Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another Day of Medifast

I had another good day yesterday on the Medifast plan. Here's exactly what I ate and how I felt:

8AM: Cappuccino. I did not like the smell of this, but once I started drinking it, it was okay. I mixed a little cold water into the powder first, got all the lumps out, and then slowly added boiling water. It tasted like a cheap coffee drink to me. A little on the sweet side. I think this might be good iced in the summertime.

10AM: Was feeling hunnnnnngry!! Also developed a very slight headache which is, I think, a symptom of sugar/refined carb withdrawal. It isn't BAD, so I just took an Excedrin and it went away. Anyway for breakfast I had 1/2c Eggbeaters (scrambled) and 1/2c shredded fresh zucchini cooked in 1 tsp olive oil with salt & pepper. (One of the daily protein options is TWO CUPS of Eggbeaters. I will have the rest made into an omelet for dinner along with my other two servings of vegetables. The olive oil counts as a healthy fat serving). I usually have a side of wheat toast with this breakfast but that's not on the plan, so I had a bag of Medifast Honey Mustard Pretzels with it.

The eggs and zucchini were as yummy as usual! The pretzels were good! They pretty much tasted like regular honey mustard pretzels to me but they were a little harder/crunchier than regular ones. They fit the bill for a crunchy side to my breakfast. I had my usual large glass of decaf green tea with this.

I had to go out and run errands and go to an appointment, so I grabbed a Peanut Butter Crunch Bar and a bottle of water to take with me:

This Crunch bar is a favorite flavor among Medifast users and I can see why. It's really good! Peanut buttery, chocolatey, smells great, tastes great. Kind of like a granola bar. I think all the Crunch bars are made of little crispy balls and then have a drizzle and a bottom coating of chocolate or some other flavor. It tasted like a treat! I ate it at about 2:00.

Then I went for a walk for about 30 minutes outside in the sunshine. It was wonderful. I just LOVE spring, and it feels like springtime now. Medifast recommends cutting back on exercise for the first 3 weeks, but these walks are essential to my mental health. I am just not pushing it to walk as fast.

When I came home, around 4PM, I had my 'real' lunch: Medifast Chicken Noodle Soup with a side of Ranch Soy Crisps:

This was my favorite Medifast meal yet! I had soaked the soup in the fridge since morning so the noodles and vegetable bits were nice and soft. I tasted it 'as is' and it was super bland, so I added a half teaspoon of chicken boullion and a dash of black pepper. It was great then. (I don't mean it tasted like homemade; it didn't. But it tasted pretty much like any of those packets of instant chicken noodle soup powder that you buy in the grocery store). The Ranch Crisps were my optional snack for the day and they are SO much better than the crackers I had yesterday! They're like little crunchy rice cakes with Ranch powder on them. I really like these! This was a very filling and satisfying meal.

Dinner was at 6:15. I had some leftover BBQ pork in the freezer that I warmed up for the family to have BBQ sandwiches; I made myself an omelette with 1 cup of Eggbeaters, fresh chives, sliced mushrooms, fresh spinach, and low fat Swiss cheese. It was great! I had a half cup of asparagus as a side:

I was so full and satisfied after dinner.

After I put my daughter to bed, I made myself my final 'meal'... a Medifast Brownie. It comes in a packet like a brownie mix, so you just add water, and in the box there are little paper trays to microwave the batter in. I nuked it for a shorter time than the box said to try and get it a little on the moist/fudgy side (55 seconds):

Well, I was kinda disappointed in this one. It was a cakey brownie, not a fudgy one. I couldn't get it to come out of the tray in one piece (it was fluffy) so I just ate it with a fork. It tasted ok... actually it would have been very good except for this bitter aftertaste. You know how baking powder tastes in a baked good if you use too much of it? It was pretty much THAT taste. I wanted this to be yummy. It is apparently a favorite among folks using Medifast. Next time I will try cooking it for less time. I do have a pretty powerful microwave.

That's it for today! I feel happy. I feel good. I don't have any of the tiredness or feeling bad that people sometimes say they get for the first few days of this diet. Maybe that's because I was already eating pretty well... not a lot of sugar, refined carbs, etc. Part of me is thinking, "This can't be right. It is too easy. I am not hungry and I am NOT OBSESSING ABOUT FOOD. I am not thinking about candy bars or donuts or chips. I am OKAY." And that part of me wonders, how can this possibly lead to weight loss? Maybe I will step on the scale in a week and lose NOTHING. Maybe... but I am going to give it my all, follow this plan 100% and see where it takes me.

