Sunday, December 27, 2009

For the Diehards...

I take it not a whole heck of a lot of people are actually reading weight loss blogs today... everyone's got their heads in the sand pretending that what they eat for the next 5 days doesn't count because of the fresh start on January 1... right? Right??

(Actually the head-in-the-sanders are probably not reading this blog... but that's ok. When they come around we can leech off their new-years enthusiasm for a month or two and everyone will be happy!)

Yesterday I ate healthy in the morning, but had sugary stuff in the afternoon. I went way over my calories with a grilled ham sandwich for dinner, but I did make an effort: I biked TWO 30-minute sessions yesterday: once in the morning, and once at night. I also did 2 sets of 15 wall push-ups and the same number of crunches. It's my way of easing into the strength training program I am starting in January.

I woke up this morning at 5am with THE WORST migraine headache I have had in *years.* I get migraines occasionally, but this one was killer. I laid there writhing in pain for hours. It felt like I had a net over the entire surface of my brain... a net of PAIN over every square millimeter of my brain. Every tiny sound or speck of light magnified my pain times ten, and the nausea was just overwhelming. My stomach felt as if I would hurl any second and I dared not even swing my feet out of the bed to try and get to the kitchen for medication. Around 8:30 am I knew I HAD to get some medicine. I got to the kitchen, took some pills, and then went and laid in the shower for 45 minutes. It was INSANE. I was so freaking sick. Thankfully I am one of those people who gets some relief from simple Excedrin Extra Strength, so within an hour I was able to get dressed and have some mint tea to try and settle my stomach. It's been many hours now, my head throbs a bit and my nausea is still there (I just had a piece of toast) and I feel all-around horrid, but nothing like I did when I first woke up and just wanted to be put out of my misery.

I do think this Mother of all Migraines was triggered by a week of sugar overload. I used to get them frequently... and got headaches almost daily... but since changing my eating, the migraines and headaches have mostly abated. This one totally sucks, though.

So, I'm curious. Those of you here reading... what are you doing with the last 5 days of 2009? How are the holidays and approaching new year affecting your eating and exercise? Are you trying now? Waiting? Still 100% on plan? Or just making a half-hearted effort? Will anything change for you on January 1?


lostandfound said...

I just found your blog last week and wanted to let you know how very inspiring your insights are! I have just begun my weight loss journey on November 9 and somehow have managed to lost 20 lbs since. These last several days have been incredibly difficult with all the sugar and stuff, and I too am feeling quite blah...but reading your blog showed me I have a choice of what to do with the next 5 days. Keep up the awesome work! I hope your migraine is better by fun!


Tammy said...

Well I was SUPPOSED to be back on plan yesterday...but mom called at fell...had to go next door to pick him up...then she called again at 9am and I had to go back over and watch the 2 kids while she took him to the ER 'cause he hurt his eye in the fall and it was really killing him. I was away from home with my healthy food and at her house w/ all the Christmas dinner leftovers until 4:30pm. At that time, I said to hell with it. So I started over today....worked out at the gym for 1 1/2 hrs...finally did 25 mins on the elliptical (I hate that thing!), and did the weight machines. Sitting at 720 cals right now and it's 3pm here. 1500 is my limit for the rest of the week. So far, so good!! :)

Stiney said...

Friday and Saturday I went crazy with food but I woke up this morning feeling TERRIBLE and am already back on track. I can't wait for New Years to start doing everything correctly because it'll just get extended over and over. I'm starting right now.

Anonymous said...

I was a bad girl for 4 days-- I ate what I damned well pleased and reaped the reward with a number on the scale that scared me. Today I'm back to eating fruit and veg and limiting the crap. Most of the goodies have left the building, and the rest of the ham is being sent to my son-in-law for lunches. Hopefully some of that very nasty number will fall away over the next few days. Exercise wise, not awful, not great. Tomorrow is back to the dreadmill day and back to the books.

I shall overcome!!!


~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

My "diet" has never been that, it's a life thing for me. So I allow for small indulgences. My naughties have been skipping workouts. Yesterday I got back on it, and again today, and I plan to keep on it. I don't believe in New Year's resolutions...they've never worked for me before, I don't expect them to work now. I started my journey in March of 2008, and have been plugging away ever since. The start of 2010 isn't going to bring anything different for me other than a new calendar. Hope yours starts off better than your day! My mom used to get migraines so bad she'd end up in hospital, I sympathize and am happy you get relief enough from Excedrin! Take care of you!

Katie said...

My plan was to be back on track today buts its not really happened because there is SO MUCh food in the house. I live with my parents as im at uni and dad has bought so much, cakes, biscuits, chocolate enough for at least 15 people and their are only 3 of us. It makes it really hard to not give in. I did pretty well this morning but after lunch i just gave up. My plan is to start again 2mo on monday, as i weigh in then and will see what damage i have done in the last week. Im not waiting till the first of Jan, its just another day not the start of a whole new life. Today is better than 2mo, and 2mo is better than the day after. Im glad your migrane is going. I read every post you do as your writing is not only intersting and inspiring to me, diet wise, its sometimes also poetic and beautfiul which makes your blog a must read for me. Happy new year!

ClistyB said...

I have enjoyed a few treats in the last week. I intend to enjoy some more in the next week. My running and pilates will continue as always.
New Year's is just a new year, not anything I use to start or end any kind of lifestyle.

Autumnforest said...

