Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Habit-A-Week Challenge: Self Love

It's Tuesday, when I usually post a healthy habit suggestion that we all can work on to improve our health during the coming week. And I think this is a perfect week for this particular habit: Love Yourself. First, click here and read the details of the challenge. Then come back and finish reading this post.


Wow. Well, that was a good reminder for *me* and I wrote it! I have, lately, been given to the tendency to think negative things about my body. After I shower, I look down that the belly, the stretch marks, the hanging bits and think, UGH, how did I let this happen? I barely even remember a time when my body looked 'normal' even though I didn't become obese until I was in my 20's. But I need to remember what I have been through. I am NOT 20 anymore. I am 40. I have given birth to five wonderful children (four of them in a five-year span). I lost two babies as well in the first months of pregnancy. That belly, those stretch marks, they were actually hard earned. And I breastfed those children too... one for five months, three for a year, and one for almost two years. My body has given and sustained life and I am very proud of that. I can definitely be kinder to my body.

What I will do this week to cultivate self love:

I will get back to my skin care routine. I used to do skin brushing, massage, and lotion to avoid extra, loose skin after weight loss, but when I stopped losing weight, I stopped doing all of that. I am going to start up again. I am also going to make a point of changing my thoughts to positive ones whenever I look at a part of my body. Beyond that, I'll be cutting myself a bit more slack and not berating myself if I don't get everything done I had planned in a day. I'll try my best, but when I fall short I will still be kind to myself.

How about you? Can you find a way to love yourself a little better this week?


Seren_Sighs said...

Great post!

Well, I've been plagued with eczema since I was six years old. It's under control now but it means I have to put lotion on my whole body whenever I shower. Most people like to put lotion on but when you have to do it and you've been doing it for years it gets really annoying.

Because of this I never put lotion on my feet. So add dry skin to all the work outs I do and my feet can look pretty gnarly. So I suppose this week it would be good to try to take care of them and maybe do a pedicure. It's tedious but I always feel good about myself when my feet are cute.

Seth said...

i can not relate to most of that but do realize that it's time to take care of our bodies.

keep em' coming.


Leslie said...

Another good habit for me to work on. I so appreciate your reflecting on the amazing life giving and sustaining your body has accomplished. Mine too, and yet I'm very quick to just want to blink it away.

Now, with my temporary but acute inability to even walk very well, I'm feeling almost despair about my body. Even heavy, I've always been very fit and physically capable. Not so now. But it isn't going to be forever. I can so easily get caught up in a painful few moments and end up in tears and anger. The challenge to finding some ways of loving and respecting my body as it is right now is right on schedule for me. Thanks, Lyn.

Onederland WannaBe said...

I just stumbled across your blog. WOW, your doing awesome. Congrats on all your weightloss so far. You are an incredible inspiration to all of us trying to find Onederland.


Onederland WannaBe

happyfunpants said...

This is DEFINITELY something that I'm working on.

I'm amazed at how easy the first step (for me) is. It's to just not judge myself. When I let the right/wrong and bad/good go by the wayside, I'm happier. That is a way that I'm trying to be kinder to myself.

Great reminder Lyn! AND if I ever move to the NW, you'll be one of the first on my list to know. :)

Momma Hunt said...

Being that I am eight and half months pregnant the love your body is sometimes hard, but there are moments where I see my body all stretched and pooffy and realize what I get at teh end of it!

-J.Darling said...

Check out my wellness blog. When I feel my motivation start to flag, I look back on my past accomplishments! :)

MargieAnne said...

I'm curious. Sometimes I look after my skin and sometimes not. How on earth does one get the lovely healing, improving skin lotions on one's back without calling on someone to help. I've tried to be a circus contortionist but my body won't go there.

mandi said...

I just stumbled across your blog and I relate so much!! I just turned 37, and have been 60 pounds overweight for the past 7 years. I just looked at my weight journal and was shocked to find that I started it 2 years ago, but have never lost more than 15 pounds in that time. I just keep going up and down and have "started over" a million times. I really can't figure out the answer, even though I know EVERYTHING about healthy eating and exercising. I just can't make myself do it on a permanent basis and I'm so frustrated! I love how honest you are, and maybe I can gain some insight into myself by reading about your struggle. Putting you on my google reader right now!

MsMagnetism said...

I love it. This is a great challenge. I have been trying to be better to myself but sometimes I find it hard to 'make' the time for me. I have plenty of time really, I just usually don't use it for myself the ways I should.

I'm going to work really hard this week to start doing the things I really want with my 'me' time. I will finish reading my books I want to read. I will start using my lotion daily again. I will keep taking good care of my feet (I bought a great little self pedi sponge thing for the shower which I LOVE..)

I will be good to myself. I will love myself.

Dinah Soar said...

I think we in our culture put too much emphasis on appearance and fail to look past the facade. The inner man is so oft neglected..is it any wonder that we disdain ourselves as well as others?

Even with excess weight we can feel good about ourselves. We must block out the negative words that stream into our brain via the various media we are surrounded with.

We must discern what is good to feed on and refuse the rest.

Holistic Health Coach-Tri Mom said...

Thank you so much for posting this...if its ok, Im going to reference your original post and challenge my blog readers to the same! You spoke so eloquently, and made me feel so good just reading the post...so part of my self love this week will be checking your blog everyday (though Ive been doing that anyway).

Im glad you are making a point of loving yourself again-you deserve it!


Anonymous said...

i've recently realised that all the hate and resentment i thought i had towards my body isn't directed towards my body at all.

it's directed towards the pain that i've accepted and taken on as my own, even though it's not me. at the emotional connection i have with food. at the fact that whenever i'm upset, sad, it's easier to decide that i must hate myself than that i am upset about something outside of me that i cannot change.

"oh-my-god i'm upset about X"
"i'm so stupid, i always overeat, i hate myself..."

...*poof* X disappears. no need to worry about X.

and that is what i hate. the fact i have taken out this pain on myself, and my body has shown me the results of it. the fact that my pain is not invisible, because it is on my body... so blame the body, hate the body, that has done nothing wrong and is only reflecting back to me what i have done to it.

my body is amazing. it has adjusted to do exactly what i have asked of it.

screwdestiny said...

Great post. I think it's something we all need to be reminded of at times.

I wonder what positive things I should tell myself in order to stop hating my breasts...

By the way, I read your post on your skin care routine, and hopefully that will help with the loose skin. I've also read that for those concerned with cellulite, you're supposed to do a routine very similar to the one you described, so if you have a problem with that, maybe it will help that as well.

Anonymous said...

The realization that the body I'd been loathing had given me the son I adored was powerful. And the realization that, patiently and persistently, lovingly and gently, we can change our habits of thinking, talking and acting has also been powerful.
What a kind and loving space you're in with yourself right now! This is a great time for your new beginnings!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this beautiful reminder to nurture myself. I'm reaching for my favorite lemon body lotion even as I write this.

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Wups. Lotion 'n keyboard'n don't mix. :-)