You might have lost 8 pounds in a week but in the same month you gained 11 pounds in a week. So the net for the month doesn't look so good.
me: That's true. I am okay getting chunks of weight off short term, but lately, I just don't keep it off. And I haven't been below 225 in over a year now.
myself: But if you lose a couple pounds each week this month you will break that barrier!
me: 2 pounds a week sucks. I want to lose more.
myself: If you lose two pounds next week, and the week after that, and the week after that, you will have lost 12 pounds this month! That is really great!
me: I see your point.

How I feel about this plan:
It's easier than all the prepping I was doing before.
The food is palatable but not so fantastically delicious that I want to binge on it.
I am learning to eat on a regular schedule to keep my blood sugar stable.
I am finally getting enough protein.
I am out of the sugar fog and off of addictive foods.
No cravings, no binges.
I feel better... more clear-headed, more relaxed about food.
I'm getting out of my rut.

The breakfasts, snacks, and lunches are not nearly as delicious as the food I was eating before.

But I know I have not given up that way of eating forever. I look forward to eating my home-cooked, healthy meals again (while counting calories and changing my plan up a bit) after I get to a lower weight and regain my ability to exercise consistently without a lot of pain.

Yeah, I am happy with this. I wonder what the next few weeks will bring me on the scale. At least I am confident that I will finally have a nice loss for the month and will break through the 225 barrier that has annoyed me since last December. And that is something to smile about!

If you missed my post last week, "Why Not Stay Fat?", take a moment. Let me know what you think.

*FTC-required disclosure: Medifast provided me with its products for my personal use for free. Medifast states an "average weight loss of up to 2 to 5 pounds a week."*


Blubeari said...

Congrats!!! Six pounds is great! :-D

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...


All I needed to see was "I am out of my rut".

Mission accomplished!

Diana said...

First, congratulations! That's a great loss.

Second, you're right, you could do this with regular foods. :)

Third, I'm curious about something that you haven't mentioned, or maybe I missed it. My friend that's been doing MediFast for a year now, with a few breaks to eat regular food where she always immediately gains a large amount of weight back, told me something I found shocking.

Her "diet coach" (and I use that term very loosely)...told her she should do MediFast the rest of her life to keep her weight off. I found that not only ridiculous, but also very unhealthy. It's pre-packaged, highly processed, very expensive food. For the long term, there's no way this is good for a person. NO WAY.

Do you have a diet coach? What do they say about the long term of staying on MediFast? Did they tell you just use it to lose your weight, then go back to a life of eating healthy, wholesome foods? Or do they recommend their food forever?

Just curious. I think my friend's coach (who is also a pilot for our airline we work for), is kind of an idiot to tell her such a silly thing. I can't believe a reputable company would actually recommend such nonsense. Just wondering your take on the subject.

Thanks! And keep up the fantastic job! I know it may sound like it's easier to your reading public, I also know it's still difficult and hard work.

I've done Jenny Craig and NutriSystems, both very successfully and got to goal. I also regained all my weight once I went back to regular foods. That's just me though, a lot of people don't gain the weight back. I'm hoping you're one of the lifetime successes. :)

Diana said...

Lyn - sorry for that long comment! I should have emailed you. :)

Daisygirl said...

Congratulations!!! Any movement in the right direction is good movement!

Leslie said...

Fantastic! And I totally get the conversation in the head that ensued after the weigh in. I always try to approach the scale after a very good week in neutral manner, but the second it doesn't register as big a loss as I'd hoped, I get frustrated. That's when I know I had expectations of grandeur!

You're back in the 220s, which is fantastic. Keep up the good work Lyn - this is clearly helping you breakthrough some pounds, and as you said - taken you out of your rut. Bravo!

Lyn said...


I can definitely lose 6 pounds in a week on real foods. But over the past 18 months I have not lost a single *new* pound eating real foods. I have stayed right around 225-230 all that time, which is why I changed to something different. I need more than the occasional, inconsistent weekly loss. I need to stop all the regains.

