Friday, February 12, 2010

Update, and Mental Resources

Well, after seven days posting blogs of everything I ate, I totally burned out on that. It was getting tedious to me, because I like to write blogs about stuff that is on my mind and I was trying to do 2 blog posts a day, and I just don't have the time or mental resources to do that long term. I am going back to posting my menus on Twitter. It's just easier and I can post what I eat each day simply. I WILL post my calories and exercise on there as well each day. You can follow me on Twitter or you can just look over on the left side of my blog where it says "What I'm Eating Now." It updates in real time and you don't have to be on Twitter to see it!

Speaking of mental resources... I do a lot of reading and I think it was in the book "The End of Overeating" that I read about people burning out on dieting because they have a lot of stress or other things going on in their lives and they do not have the "mental resources" to deal with it all. That made a lot of sense to me. We can only do *so much* in a day, and we've all had that feeling like "I am already having a hard time coping with XYZ, I just CANNOT focus on cooking and eating healthy stuff too." People say "oh, that's just an excuse." In fact, I think we *do* have a limit on our mental resources and that is why if healthy eating is a HABIT that we do not have to think about, it gets done regardless. So the goal is to make it as automatic as possible to eat right and exercise. It isn't really about being "too tired" or whatever... it is more about feeling like you just cannot cope with one more thing.

For the last 3 days I have been sorta out of it. I feel like my brain was fried! I was emotionally at my wits end because of other stuff going on in my life right now plus having a sick kid. I started eating stuff I do not normally eat. In fact I went a little crazy.

Yesterday as I was racing around with the kids, running to schools and dentist appointments and dance classes and errands, I grabbed lunch at Walmart and just got what I wanted: a ham and cheese deli sub, a small bag of chips, and a bottle of Coke. I ate it in the car, followed by a Snickers bar. Then when I had to run MORE errands I stopped in a grocery store and got a donut and a Nanaimo bar and a vanilla latte. As I sat in the car downing THAT batch of sugar and fat, I thought, geez. I gotta knock this off. This is how I used to eat, and if I keep it up I will look how I used to look! Later at home I made a healthy dinner, ate it, and then had a Mars bar for dessert at 9pm.

Weirdness. I haven't had a day like that in... well... in as long as I can remember. It all tasted VERY good and I enjoyed it but you know what? I wanted more donuts and candy bars. I could have eaten at least 3 more of each. All in one day. I guess I may never lose my taste for that crap. Thankfully it is easier to turn it off and get back on plan now, since that kind of day feels like an irregularity that doesn't belong, rather than being my normal eating pattern like it was 3 years ago.

So I got on the scale and I weigh 235. Up one pound since the beginning of the month. I turned it back around already today so I am aiming to be back down in the 220's by March 1. I feel strong and confident and happy.

I am trying to focus, now, on eating more "real food" and not processed junk. Before I put anything in my mouth, I ponder, what is this? Is it real food? If it has a label, I read it. If there is corn syrup or chemicals or stuff I don't even know what it is, I don't eat it. I prefer stuff without a label (like the gorgeous mustard greens I bought yesterday). This morning I ate Bob's Red Mill Cereal Muesli for breakfast and then strength trained for 20 minutes. My arms always feel so great after I lift weights!

I'm going out for lunch today so watch my Twitter food space for an update on what I had! Have a great weekend.


Nicole @ Let Them Eat Lettuce said...

I totally understand what you mean. Once I splurge on something bad, it always seems like it is NEVER enough and I just want more and more of whatever it is (usually sweets). It's a big snowball effect. UGH.

Lissa said...

Stay strong, honey, we're all rooting for you!

Rachel said...

"I guess I may never lose my taste for that crap." - I don't think that's true! I think you WILL! And I say that to be encouraging, because I bet it will be so much easier once you do. I certainly know how that feels. It just might take a longer streak between slip ups, you know? Keep the hope alive!

Holistic Health Coach-Tri Mom said...

I know what you mean...I hate that to have something good and sugary sweet, I need to pay for at least the next three days in the form of sugar cravings...they kill me. Before I would just go along for the ride, but now Im doing something about it. I just avoid it. And it kills me, but only for a few minutes instead of 3 days. Wonder how long I can hold out!

On a brighter note, I just ordered something called Miracle Fruit that makes everything sour and bitter taste sweet. I cant wait to try it...maybe thats how I'll avoid sugar.

The Chubby Girl Diaries said...

I think your post on this is spot on! There are so many times I have felt mentally exhausted. When we feel mentally exhausted, we're likely to make choices that don't use as much of our resources.


M said...

It's so hard to find balance in life. I hope posting on Twitter will be easier and less stressful for you.

Hanlie said...

It's amazing how quickly things can get out of hand. I find that once I've eaten something that's not good for me, I'm unstoppable. I can't allow that to happen anymore...

Kyle Gershman said...

I doubt that I'll ever lose the taste for certain things, though I'm still in control over the cravings. As long as I'm not willing to log it and count the calories, it is pretty easy for me to ignore it.

While this is a journey and not a race, I still always look at certain splurges as a scenic overlook on a drive towards a destination. Yes, it would be nice to take in some more scenery, but how much longer will it take to get there?

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

I find I do my best work on this journey when I can just turn my brain off. Simply get in a good groove and keep with the routine of what and when I eat and what and when I do for exercise. Thinking generally gets me in trouble... ;)

Ms. PJ Geek said...

I'm not feeling well this week and my emotions have had high highs and low lows and I found myself eating pretty much like you thing right after another and then wanting more..not really hungry. just wanting. all those good things I deny myself all the time. I'm in the same boat weight loss wise-a compulsive overeater trying to lose weight and I'm in the mid 230's and wanting to breakthru to the 220's.

Right now, I realize I'm not walking the walk and talking the talk 100%.( Not saying that about you .) Just realized it as a way to explain it for me. I just received a Valentines bouquet of chocolate dipped strawberries and have a steak meal planned out this weekend. I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm not going to deny myself but I'm going to do the best I can when and where I can. This is a long haul journey. I'll have times where I'm really on track and willing to eat the lower calorie range that is more likely to produce weight loss. But that isn't where I am this week. I'm going to keep up with my exercise, my food journal, make other healthier choices. Hopefully, I will feel better tomorrow. Hang in there.

Seren_Sighs said...

I used to eat really unhealthy and have fast food for every meal. I didn't eat huge portions, but I did eat poorly.

I would say that I am now in the habit of eating healthy at least 75% of the time.

I'm not really afraid of returning to my old habits and I think the biggest reason is fear. I am really afraid of gaining the weight again and going back to how I was. I know it's always a possibility if I eat like I used to. So now I don't eat that way. And it really has become a habit. And my tastes have change a drastically.

Good luck! Most of that food might always taste good but if you didn't eat it for long periods of time then it would probably become less appetizing. I haven't had soda in almost a year and when I did have a sip it tasted sickly sweet.

Kyle said...

You are a truly amazing writer, Lyn. So many of your posts and your words resonate with me (and I'm sure many other people).

I'll continue to be a faithful reader and root for you as long as you keep writing!

Margie M. said...

Can I go to the store with you?

Seriously, I enjoyed this post very much. So common with many of us. At this point, we "fall off the wagon" from time to time, but about 95% of the time we have learned to eat on plan. Which plan we are using at the moment is another story. :)

Hang in there! You've made so much progress.

Missa said...

I guess the saying "you have to be in it to win it" rings so true. You have to have not only a diet plan and an exercise plan, but a mental plan to get through all the ups and downs of the whole journey.

Great post!