Monday, February 1, 2010

Feb 1 Meals & Activity

If you missed the last couple of posts, you might want to scroll down and see what's going on!

Part of my plan over the past two years has been to count calories on sparkpeople. Through losing and gaining, over months and years, I've counted my calories. Sometimes I'd get sick of it and stop for a week or two, but I always come back to it. I like the control and intense involvement in *knowing* what I am putting into my body. Over the past two weeks I stopped counting. Now I am back to counting again but with a new transparency: sharing it all here. Every bite.

Chai tea made with 1/3 c. 2% milk and 2 tsp. agave nectar. I make this almost every morning as soon as I get up. I simmer the loose tea in a saucepan, then add the milk and bring it back to a boil. Just standing there stirring the tea and smelling the spices is a wonderful way to wake up!
One Matrix Perfect Chocolate Protein Shake made with water.

I really wanted eggs and wheat toast, but I was out of bread so I settled for a shake. I keep this powder on hand for a quick breakfast when I am running out the door, or for a high protein snack on occasion. Although I am not a fan of meal replacements and artificial foods in general, this stuff has come in very handy and has kept me from grabbing something worse. One serving has 120 calories and 22 grams of protein! Only 2 grams of sugar as well. I tried a lot of protein powders before I settled on this one for the yummy taste, smooth texture and higher quality protein. Anyway, if you see this shake on my menu once in awhile, that's why!

1/2 c Egg Beaters scrambled with 3/4 c organic baby spinach and Mrs. Dash (I use this instead of salt), in a Carb Balance tortilla with a Kraft 2% American Single cheese slice and a piece of Hormel pre-cooked bacon. Large cup of lemon green tea.

I did not get hungry for a snack.

1 c. Barilla Plus high protein spaghetti topped with Ragu traditional sauce and 4 oz browned ground turkey (in the sauce), 2T Parmesan cheese, a side salad (bagged mix) with 1.5 T Ranch dressing. Three small (baguette sized) slices of Asiago cheese bread with light Canola butter on them. Water with lemon juice to drink.

After I put the youngest to bed and helped older kids with homework, I hopped on the bike for 16 minutes. I would've gone longer, but my right foot was going numb. I really need to find a solution to this. Maybe some wider shoes.

string cheese

I ate 1437 calories today and met my goals of cutting way back on sugar (despite the headache) and feeling satisfied with my food. I am really happy with how I ate today and boy, was dinner delicious! All the kids loved it. Usually my youngest son *hates* pasta sauce, but he ate this one. I seasoned the turkey with the same things I'd use in meatballs as I cooked it, before adding it to the sauce to simmer. It tasted great.

I plan to get to bed by 10:30 and asleep by 11. Gnite!


Blubeari said...

Any time I stop counting calories, I gain. Besides, it's a relatively easy thing to do considering how effective it is!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of delicious dinners!
Your stovetop beef and cabbage was a hit at my house! Thanks!

midlife_swimmer said...

The foods you make read amazing... yum and healthy! I have the hardest time when I count calories... like I become obsessed with the numbers. I do read calories and think about what I am eating but I do not count. For me, movement has been key. My oldest has food sensitivities to corn products (ie corn syrup) so we have always eaten fairly natural and tend to be low sodium(sea salt),low fat kind of folk. Our eating habits are similar although I have a hard time sliding in legumes past this bunch.

screwdestiny said...

I love Chai tea. Tasty stuff. And good for you for being able to drink protein powder with just water. I can't do that. Tastes far too gross to me. But maybe your protein powder is better than mine, too...

Anyway, hope this commenting on your food doesn't bug you.

Julie said...

Funny. My goal this week was to blog my food intake. I'm not NEARLY as good at doing it as you are.

I'm impressed with your dedication. I'm going to check out Sparkpeople.


BlueRaspberry said...

That 'do it halfway' thing, kidding me that I am doing it the whole way is a killer.

