Thursday, February 4, 2010

Feb 4 Meals & Activity

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Chai tea with milk & agave nectar

Then I was running around crazy and forgot to eat. Thursdays are very busy days for me. I grabbed my Starbucks Free Oatmeal coupon on the way out the door. Picked up breakfast and ate it at my daughter's class:

Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal with nuts & half of a brown sugar packet
Starbucks Tall Vanilla Latte (I threw out the last 4 ounces or so. I was full.)

Then we went shopping and ran errands. I walked around the mall a bit. While I walked I was thinking about how not so long ago, every trip to the mall involved a slice (or two, sometimes) of Sbarro's sausage pizza, a Ceasar salad, a whipped-cream-topped iced mocha, a cranberry bar, a big soft pretzel, and an entire Cinnabon for when I got home. Yikes. This time I got my kid a pretzel but I didn't eat anything. Then we went home.

Chicken, pasta, broccoli, carrots, & Brussels sprouts (1.25 c)
6 Fiber Select crackers & an ounce of Cheddar cheese
1 fresh red pear
green tea

Simply Well lemon ginger pudding cup

Then we went out to another class for an hour.

Lean Cuisine meatloaf & potatoes
1 c. steamed broccoli & cauliflower
1 slice whole wheat bread w/light canola butter

Total calories today: 1563. No formal exercise but I was active and on my feet a lot. I feel better overall, only had a mild headache for part of the morning. I feel like eating a lot but I know from past experience that it's hormonal (I am mid-cycle). Still kinda tired and achy.

If you haven't read my post earlier today about why I got started losing weight, scroll down and check it out. Then you can read this post about me going to a different beach just one year later:
A Vacation To Remember.



screwdestiny said...

Holy crap, how much did all that food you used to get at the mall cost you?! That's the thing that prevents me from snacking too much at the mall: it's all so damn expensive.

Kyle Gershman said...

Yes...the rewards (food) we give ourselves to do something we believe we enjoy (going shopping) when we really likely don't enjoy it much at all.

Amy said...

I hear ya on the "used to do" stuff! Isn't it amazing how it doesn't attract you anymore? Other things do, like the beauty of a shirt, or the person you are with, or mmmm, that perfume smells good... It all changes in such a beautiful way!!

So wonderful to meet you!! Love your thoughts and heart!

Hugs.. Amy

gingersnapper said...

I *LOVE* your post about A Vacation to Remember. That's more meaningful and inspiring to me than all the "now I can fit in my skinny jeans" stories put together. This is how weight loss does change one's life; it's much, much better than the fairy tale stuff.

Lyn said...


I put it all on the Visa. Ridiculous. My husband was having a fit! Budget looks better now.

Yet another benefit of healthier eating!

Shelby said...

You and your blog and your transparency are inspiring. And your mall menu sounds very familiar. I'm a fan!

seth said...

good job on not getting the stuff at the mall. good focus

Losing 100 said...

It is great to see you changing your lifestyle. It is those thoughtful choices that will get you there!

All Women Stalker said...

My mom would plan our schedules so we wouldn't have to be stuck at the mall when mealtimes come around. It was effective and we also got to save some moolah on that.