Friday, March 19, 2010

Chicken Salad in Butter Lettuce Cups

Have you ever tried Butter Lettuce? It is soooo good. It's also called Boston Bibb lettuce; it is soft and vibrant green with a slightly sweet, buttery flavor. I love it because it is beautiful and oh-so-tender! Butter Lettuce is low in calories and rich in nutrition; one 3 oz serving has 15 calories, 1g fiber, 1g protein and is rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, vitamins A, B, C and K. The leaves are big, which makes them perfect to use as a wrap for various fillings. Like chicken salad!

Isn't it gorgeous??

Take your lettuce, tear off a few leaves and wash & dry them. Then prepare your filling:

Lyn's Chicken Salad
5 oz cooked, cooled chicken breast, diced small
1/4 c. celery, diced small
1/4 c. orange pepper, diced finely (you can use your favorite fresh pepper in here... yellow or red would be great!)
1 T. light mayonnaise
2 T. shredded low fat cheese (optional)
1 tsp. Dijon mustard (I used Grey Poupon coarse ground)
onion powder, black pepper, Mrs. Dash to taste (add some sea salt if you need it)

Mix everything. I chilled this for an hour. Place the filling in the Butter Lettuce leaves, roll up, and eat!

Delicious, low carb, low fat, high protein. This was a very filling (and beautiful) meal. You have to admit it is pretty! On Medifast this is 1 complete Lean, 2 Green servings, 1 Healthy Fat, and 1 condiment.

I am feeling great! Looking forward to a fun weekend. I have an even *yummier* recipe to post (think Fettuccine Alfredo, healthy low carb style) so check in tomorrow!

**p.s. Someone asked me to please post my recipe for mashed cauliflower "potatoes" and how I got them so creamy. Simple! I cut fresh cauliflower in chunks, put it in a glass dish with an inch of water (or use chicken broth), microwave until tender. Drain most of the water off. Mash with a potato masher or a fork or something (it will still be somewhat chunky). Add salt, pepper, garlic powder. Add a tablespoon or 2 of half and half. Don't get it too wet or you'll have soup. Then (key) I used my immersion blender (handheld wand thingy) and carefully blended the cauliflower until creamy. I did this in spurts, pressing the wand over one spot and turning it on for a couple seconds, then moving it to another area and doing the same, over and over until it was like potatoes. That's it!


Leslie said...

Looks like another winner! I'll be trying it - chicken salad is one of my favorite things to order out. Yours looks better and surely has less fat and calories!! I'll have to put some chopped scallions in because a day without onions is like a day without sunshine!

Blubeari said...

I've never tried a lettuce wrap because I didn't think the regular stuff would hold together well enough, but the butter lettuce looks pretty tough.. another thing I will have to try- you have the best ideas!!!

Michelle said...

I have to tell you, I made a new version of Shepherd's Pie last night using ground chicken breast, and mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes, I didn't add anything to the cauliflower other than spices, when I mashed it, so next time, I'll follow your method!

ShredFail said...

Mmmmm...bibb lettuce is my favorite and I'm eating my favorite version of chicken salad right now. Sounds like a great combo!

Debbie said...

No I have never tried the butter lettuce, but I am going to look for some today when I go to the grocery store. Also the chicken salad looks great. I am going to make that to. You should write a cook book..

-J.Darling said...

The great thing about butter lettuce is it is the FRESHEST lettuce you can get. Literally! You could PLANT what you buy at the grocery store and keep the lettuce going! (It's usually sold w/ roots intact!)

rachel said...

I have to agree with Debbie, you really should write a cookbook! Or maybe add a link to an online recipe book. I use or when I look for new recipes and I never find anything as healthy and easy as what you make! Thank you for all of the great ideas :0) One question.... my 2 year old son is going through a really picky phase, any recipe advice on getting him to eat veggies? (He will eat your butternut squash mac n cheese) Thanks!

Lyn said...


Ahh, picky kids, so fun LOL.