All it takes is one day to restore your dignity...and if keeping it out there for all to see keeps you accountable to yourself then do it - After a month you will be well back into the swing and the last while will be another hurdle you got over - go you!

Andra said...

I know you didn't want comments, but consider an alternative protein since that Matrix powder contains aspartame which is strongly associated with headaches and migranes.

MsMagnetism said...

I know you might think that sharing your menus is going to be a 'boring' read but really alot of you meals sound amazing. Honestly your giving people new ideas they hadn't thought of and so much more. I'm glad your going to be sharing your menus.

Sounds like you had a great day. Sorry your foot got numb and you couldn't do more on your bike. I hope you find something that helps that soon.

seth said...

I'm still relatively new to the health world so i have a quick question on the snacking in between meals. Throughout the day - do you think that popping in an extra healthy snack (veggies, fruits, or something)would keep your metabolism going full speed and make it easier to eat less at the larger meals? This is what I do but I know everyone's body reacts differently.

The numbness with the bike may be because of the seat that you have - may be cutting off circulation.

enjoy reading your posts - keep 'em coming.

Kyle Gershman said...

Sounds like an awesome food day! I have no issue with meal replacements in fact I usually have an Equate (Walmart Slim-fast) in the mornings before each workout. It is easier to digest and gives me 230 starter calories for the day.

I'm a dedicated calorie counter so I totally applaud your revived efforts!

Ashley said...

This is the most random comment ever, but if you live in a part of the country with Safeway or Vons, their storebrand of dairy stuff (Lucerne) has 2% sliced American cheese that I think tastes exactly the same as Kraft. And at my store it's a dollar cheaper. Not that most people care about saving a dollar on cheese, but I always feel like I'm getting such a deal, I had to share.

Camevil said...

Regarding your right numb foot, I get that too after about 20 mins on the recumbent bike. It's probably blood circulation slowed/cut off by sitting on your butt in the same position for too long. What works for me is occasionally lifting my butt off the seat for about a minute or so to get the blood pumping. That or shifting from side to side. My right foot comes alive again. I've also read on another blog about using an inflatable donut.

Lyn said...

These are exactly the kinds of comments I *want*! Thoughtful, interesting ones. I just don't like the kind that say "You ate too much spaghetti!" or "what are you thinking eating potato chips?" I mean really, I am a grown up, I don't need that kind of thing. But you guys are great!


Is there a specific protein powder you like that has a better sweetener? I have tried so many and I agree about the aspartame, not the best choice.


Yes. I usually have a snack between lunch and dinner, but I don't eat it if I am not hungry. I am working on listening to my body cues for hunger.


Thank you! I will try the safeway brand. I am always up for saving a buck! I have to shop carefully and use coupons to be able to afford more healthy stuff.

seth & camevil~

the numbness thing is rather new... it just started when I began wearing shoes for biking. Yes I was silly and always biked (indoors) in just my socks! But I got a stress injury from doing that so now I have to wear shoes and my foot keeps going numb. Not sure if it is the shoes or the injury.

Anonymous said...

What part of your foot do you use to ride? Have you tried just riding with the heel? Maybe that will cure your numbness.

Andra said...

Since starting the New Rules of Lifting for Women weight training program, I needed to add a protein supplement on training days. I did lots of label reading and ended up purchasing Designer Whey French Vanilla which is only sweetened with stevia. It doesn't taste that bad, but it mixes really well with cold water and it's only 100 calories for 18 grams of protein. The chocolate tastes really good but it has sucralose, which isn't optimal but probably better than aspartame.

single lutheran said...

In an earlier entry you mentioned sparkpeople, so I decided to click on the link (because I definately wanted some place to keep track of what I was eating). That was 2 weeks ago and let me tell you that I love it!! It's so helpful! I love knowing how many calories I've eaten everday and how many I have left. I don't even want to imagine how many calories I was eating before I started sparkpeople. Thanks for sharing this wonderful site.