Friday, February 5, 2010

Feb 5 Meals & Activity

Five days without a sugar festival. The fog is lifting.

Chai tea w/milk & agave nectar
2 eggs over easy
1 whole wheat toast w/ 1/2T butter
half of a Minneola tangelo (post coming!)

Lunch 1:
Matrix Chocolate Protein shake

I was running out the door to do errands and didn't want to wait to make myself something more complex, so I had the shake and a second lunch when I got home.

Lunch 2:
footlong Subway veggie delite (cucumbers, lettuce, green peppers, red onions, pickles, tomatoes, black olives, pepperjack cheese, & fat free honey mustard dressing)
Red Rooibos vanilla tea w/milk & agave nectar
Dulce de Leche Nip (hard candy, 30 calories)

Then it was back out the door to my daughter's class. When I came home I didn't feel well, was sneezing and chilled. I had a mild headache most of the day. To top it off my knee with the torn meniscus was hurting me all night last night (woke me up 3 times) and all day today. Right now it aches terribly. I ran out of Aleve and was using Advil and it is not cutting it. My whole leg hurts right now. I am in the middle of applying for health insurance so we'll see what happens after that and I can go back to the orthopedic surgeon. No exercise today.

At dinnertime I wanted to eat a block of cheese. I know that sounds crazy, but I have a major thing for cheese. I have, in the past, eaten a half pound of cheese in one sitting. It is one of my major binge foods but also one of my favorite foods in the whole world and not something I am willing to give up completely. I usually can control myself pretty well with it. It isn't crack like Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls are. But I still every so often really want to eat an entire block of cheese. I decided not to ignore my desire for cheese but not to go nuts either.

1 ounce of medium cheddar
2 T low fat onion & chive cream cheese
6 All Bran crackers
6 Fiber Select crackers
1/2 dill pickle

1/2 Minneola tangelo

Total calories for today: 1615


screwdestiny said...

Ooh, I love cheese, too. I don't understand people who say they don't like cheese (yes, I have met people who say that). Unless they're lactose intolerant, of course, but still, who wouldn't like the taste of cheese? Good job controlling your portion. :)

midlife_swimmer said...

I love cheeses also. Lately I dig the trader joe's lite Havarti.

I will think healing thoughts for your knee.

Laura said...

Best of luck with your knee

I've never liked cheese

Subways is my favorite treat

Amy said...

ooooo, I've got the mad love for the cheese too! But what an awesome awesome example of balance, Lyn!

Hoping your knee is feeling better soon! Prayers going up for you this morning...

Hugs.. Amy

Anonymous said...

I had a torn meniscus and I love cheese too! Wonder if the two are related? I also can binge on cheese so I ask Husband to keep in downstairs refrigerator. Keep up the good work, it's just one sore foot in front of the other.

BrendaKaye said...

Glad you are going so well!! I am determined to start writing down my food and calories this week also. I really don't want to, which means I really need to!

Miss Marvelous said...

I fully understand about the cheese - I don't keep it in the house usually, because I can't control it. From what I've heard, a lot of people who do the low-carb thing also will restrict cheese, because it can sometimes be a problem for them too.

kelly said...

Little Debbies are my downfall as well. I simply can NOT buy them! Hope you feel better soon...

Paula Rodriguez said...

Oh, I totally understand about cheese. I'm not a meat person but I love cheese. Its one thing I just can't give up but I've learned to eat it in moderation. There are so mamhy different cheeses out there.

Your meals always sound so delish.