Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kicking it Up a Notch

Every night I think, "well, I ate a little too much for a loss today. Tomorrow I will kick it back into high gear and get this weight off before the end of the month."

Yet every morning, day after day, my weight has stayed static.

I gained a bunch of pounds two weeks ago, just eating too much, and it has not all come back off yet. Sitting at 232 right now, and for the past couple of days, and honestly not doing a whole heck of a lot to make that number go down.

I posted last month that at 227 pounds, I look in the mirror and say, "hey, I look pretty good! I am okay with this." And that's true. Maybe that is why I have not been terribly motivated to drop more weight. And then when I injured my foot, it seriously curtailed my activity. I got back up to 234 (inactive and overeating) and have wavered around in the low 230's ever since.

I guess I have to convince myself that the effort to drop another 20 pounds will be worth it. Isn't that what it all boils down to, anyway? If the result is worth the effort, we work harder towards the goal. And I have been so "eh" about getting thinner lately that when a piece of pizza crosses my path, I say "oh sure, come on in!"

But ya know, I really don't want to post a gain for the month of January. I've been on a downward overall trend for the last few months and I'd like to continue that. (See what a nice motivator blogging can be??) So I am upping the activity and stopping the random bits of indulgence to see what I can do about dropping five pounds this week.

I think once I do drop 20 pounds, I *will* feel like it was worth it. I believe I will have more energy and like my body even more. I know I will fit into more clothes. I know I will be proud to post those numbers. And that's gonna be motivator enough for me, for now.


Kyle Gershman said...


I find that food logging is ESSENTIAL. Honest food logging, that is. Recording every bite;well I skip it for mints I eat. When I would cheat away calories in past fitness backslides, it was because I wasn't keeping accountable to a log. It was so much easier to rationalize the little extra bites. The heaping tablespoon of PB to go with my apple that was likely 200+ more calories than I honestly knew I was taking in. Also, you can't just log it, you have to know what those calories are too.

You'll beat this've already done great and we all wear out under the constant strain of such a long journey. You'll get back on that know that it is worth it.

Previously Plump... in progress said...

Ou, I know that feeling - I used to do the "I'll start Monday".... but that Monday just never seem to come.

This time I started on a Wednesday, and it's stuck :)

I know how you feel, but get back into it, drop a few lbs, it will boost your confidence and make you want more (weight loss that is).

You can do this :)

BrendaKaye said...

You are so right on how motivating a blog can be. Your blog and several others motivated me to start my own blog journal, and it is helping! I don't know if it is the journaling, or the online accountability, or the new fun game of blogging, but something about it is very motivating. Maybe it is helping me be more true to myself. Thank you for the inspiration to start one!

Duddes02 said...

It sounds like you feel guilty about not excercising. Try to remind yourself that weight loss is mostly contigent on your eating habit, not your excercise habit. Sure, it helps to move more..but you can certianly still lost weight without treadmilling daily.

Hang in there.

seth said...

I agree with Kyle --- food logging is pretty essential. This way you have a clearer view of what is goin in to your body.

Also - it's obvious that you know how to lose weight - don't settle for anything less than your original goal. Temporary success will always be trumped by lack of motivation. You have to stay focused in order to achieve that goal.

You also may try some sort of fasting to help move past that 230 area. There are healthy ways to fast.

Keep going.

Carrie said...

I went through the same thing over the holidays. I lost 30 pounds in 4 months and then just hit a stand still. I finall got under 200 lbs in November and then just hung out at 198 for what felt like an eternity. I realized I was bored with my fitness activities and once I signed up to run my first
5k I was off and to speak. I'm now under 195 and it feels so great to see a loss again. Push yourself this week to see a loss and once you will be motivated to keep it going. Good luck and thanks for sharing your stories.

Alex said...

The fact that you haven't fully given up is great all in itself! I'm definately a member of "I'll start again Monday" too! But I'm sure that those who have already lost all the weight they wanted to lose were part of that club too! We only truly FAIL once we decide to throw in the towel! Don't do it! I believe in you just like I believe in myself! 10 attempts later and I'm trying again! But this time, hoping that blogging will REALLY do the trick! Stick with it girl!

ctina said...

I agree with all the comments! Especially the one about feeling guilty about not exercising. Exercise is only 20% of the quotient. If you miss all your workouts, but still eat right, the weight WILL come off!

Complacency is the enemy. And, it is so easy to say you are taking it slow, etc, etc. The fact remains that if you don't set an actual goal it is 50x harder to achieve it.

What's undefined stays murky, and is never realized.

You can do it! And there are hundreds of reasons why you should. Looking in the mirror and feeling good about your looks is only ONE reason.

Shelley said...

You will feel so much better when you lose 20 pounds - just think - it will be nearing Springtime, you will be able to spend more time outdoors and you will have so much more energy! You can do it!

Girlypeekaboo said...

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The Chubby Girl Diaries said...

You can do it! Once you develop a routine again it will all come easy. :)


M said...

Take it one day at a time. It sounds so cliche, but it's true. If I focused on how many hours I had to work out to get rid of all this, I wouldn't do it. Take care.

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

How about making a list of reasons why you want to lose the next 20 pounds? Look at it several times/day to help remind you of your motivations. Ideas:

1. Your next foot injury will heal MUCH faster (or might not even happen).

2. You'll be healthier and feel better about yourself, superficially as well as health-wise.

3. You'll be 20 pounds closer to goal, whatever that is.

4. Biking, walking, playing with your kids - they'll all be easier.

5. You'll be SO proud of yourself!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the whole "exercise is only 20% of the weight loss equation." I hate exercising and I don't do it, even though I should. I've just been watching my calories for the past month and have lost 1.5 pounds a week with diet alone. I also did eat pizza and didn't go over maintenance but just one time in the past month.

You can do it!

Claire said...

I've lost 111 pounds now and I can tell you every pound is worth it. Every pound brings new mobility. It is worth it (doesn't make it easy though!)

Honi said...

Hi there Lyn!!
I am back to blogging..
Looks like you are overall doing well which is fabulous.. good luck with your 20 pound goal..
I started back to WW because I do really well with it.. am doing it online.. and hopefully .. well. hopefully this time is it.. once and for all... as you said I know once I lose weight I feel better and my pain is in control.. I doubt I will ever be free of Fibro but at least I can control it better by my own actions! wishing you the very best!!

Karen In Tennessee said...

You have such a great attitude, Lyn...and its inspiring me now!!!

spunkysuzi said...

Baby steps! One thing at a time and i know logging your food will definitely help.

Margie M. said...

Sounds like you are in a bit of a slump right now. Like a major league baseball player. So....shake it off, snap out of it! Get back to the big job of focusing on your goal. Keep up your food journal, watch your portion sizes, eat those healthy foods you'be been writing about and telling us about....come on girl!!! I KNOW you can do it...we're rooting for ya.

Lauren said...

Just what I needed to hear this morning! Let's all kick it up a notch together. :)