Thursday, February 18, 2010


Good morning. After 3 consecutive nights with 3-4 hours of sleep (sick kid), I am sort of mentally out of it, but wanted to clarify a couple of things because I'm still getting comments and emails regarding the gastric bypass question from folks who are super worried that I am going to do something so drastic, and others who seem totally shocked I'd consider it.

*I am not considering gastric bypass, or any other weight loss surgical procedure.*

When I asked what you'd say to me IF I said I was considering it, I was 1) trying to get feedback on what readers might think of a drastic change to my weight loss approach, and 2) hoping for a range of reaction and information that would bring insight to those who ARE considering it, and also those who are not.

It was really powerful, to me, to see the answers from those absolutely opposed to those in full support. Really. Go back there and read the comments and see the kinds of things people have gone through, the deep emotions on this issue, and what people have to consider and the feedback they get when considering surgery. I think it is usually sheer desperation that leads on to such a choice, and in such cases, really, when a person is in such a state to be willing to go through the risk and difficulties of this kind of surgery, they are most in need of compassion and support (of course, helping them be fully informed in their decision is important!)

I should have realized that the answers would be tainted a bit because you'd be applying them to *me* in my circumstance, and I have lost a good chunk of weight and kept it off for a long time now, and I am no longer morbidly obese. So a lot of folks advised against it based on that. Which makes sense. As I said, I don't think I am a candidate for surgery, either.

But I may be a candidate for trying the "prepackaged meal" program I mentioned. Maybe. I have been struggling for almost 2 years now to get back down past 225. I do need to change *something.*

Over the last couple of days, I decided that MY desperation should NOT be the deciding factor for choosing some new program. I don't think feeling like crap emotionally about some random event (palpitations) is a good reason to change plans. However I am still considering it because I am curious. In the meantime, while I give myself a few days to research and decide, I am focusing all my energy on eating healthy foods and moving. I know I *can* do this. I really have to push myself lately, is all.

My eating has been very good, still Twittering about my meals. Scale says 232 this morning.

I might post again later after I get back from the doctor with my daughter.


BEE said...

i hope your daughter feels better soon
i know how exhausting it is when you dont get enough sleep and then you think about the weight loss journey added to that
its tiring i get it

Pink Panda said...

Well, I'm glad that you have decided to not get surgery, but it's kind of BS to use the excuse of "oh, I'm trying to help my readers by giving them a wide range of reactions to this topic". Obviously, you were considering it. Let's not play the semantics game here.

As for prepackaged meal plans, you have to think clearly about whether this is really a right choice because in the long run you have to create a diet for yourself that you can live with for the rest of your life. Short term fixes, even if it's just prepackaged meals, aren't really sustainable.

Camevil said...

I agree with Pink Panda. Considering short term solutions (whether it's WLS or meal plans or whatever) also won't fix what is broken with you. You are working this weight loss thing way too hard (overanalyzing, overreacting to feelings of hunger and instant gratification, etc.), so of course it's going to seem that much harder getting through each day. This is a process and takes time in order to develop long term habits that become ingrained. There will never be an instant fix and you know that.

Be patient with yourself so that you can stick with it and let the process work. And keep your eyes forward.

Wish you the best.

anne h said...

When I lost the first 10 - 15 pounds on vacation, people thought I had gone for liposuction!
Sleep is so important, Lyn.
You'll be back on-track in no time!
....Breathe in...breathe out...

Seth said...

I think it was a good question to matter how I feel about wouldn't make any sense if we didn't weigh out our options.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that the prepackaged meals will be right for you. You KNOW how to eat well. You KNOW what it takes to lose weight. I think the meals would be something for someone that doesn't know where to start and eating lean protein and vegetables a couple times a day is too hard.

With all the great food you eat, you will miss it. I think that the diet you are considering is a step backward. What are you going to do after the prepackaged meal diet is over? If you can't control your urges to overeat now, how will this diet change that?

Lyn said...

Pink Panda~

The last time I considered weight loss surgery was before I started this journey in 2007. As I said, I could not justify the risk that my children would be left uncared for. If I was considering it I would say so. I have shared so much of my very personal life and journey on this blog and I am not about to start lying now.

What I was, and still am, considering, is a proposed, prepackaged meal plan. And as I have tried to explain, asking about weight loss surgery was partly a barometer question to see what people would feel about me doing something drastically different.

Now, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But one thing I am not, is a BSer. I have always been very open and sometime spainfully honest about what I am feeling and thinking and going through.

Karen in Tennessee said...

Lyn, I am shocked by the rudeness of some of my fellow readers. As honest as you have ALWAYS been with us, how dare ANYONE challenge your integrity and truthfullness?? If you decide to try a prepackaged meal plan to jumpstart your weight loss program again, no one here has the right to judge you!!! I once did 3 weeks of Slim Fast shakes to get an essential quick loss. I would never recommend that to anyone as a "long term solution" but I needed to lose some weight for a health related reason and with my doctor's supervision I did this for 3 long tough weeks. But I did lose enough weight to get my blood pressure back to a safe level without having to go on medication, so YEAH, I am glad I did it.

Don't let any readers treat you without respect. You deserve SO much more from all of us for all you have so freely given of yourself!!!!

Lori said...

Lyn - if you want to do a prepackaged program for a while, that is your prerogative. Those plans are tools just like any other plan.

I did NS for about 6 months for a while because I was so darn tired of thinking about food that I just needed a break, you know? And I am glad I did because it gave me a new perspective on things and then I was able to move back to my own food and continue on down the scale. No one says you have to do the same thing all the time.

Weight loss is like navigating a plane - you need different controls at different times to stay on course.

Patti said...

I tried to do Nutrisystem and it was DISGUSTING and processed and tasted like chemicals. I luckily was able to sell my remaining food to a gal locally but I just don't think it is good for your body. You have to LEARN how to eat better and eating packaged foods isn't going to teach that.

My two cents. :)

Patti said...
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Debu-chan said...

I think that, sometimes, we lose sight of the fact that we can be pretty darn healthy, even though we are still carrying around extra weight. The way you eat, 90% of the time - healthy, natural, whole foods - has probably helped to make your insides a lot healthier than that super skinny chick in the mini-skirt who has a metabolism that lets her eat pizza and fries 6 days a week. :)

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY agree with Karen in Tennessee. Couldn't have said it better myself! You're the best, Lyn. Thank you for your honesty and integrity!


Shrinking Leah said...

Everyone is different. You need to do what works for you, and it's nobody's choice but yours. I'd persoanlly love a pre packaged meal plan or even better, a personal chef ;)

Cold Spaghetti said...

The fact that you have periods where you go back up, or have rough days, or just can't get down any more for several weeks or months -- this is so important and so inspiring to me. I applaud how you write about it and how you think through it. Thanks for all you are and all you do here. (And I hope your little one gets better soon!)

happyfunpants said...

ARGH! I need to stop reading your comments.

All I want to say is that there is no perfect answer for every single person.

If you want to do pre-packaged meals, do it. I know that you'll keep health in mind when you do so - and maybe using pre-packaged meals for a while will be something different enough to get you over the 225 hump (which, by the way, I am currently stuck on as well). Maybe that little change up will get you into the 210's and then you can do something different if you want.

It's YOUR choice. It's YOUR life.

Trust yourself and the answers will come.