*FTC-required disclosure: Medifast provided me with its products for my personal use for free.*


Eliza said...

Congrats on a successful day!

Missa said...

Keep seeing the plan through and let's see what shake out or OFF!


Anonymous said...

Good job on another successful day!

Do you add real salt to your foods?
Or a salt substitute? I think 1 tsp of real salt is 2300mg.

Keep up the great work!

happyfunpants said...

I'm so glad that you're enjoying it and that you're not feeling deprived.

I can't wait to see what the scale reads, but if you're FEELING great then that is worth more anyway.

Also, I might have drooled a bit on my keyboard at the bar/snack that you had. :)

Lyn said...


I do use real salt. Actually sea salt, which I believe has less sodium. But I use it very sparingly. In a day I don't even use 1/4 tsp... more like 1/8 tsp total.

Lyn said...

p.s... you got me thinking on the salt so I checked. 1 tsp sea salt has 1872mg sodium so yeah, it is definitely something to watch! Luckily as we cut back on salt our tastes do seem to accomodate less and less.

Amanda said...

Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time and effort to blog about your experience. I have always wondered about the pre-packaged food plans and I couldn't ask for more information than you are giving through your blog.

One question- how often are you planning on weighing in?

Congrats on doing so well so far!

Lyn said...


I plan on weighing once a week, on Sundays. I can't wait :)

Anonymous said...

I have to be totally honest and say I'm suspect of a plan that is OK with replacing whole grain/wheat toast with honey mustard pretzels for breakfast. It just seems like a lot of "snacky" food, as opposed to real meals. Your photos used to brim with fruits and veggies, so the packaged soup that had to soak all day to be palatable and side of rice snacks seem more than a little sad to me.

As a long-time lurker, I'm wishing you luck Lyn - you've got to do what you feel is best for you. I have to say though, it's a shame to see you turn away from real, whole foods and towards powdered and freeze-dried items. It's just not natural, and I won't ever believe it's necessary to lose weight with "diet food". It's all calorie restriction in the end, just without the health benefits that come from eating fresh and nutrient-loaded foods.

Lyn said...


I understand how you feel. That's how I felt at first when they offered this to me to try.

I really have struggled, all this time, eighteen months, changin the way I eat to whole foods and yet saw basically NO weight loss. I am not turning away from whole foods, per se. That is still the ultimate goal for me. But if eating this way for a month or a few months can take some of the pressure off my knees and reduce the physical pain I am in daily, I will try it. It is just a tool, a short term tool to help me reach the same goal I always had: a healthy life with a healthy relationship with real foods.

And just to clarify on the pretzels: the only reason they replaced the wheat bread is for protein content. Medifast foods are very high in protein. But of course once I am back to real foods I will also be eating wheat bread on occasion... NOT honey mustard pretzels!

Thank you for your thoughtful comment :)

-J.Darling said...

Too bad you didn't like the brownie! The way I've seen it eaten is usually out of the box w/ a fork, rather than coming out as one whole brownie.

Are you going to do any of the shakes? Be careful not to use up all the stuff that looks AWESOME early on, and be left with things that are only okay or passable. You may lose your incentive! Are you working with a health coach to help you maximize this time? (My first week, I lost 12 lbs, but then it slows down CONSIDERABLY to a healthy 1-2 lbs a week.)

Lyn said...

J. Darling~

I do have some shakes! I tried one today (review tomorrow). I know I am in the "novelty" phase of this right now, it is all just exciting. It'll calm down in a week or two, lol.

I am not working with a health coach, however, I have a nutritionist from Medifast. But she has yet to answer my emails :/

Anonymous said...

"8AM: Cappuccino. I did not like the smell of this, but once I started drinking it, it was okay. I mixed a little cold water into the powder first, got all the lumps out, and then slowly added boiling water. It tasted like a cheap coffee drink to me. A little on the sweet side"

I completely understand why you are trying this Medifast way of eating...and I really hope it works for you - for all the reasons you have stated.

