Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feb 3 Meals & Activity

Here we go again with the meals.

Chai tea w/milk & agave nectar
1 T peanut butter on 1 slice whole wheat toast
1 Ruby Red grapefruit w/a drizzle of lavender honey (see previous post re: grapefruit)
lemon green tea

Kashi Mayan Harvest Bake. This is a frozen meal I had stuck in my freezer from awhile back. It was pretty good as far as frozens go. I liked the plantain and amaranth but wouldn't buy this meal again. Too blah and too spicy all at the same time.

I came home from taking my child to preschool, going to my doctor's appointment (recheck on the cervical issues) and running errands and I was cold and tired and hungry. But I made myself take a walk outside. My desire and motivation to take this walk in the cold was ZERO. But I just kept putting one foot in front of the other. I told myself "I will just go to the end of the block" and then "I will just go a little further around the corner" and then "I will just go partway up the hill" until I had done a mile.

string cheese

Then I went back to get my daughter from preschool. When I got home I was FAMISHED. I could've eaten the house. I had a second snack:
baby carrots, 2 T hummus, 1.5 servings of Cheez-Its

I wanted to eat that whole box of Cheez Its. But I controlled myself and drank a lot of water. Later I got chilled and made myself a cup of tea with 2T milk and 1 tsp honey.

2 eggs (from local, free range chickens) over easy
1 whole wheat toast w/butter
1 sliced kiwi fruit

And then for dessert, I shared a Quaker Breakfast Cookie with my daughter.

Total calories for today: 1615

I cannot bike. My joints are hurting SO bad. I *hate* arthritis, hate it, hate it! Every joint in my body aches and I am out of Aleve. But I got that walk in so I feel good about that. This morning the scale said 231.


Kelly L said...

Great day - my secret indulgence that works is the slimfast - peanut butter crunch bars - 120 calories and they take just like a butterfinger... chocolate and starch is my downfall - I admire the fact you fought through it today...
Well done.
love to you

Seren_Sighs said...

Good job keeping up with it. You're doing well.

Although it doesn't seem to be a lot of food, I'm surprised you're not more hungry. Your breakfasts are so small. I'm always so hungry in the morning. Plus I use lower calorie bread.

But I find some people are more hungry in the morning then others. My best friend goes hours without eating breakfast and I just can't do that.

Rachel said...

Eek, I canNOT have Cheez-its anywhere near me. Is that a safe food to have in your house? I hope that doesn't sound snotty - it just stuck out at me because I know it's something I always overeat... one of my trigger foods.

Lyn said...


All my life I seem to have had this pattern of only getting super hungry after lunch. I am ok in the morning even if I just have tea and nothing else but I always make myself have a healthy breakfast!


I am not terribly fond of Cheez Its and have never binged on them so it is 'safe' in that sense. I enjoy them once in awhile tho. My little girl loves them :)

Anonymous said...

I've never been a fan of Cheez-Its but give me some Better Cheddars and I'll eat the whole box!

screwdestiny said...

Haha--the thing you did during your exercise today--I do that all the time on machines that I'm not terribly fond of (the elliptical and treadmill). "You can stop once you get to 20 minutes. Alright, you made it, now you can go for ten more. Well now that you're this far you might as well finish the workout." Lol. Good for you for controlling your portion with the Cheez-Its. I like those and I know it's hard not to eat a ton at once.

Steelers6 said...

Oooo another pound bites the dust!

Great job on one foot in front of the other! Of course I have to do that too, fairly often. Do you have an ipod or music you can take w/you on your walks? I forget. (or maybe u like them QUIET.) Or you could call me from your cell phone! That passes time..

Oooo and I was really impressed w/you not eating the house. That can add up fast, and even be a little hard to keep track of the calories or put in a food journal bc of just downing anything not bolted down. So great job there!

Keep it up! Chrissy

seth said...

i love cheezits but once I pop - i can't stop...i think that is the pringles phrase but its the same with cheezits. good focus on the workout. Also, you are the first other person on the blogs that I see that uses agave nectar. I love that stuff.

1600 calories is a good calorie intake too. that should def. promote weight loss along with your activity.

nice work.

Anonymous said...

I don't have arthritis, but my Mom does. She told me the ortho doc and the therapists told her the more you build up your muscles, in her case the legs, they make it possible for the bones not to rub together so much. Since she faithfully does her leg exercises her knees don't hurt any more. Well worth a try and more muscles burn more calories. Now I need to put down the laptop and get to the gym. I've been going every other day for two hours and feel so much better.


Theresa said...

I know you don't want comments on your menu.... but I have to!
Stopping at reasonable portions of cheez-its has to have a comment! Yay Lyn!!! There will always be temptation. Each time you use food correctly (portion, hunger,not emotion and binge) it is a reason to hoot and celebrate.
The exercise is the other reason to say you deserve gold stars all the way.