I do not have a diet coach (I think they call them Health Coaches). From what I understand, they are just people who have lost weight on Medifast. I have seen some real doozies of information from Health Coaches to other people. I figure I am my own best health coach and I don't want someone who has less training than I have telling me what to eat.

And I too think that is nuts, what she said. Even on the Medifast website there is a plan for Transition... getting you OFF the Medifast foods and adding real foods back in slowly. That is supposed to be the ultimate plan.

Regains usually happen when a person does not have a healthy eating plan in place or doesn't understand how to eat for maintenance. I have those skills, I know what to eat. I think I will be good at maintaining IF I can get a handle on the binges. I've made great progress so far and am hopeful for the future.

Anonymous said...

This is great to read! You have the right mindset around this entire experience and what will follow...kudos to you and how you are viewing this new food plan and how it will dovetail into your success.

Kyle Gershman said...

I'm so happy for you! I think a 6 pound loss when previously stagnant while still eating sensibly is stupendous!

Anonymous said...

6 pounds is awesome! I'm curious what the sodium content is of your Medifast meals? Do you think it's less sodium than what you'd been eating? That may be the reason some people lose 10 - 12 pounds on their first week (suddenly eating less sodium). I read once that people who drink a lot of soda/pop and give it up can lose 10 pounds in a week just from having less sodium... ~ Angie

Lyn said...


Thanks! Yes, I think people who see huge losses are seeing 1)water loss from lower sodium, 2)water loss from less carbs (carbs cause water retention), and 3)loss from less food volume sitting in their gut. Medifast says its meal plan provides under 2300mg sodium per day if you follow all its recommendations. I am not heavy on the sodium or refined carbs to being with so I probably lost more actual fat in that 6 pounds than water.

Anonymous said...

Well done Lyn!
I know what you mean about "but I wanted to lose more!". Don't we all think that when we have had really good weeks and have stuck to our eating plan and exercised lots?

6lbs is a GOOD loss...even though your diet might have been slightly less than wonderful..Hopefully, being as disciplined again next week will see you lose a similar 12lbs by mid-March is a wonderful weight loss!

How many calories does the medifast plan allow? Are you eating fewer than you were before?

A big pat on the back is deserved!

DBDee x x

Lyn said...

Anonymous (DBDee)~

I am eating about a thousand calories a day and 105g protein. Before, in order to lose I aimed for 1600-1700 calories plus exercise 30 minutes 6 days a week. Without the exercise I had to eat about 1400-1500 to lose. But I wasn't eating enough protein, which may have been stalling my losses (but I didn't realize that then).

Autumnforest said...

No cravings and binges--that's a hugely good sign. I was thinking about that. If you sat down and planned out a week's meals based on calories and had precut veggies and things laid out with a menu so you knew exactly what you could eat, you could probably do similar, but there's a mindset when you know you have to eat their food. There's no "you deciding" factor where you could eat more than the measured amount and such. To get yourself off the sugar rollercoaster--huge help! The fact is, the less simple carbs you eat, the more water weight you release, so getting off sugar is also very diuretic and will make you feel better and pobably make BP drop too. It sounds like you can do it and aren't suffering needlessly. Good going--and 6 pounds is huge--especially if the next week you do a number like that again. That would be crazy amazing.

Dinah Soar said...

Lyn..losing 6 pounds in one week is excellent. Don't allow the any negative thinking in..kick it out.

And...I assume you are not doing Medifast for the long term. Optimally, I'd think a month would be sufficient. This is the change I think you probably needed--the break from all the planning and counting--a different approach which is a discovery venture that allows you to see what works and what doesn't work. This is an opportunity that was too good to pass up--getting to do it for free..can't beat that.

I think you said you could do this eating healthy food..perhaps. But you were not able to maintain losing eating healthy food. I've followed your blog for a few years now and I've seen how you've struggled to get momentum to continue to lose. I applaud you for not quitting, for not giving up, for not throwing in the towel. You have a lot of years ahead and you do not want to find yourself in your 60's or 70's wishing--wishing that things had been different.

