Monday, March 29, 2010

A Couple of Things

Just a few things...

*I have pinkeye.

*I am packing to leave on a three-day spring break mini-vacation. We'll be doing some fun stuff a few hours away. I need it. My older kids are going on a visit with their father, so just my daughter and I will be having a couple of girls days & nights out together.

*I plan to bring my Medifast stuff with me, stay on schedule as closely as I can. I'll take portable stuff like bars, pretzels, and puffs, but also will bring a few other things since I will have a microwave and boiling water available. I plan to order something as close to a Lean & Green meal as possible when we stop for dinners.

*Medifast has a 4&2 plan as well for days when you are very active (more than 45 minutes of vigorous activity per day) so depending on how much activity I have going on, I may eat a breakfast meal as well. I tried to ask my Medifast nutritionist about this last week, but she never answered. (I was assigned a nutritionist, but every time I have emailed her I have gotten zero response until I contacted Medifast asking about why I am getting no response. I usually wait 4 or 5 days or even a week but have never gotten an answer at all via email unless I pursue it further. NOT impressed!)

*I tried several new Medifast foods and took photos and have reviews coming, probably today because I don't want to wait til I get back from vacation. Most of it was very good!

*I am taking my laptop with me, and barring any problems with Internet access, I'll be blogging at night after the little one is asleep.

*I am way, way, super way behind on answering my emails. So sorry! I haven't forgotten about you... just have been busy. And my eyeballs hurt.

I will probably post some reviews later today. That's all for now!


Jer said...

Oh, a vacation. I'm jealous. I've got 60 some odd days until vacation. I think. Or 70 some.

I'm ready.

Theresa said...

enjoy the vacation with your daughter!! Thank you for the coming reviews. In your own time though!!! If it takes a week so be it. You must take care of yourself and your family first. I know you can vacation and be successful. :)

Tatulah said...

Have a great vacay. Sorry about your pink eye - that bites.

Anonymous said...

have fun Lyn!!!

Steelers6 said...

Oh, so glad to hear you are going to be doing something special. And it will be an interesting challenge for your Medi Fast plan. You do such a great job w/the reviews; the company was smart to recruit you.

U gonna get some ointment for that conjunctivitis so you can enjoy yourself a bit more?

All the best to you my friend! Have fun! Chrissy

He Took MY Last Name said...

If I were you, I would email the company and tell them you want a new nutritionist if they want to continue to have your business. I mean, what good is it if they dont help???

dani31608 said...

Ack! Sorry to hear about the pink eye. That's always ickas.

Have a great time on your mini-vacation! I look forward to hearing how you fared with your plan away from home.

Lyn said...


if it isn't better tomorrow morning I am going in for some eye drops before I leave on vacation!


Medifast is giving me the products for free to review. I did let them know and they are going to figure out what's going on for me. I'm not terribly upset about it but I might be if I were a paying customer!

spunkysuzi said...

Have fun!! And hope the eye is better soon.

Margie M. said...

Yuck...pinkeye sucks! But at least you have this fun vacation time with your daughter to enjoy. Your plan for taking your foods with you is great. A lot of folks use a "vacation" as a time to "vacation from their healthy eating plan". You're awesome with your commitment!
Have a great trip.

Margie M. writes at:

-J.Darling said...

Just a word of encouragement when eating out - Don't be afraid to be a picky eater, or to ask for them to box up 1/2 your meal before it arrives at your table! You're paying for it, so you're allowed to be picky. ;)

Keep up the great work!

Shae said...

oh, pinkeye...not fun! I used to get that when I was young. Everyone in the house usually ended up with it. Hope you have a fun spring break.

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