However...I would rather have a glass of cold water and a vitamin and mineral tablet than that coffee. I just hate horrible coffee. Do you HAVE to have it? (Hey - no generalisations here, but the American friends I have - online ones - just LOVE their coffee...whereas I am strictly a black tea with a dash of semi-skimmed milk girl. I have one cup of coffee a day, and it has to be GOOD stuff. I think I'd gag on that coffee drink. :-)

The brownie too...that contained 24 vitamins and minerals...and um..can't remember, but 100+ calories...for something you had to make, which wasn't terribly good to eat? Given you have cooked up some delicious meals for yourself (and I know that's what you are trying to change right now, for the time being) what you are replacing your meals and snacks with sounds ...um...to be honest, quite horrible. The packet soup too...I know I can buy packet 'slimmer' soups - without colourings and additives etc - but powdered anything reconstituted with water is usually pretty grim. Hey...all I can say is - it's a good job you aren't having to pay for this programme :-)

I am glad you felt the day went well. That's the most important thing...but I think I'd rather snack on apples, bananas, nuts and dried apricots when the urge to eat gets to me. Those things can be grabbed and need no preparation. How strictly do you have to follow the programme?

Hope I don't sound overly critical Lyn..I am really pleased you have found the plan easy to follow, but so far it doesn't sound particularly appetising. let's hope the foods that follow on the plan are good.

DBDee x

Lyn said...

Anonymous (DBDee)~

I understand your questions :)

I don't have to have ANY of these foods. There are something like 60 different items to choose from, so no, I do not ever have to drink that coffee drink again if I don't want to. I might try it iced, later, just for kicks. I am mainly trying to sample many different things to find out which items I like. Then I will just eat the ones that taste good to me.

I would prefer to eat fruits and all the stuff I was eating before, too, but you see where that has gotten me...

It has been wonderful of the past 2 1/2 years for me to learn how to eat healthy, enjoy new things, eat whole foods. I *know* how I want to eat for the rest of my life, and I am capable of doing it but I have NOT been able to drop any weight in a year and a half. That is a long time to not lose anything... although I am proud I maintained.

So I am trying something new. Not something magic, or permanent. Just high protein, preportioned foods with low carbs. I've researched it. I think it will help me. Maybe not, but I would regret never trying if another year goes by and I am still 230 pounds and possibly unable to walk due to pain and joint problems this weight is causing me.

I appreciate all the repectful questions and comments and I know that most of you do care about me and hope I find my way :)

Seth said...

That food is looking pretty good!

Crys said...

I'm really enjoying your objective review of the program. I'm so afraid of these plans because I feel like I wouldn't be learning the how and would ultimately end up fat again. But there's a lot to be said for having someone do the planning, weighing and measuring for you. I'm new to your blog. Really enjoy it! We have the exact same starting weight! :)

skinnyhollie said...

Woo hoo! I am so happy day 2 went well. I have decided to get started right away - as soon as I get the kit!


MargieAnne said...

Doing Medifast is a huge challenge for you and I'm with you, cheering you on. If it gets some weight of reasonably quickly then it does good. Nutritionally it is well balanced but you do miss some of the real foods.

I tried something similar here, in New Zealand, a while ago but with a limited number of products it was going to be too boring. I like coffee and as it's summer found it made a good iced coffee. I might buy these again but they are expensive too. I cooked a few suitable veges and made the soups with the vegie water and adding the vegies. I never follow anything 100%. In the finish I found the products did not suit my gut and I had some pain. But, and this was very important for me, it gave me a chance to break from bad patterns and here I am successfully on the mostly, natural program that works for me.
You've set yourself a target, 1 month and then review, if I remember rightly. You can't do better than that.

Anonymous said...

I was eating pretty healthy before MF and am in my second week. The withdrawals didn't hit for a couple days and then it was more dizziness and an occasional headache.

So the pretzels... how were they? I just tried the cinnamon ones for the first time and they tasted burned.

I also had that same chemical taste on the brownies. Look forward to reading your blog to find out how you fix them up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn, I have just recently started following your blog, I have read some prior posts, but not all of them ;)

I know you were eating healthy whole foods, were you keeping track of calories as well? Or what do you think was the obstacle in the past to losing more? (assuming it was not food?)

But congrats on maintaining!!

I am on Jenny and the structure really helps, plus just knowing there is *someone* to back you up. I also log everything on Livestrong. I add lots of fruits and veggies. I also do meals on my own when I don't feel like JC food, just watching the stats on those meals.

Regardless, I can tell you have a winning attitude and I am excited to see you succeed!! I know you will rock the weigh it :)

chrissie said...

I don't have anything to say about the MediaFast foods (except that I'm glad that you're enjoying them for the most part) but my gosh those egg dishes you made today looked FABULOUS.

Anonymous said...

This is very interesting to read about, Lyn. Your pictures are really good, too. Your dinner omelette looked like a magazine shot! I'm glad you are enjoying this program so far, and I wish you the greatest success.

Anonymous said...

I think the food will taste even better after a week or so. The Brownie will improve. Mix it and let is stand for a few minutes before cooking. Helps with the taste.