The upcoming weeks will tell the story. If you continue on Medifast for a few more weeks--to the end of one month-- and continue to have a steady loss--even if it is less than 6 pounds per week--1.) you will know it is possible for you to continue to lose without regaining 2.) you will then want to figure out what was lacking in your healthy eating that contributed to your downfall/inability to maintain your loses.

For those of us who spin our wheels or go backwards there is something contributing to it. We must figure out what the culprit is or forever be 'doomed' to remain in our rut.

You are on the road to discovery. This experience will most certainly teach you something valuable in the final analysis.

Enz said...

Great job on your inner voice! I am so glad you saw a great result for your first week.


Anonymous said...

Nice! 6 pounds is amazing. Good for you Lyn!!!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Six lbs is awesome! Like you said, you didn't get that "just getting started" boost that some folks are gonna get.

I'd sure like to see you bust through this "comfy zone" barrier and sail off into some unchartered waters...

Shelley said...

Very nice!!! Congratulations on the 6 pounds lost - most excellent, my friend!!! You are doing great and I'm so proud of you for sticking to this program - it can't always have been easy. Onward and downward!

skinnyhollie said...

Lyn, I have lost 7.8 lbs in TWO DAYS on Medifast and I KNOW it's because of the carb/sugar binge I was on in the days before I started. TOM also left the day before I started, so I KNOW that the fast initial loss is from water weight and the sudden restriction of carbs.

6 lbs is AWESOME. You, unlike me, were eating healthy before you started. I had went crazy for a week or so... lost my mind!

I figure the water weight loss will stop in a week or so, then I can get down to business!

Good luck, Chica!

screwdestiny said...

Six pounds is great, Lyn! I'd sure be happy to lose six pounds in one week right now. I'm glad that your effort for the first week paid off.

Anonymous said...

Six pounds for one week is GREAT!


Theresa said...

The biggest shock for me is that you were able to stay off the scale for a week. Awesome work!!! Six pounds is just awesome. As you said, two per week puts you in a great place a month down the road. I'm looking forward to hearing more!re

Sib said...

Well done girl. Six pounds is AWESOME!! You know, the mere fact that you are doing something *different* will be enough for your body to cruise out of it's comfort zone.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! 6 pounds is something to be very proud of.

I do have a question though- I had always heard that one should really never drop below 1200 calories a day. Also, it seems to me- and I know you already know this- but if you were eating 1700 cals a day before, and now you're eating 1000, it has everything to do with the amount of calories you're taking in. Will this experience change the amount of calories you give yourself in a day once you go back to eating normally? If anything, I'd say you benefited hugely from this experience just learning that about your body, and it was free!

Beth said...

Six pounds! Some people on the biggest loser don't lose that much and they put in hours upon hours in the gym. Give the plan a real shot and see where it goes. Congratulations.

Lyn said...


Yes, I was aiming for 1600-1700 a day but also exercising 30+ min 6x/week. When I was not able to exercise due to pain or injury I had to cut down to 1400-1500 to get a consistent loss.

WHen I go back to regular food I will slowly and gradually increase my calories to whatever point gives me the weight loss I am looking for. Also will be able to increase exercise I hope... if my knees heal up from losing some of this weight.

As far as the starvation mode thing, Kyle Gershman had a great post on his blog about that and gave this link:

Thought is was an interesting read. Also, Medifast has very high amounts of protein (105g the other day) so that the body does NOT start turning to burning muscle as fuel. Usually a person would have a very hard time putting together consistent meals to get adequate nutrition in under 1200 calories/day which is why you see that recommended often. I eat about 1000, but it has adequate protein, fats, vitamins, and *just enough* carbs (85-100g/day).

CJ said...

Congrats, 6 pounds is something great! Keep goin on!

Grace said...

Don't second guess yourself. You are doing amazing. 6 is 6. Its good! You can do it!

Duddes02 said...

Excellent!! I'm so proud!

Lisa said...

congrats on the loss. Looks like you have way more pros than cons!

- Lisa

mommygonemilf said...

Great job Lyn! A 6lb loss is fabulous. Amazing what our minds do with the questioning and negativity, isn't it? Just keep going and moving forward.