If he likes RAW textures, make little broccoli trees and cauliflower, carrot sticks etc and let him rip in hummus or even ranch.

If he only likes cooked, try the cauliflower potatoes on him. If he doesn't like it, mix them half with real mashed potatoes.

My little girl has some eating issues but she LOVES baked sweet potato fries! You can puree all kinds of veggies into a spaghetti sauce too. Zucchini bread, pumpkin custard (recipe on sidebar), and cooked mashed carrots usually go over well.

HTH :)

Rebekah said...

Lyn looks YUMMY! Does this fit into Lean and Green on plan?

Thanks, I hope it does it looks SO GOOD!

Lyn said...


yes. It is 1 complete Lean and 2 green servings... so add one more veg serving (I had mine at lunch!) The mustard is a condiment and the mayo is a Healthy Fat.

Rebekah said...

You ROCK lyn thanks :) Yay new recipe!

rachel said...

I never even thought of Hummus as a veggie dip! He eats that because I convinced him it was cheese. lol, Someday I'm gonna have a lot of explaining to do. :) Thanks!

AGirlWorthLosing said...

Butter lettuce is my favorite!!! Good idea!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cauliflower "mashed potato" recipe (I asked for it yesterday, lol). I am going to be making that SOON! And then I just might make this Chicken Salad recipe because it looks just as delicious! Thanks again!

screwdestiny said...

I love Bibb lettuce. Haven't had it in ages because my stupid town doesn't sell it anywhere, but I remember that's what I would buy when I lived in a civilized city.

Anonymous said...

I have so many questions about the Medifast. Your weight loss has been GREAT! and the products seem like they help a lot. I know the keys to weight loss are lower calories, lots of protein, fruits, veg, and fiber, and the "meals" seem to give you protein in things that normally wouldn't.
1. Are you eating any fruits? Are they something you could have as a snack?
2. Are you planning to stay on this for a few months, until you hit a certain goal, see what happens? I can imagine getting "bored" of the plan meals. Are you thinking about how to transition, yet, or will you not worry about it for 6 months?
3. Even though, as you say, it's expensive, if it gives you an extra 2 hours in your day, it's worth $10/day, right?

I bet you'll do really well now that spring is here and good fruits and veg are back in season. You know how amazing it is that you lost weight in November?
4. I hope, in addition to hoarding stuff that you're socking cash somewhere. Maybe open a bank deposit box, where most people would put jewelry and fire-safe documents?

Okiebelle said...

I know you have been a faithful follower of Bethany of "The Great Reduction". I wanted to let you know that she passed away last night. She dropped dead of a heart attack at Walmart. I don't know her password, so I can't update her blog.
Denise (Her sister)

Lyn said...


I am so, so sorry to hear that. Bethany was ALWAYS kind to me and has been here supporting my journey from nearly the beginning.Thank you for letting me know... I am shocked and send condolences to the family.

Lyn said...


No fruits in the weight loss phase of Medifast. The goal is to stay under 100g carbs which is hard to do if you include fruits. They get added back in during transition.

I am taking it a month at a time. I committed to doing one month. I decided already to do a second month (had to decide now to get my food shipment in time) so I am in it for April as well. I'll reassess again each month whether I want to continue or not. So far it is not boring, I love all the creativity I get with my dinners and it is actually very nice to have a break from thinking about/planning all my other meals and snacks. Medifast has a transition program where you eat fewer Medifast meals and add back in other foods. It's detailed on their website.

As to the expense, I think everyone has to assess that according to what they can do. For some people $300/mo is way more than they are spending on food, and for some it is less. I think before 'investing', one should be truly committed and ready, and maybe even have tried something like South Beach diet on their own to see how they do on low carb overall. Since I am not paying for the Medifast plan I am basing my continuing it solely on effectiveness and whether I like it or not.

Crys said...

Preettty lettuce! I've never seen that in the grocer store. Did you go to specialty store or farmers market?

Lyn said...


I did get this lettuce at my grocery store! Try looking in the fresh greens section by the other lettuces. Hope you can find some!