CatladyofPburg said...

I have found the cappuccino is much better in the microwave.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, Lyn! You're doing great. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, trials and tribulations with us.


Knitty said...

Does MF has a "transition" program that moves you away from their food to a natural diet again? For now, I think this plan is win-win -- you're going to do great on it and MF is going to get a lot of interest from your readers. My concern is what's going to happen once you stop doing this plan. I lost about 60 pounds a few years ago and the weight came off *very* slowly because I heeded my doctor's advice: don't do anything to lose weight that you aren't willing to do for the rest of your life.

If MF doesn't have a plan to transition you away from their pre-packaged stuff to whole foods again, then I'm concerned.

Harry Lips said...

Congrats! I know from personal experience that packaged meals are hard to follow when you have a family. I was hard for me to watch my wife and daughter eat regular food and I was eating some weird tasting nacho cheese pasta thing. That, and the cost, led to my demise.

Theresa said...

not every day has to be a gourmet experience. This plan can help you strip a few extra pounds off to finally get your head in the space of losing and your knees and feet enough of a break on the weight to get moving again. Personally it looks like a challenge to get through some of those meals. far less than appealing.... but we do what we need to do and with a goal in mind it is so much easier to accept. Thanks for blogging about this. I've been very curious and interested in such a program!

Simmy said...

You make the food look so much better. i had blogged my first day a couple weeks ago with pics, too, and for the most part I hated medifast .... but I'm going to try again. I'm going to have to try the refrigerator trick to soften things overnight.

Looks like you will have a very successful first week.

Lyn said...

medifast girl~

The pretzels were good. No burnt taste. Although I have seen where some people get batches of pretzels that taste a little burned. Mine were fine.

Anonymous (HB)~

Yes, I was counting calories. I logged almost every food I ate over the past 2 years on Sparkpeople. I aimed for 1600-1700 calories a day and I would lose slowly on that. But on those few days a month where I went over (over by quite a bit) it seemed to bump me up enough that I would not lose. And if I had a binge, I would regain SUPER rapidly. Also, when I'd get an injury and be unable to exercise, the weight loss would come to a standstill. I think those things... and some emotional issues that were driving the overeating... are pretty much why I maintained for the last year and a half.


I think people DO sometimes go off Medifast (or any 'program') and regain all the weight. That's because they go back to eating the way that got them fat. I feel like I have a better chance of NOT regaining because I spend two years learning how to eat properly already. I have a healthy lifestyle in place for me when I decide to stop Medifast. And yes, they do have a tranisition program where you add back in regular (healthy) foods gradually over several weeks while eliminating the Medifast foods.

I know I am certainly not immune to regain, but this is the first time I have tried something like this after learning the correct way to eat and take care of myself. I am pretty good at maintaining... hopefully that will help me maintain whatever lower weight I reach on this program.

Sarah said...

I lost 40 pounds a plan similar to Medifast and as a result, I was better able to incorporate exercise into my life. I have maintained my loss for almost three years and completed a marathon. I am not at goal and I have struggled with the scale even though my eating/lifestyle has changed. I relate with you on so many levels with food. This plan can be a GREAT tool for you to take the weight off so you can get back to your healthy eating and maintain. Hopefully your knees will feel SO much better and your biking/walking will just be even better. exercise will be the key! Best of luck and you are doing GREAT!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on a successful day! I have been on Medifast for the past 33 weeks and have lost 74 pounds!! I started at 326 pounds and am feeling great! You can do this! Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

I would think that you are right in that you are not suffering withdrawals and physical repercussions because you already eat fairly healthy. In fact, would you have counted a chocolate brownie (even WITH the yucky aftertaste) as part of your healthy eating plan? Or ranch powdered chippy things? Looks like your treats being incorporated into your day are helping dramatically.

I look forward to tomorrow's post.

Lyn said...


LOL, the only 'incorporation' of a chocolate brownie in my plan before was to mix up and eat either a whole bowl of brownie batter or the entire pan when it came out of the oven! I have *zero* moderation when it comes to real brownies. None. I can't even consider them! Good thing these aren't too good.

And my chippy type snacks when I am eating whole foods are kale chips, roasted crispy green beans, or half a serving of whole grain crackers. Or maybe some nuts. Mmmm.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the cappucino is really good iced!!!! I add about a tablespoon of the fat free, sugar free cool whip and blend it all with ice- then add a dab of cool whip on top. Resembles a frappucino- but to me it tasted much better than starbucks slimmed down version.