Great post! You poor thing. Put 1 tsp of powdered ginger in your tea--it works wonders for nausea. I keep ginger pills in the house for nausea and my hubby uses them for his awful motion sickness--does wonders! Ironically, it has anti-inflammatory properties, so it could make your head feel better, as well. My son (only child) moved to an apartment a mile away, so now besides getting used to an empty nest and the whole in my daily habits and his fantastic presence around the house, I'm cleaning and putting away Xmas (I always get rid of it before New Year's) and I'm moving my exercise equipment from my cramped dining room to his bedroom. I now have a workout room. I have his portrait on the wall and I'm hanging up mirrors so I have two new incentives--the woman in the mirrors working out and the son wanting me to be healthy and live long to play with grandkids some day. Some people talk about a new year and starting anew, but we're usually caught in the same daily life cycles. Mine has completely been caught in upheavel and I can't do the old routine, so it's a great time to lock in my health-oriented life instead of mother-child oriented one.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

I'm gearing up for a big push in January, but I'm trying to not lose any more ground through the holidays. For me, it wasn't the food and drink temptations that made the holidays so difficult, but the crazy demands on my schedule. Too many errands, too many parties, too much to do and way too little time. I'm really looking forward to getting into a good groove again as the new year hits.

Greta from said...

I am trying to exercise every day and eat VERY clean between now and then (and beyond)...I want to finish 2009 strong after being in a holding pattern for the past month or so. So far so good. I plan to go to a movie tonight..and two on Tuesday.....hopefully the "call of the 1600 calorie popcorn" can be ignored! I need to finish out 2009 will bode well for 2010!

Sorry about the migraine. Yikes. I guess you can consider it a wake up call of sorts..but a cruel one for sure!

Lori said...

I'm trying to get back to routine. I did well yesterday, a little snacky today. Sometimes it takes a couple days for me to get totally clean, if you know what I mean LOL!

JewliaGoulia said...

Sorry about the migraine. I get them too, REALLY bad but really only with weather changes.

As for my weight-loss journey. It will been 2 weeks tomorrow. I have not "cheated" once or even gone over my calories for the day (even through Christmas!) I am planning on staying strong even through New Years. I feel like I have the momentum to keep going and if I fall off the wagon now, I may never get on again!

Hope you are feeling better!


spunkysuzi said...

I got 100% back on Saturday :) So far so good!
I did go a little crazy over Christmas

Tiffany said...

It really shouldn't matter what day it is. I am just trying to refocus and get things back on track 100%. Falling into the trap of waiting a few more days is a dangerous one for me. Just like waiting till Monday. Each day is a new one. I'm doing my best in the moment. I went for a run today and am working on restraining my eating again. The reigning it in stage has begun :)

Hope you feel better soon!

Jane said...

I was determined to get started as soon as I got home from holidays, so I've started today. I certainly don't need another five days of excess food!
have to say I'm a long time reader, I enjoy your blog and it's certainly encouraged me to get our of my rut.

Kyle Gershman said...

My next 5 days will be the same as all the days of my recent program starting 11/14. I have not deviated at all from my caloric deficit. I treat my condition no differently then being an alcoholic as I do feel that I'm addicted to food.

I know that this sounds extreme, but I can't let my guard down for a moment. I don't know what I'll do for the maintenance cycle this time around to make it successful, but I do know how I need to behave to get the weight off.

I'm soooo sorry for your migraine, I lived with a migraine sufferer for 9 years so definitely know the routine. My wife gets them now two, but thankfully not frequently.

Its good that you essentially are aware of your triggers and can minimize them.

Happy New Year!

Thrice Blessed said...

I think you're right, I notice that I feel horrible if I've been eating healthy for a while and then suddenly start in on the junk... its like my body has no resistance to it anymore! Actually, its probably that when I am eating junk habitually, I get so used to feeling like cr@p that I don't notice it anymore, when I've been eating healthy and then eat junk, I notice it!

Margie M. said...

My head is never in the sand. I blog about my success and failures. I'm always "on plan", but which plan is the question? LOL I never wait to try and get back on track after a screw up. I try to make the best choice, health wise, with my very next meal or snack. Works for me. I enjoy your blog every time, thanks.

Sybil said...

Hey Lyn,
Long time reader - hardly ever commenter. :o)

No waiting for New Years Day (or the day after for me). Project 180 started today. 180 days, 180 pounds. I had 3 'off' days (and no scale change, can you believe it?) and I'm back with a determination - I refuse to let obesity win.

Hope your headache cleared and you're back on track soon. Health and fitness IS worth the fight.

Fattie Fatterton said...

I allowed myself Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to indulge. Now I'm back on track.

I have been bad about the exercise, but I actually tend to lose more weight while not exercising, for some reason.

I quoted you on my blog yesterday about how the sugar makes you feel. It does the same to me.

But otherwise, I am not giving up on my new lifestyle.

Tamzin said...

I just bought a scale and am letting the disturbing news settle in before making any rash desicions about what to do.

Rae at 24:01 A.M. said...

When I read the first sentence about eating whatever for the last few days of 2009 I started laughing...because that's exactly what I'm doing. I promised myself that 2010 would be the year I lose all the weight that I've put on over the years and I'm not going to quit...I can't.

I haven't been eating horribly, just not...great. I'm so ready for 2010 and I can't wait to become a whole new person :) At least weight wise.

Great blog! So inspiring :)

KatDoesDiets said...

Wow, judging by all the comments there are a lot of die hards still reading weight loss blogs, lol.
I don't usually get headaches, but when I O.D. on sugar I ALWAYS do. They are the worst too!
What am I doing with the last few days of 2009? Same old, same old. I have relaxed a little bit on my nutrition through Christmas, feeling deprived bites. I worked out consistently up to Christmas, took a couple of days off to run around everywhere, and plan to jump right back in tomorrow. Also, will be watching my calories more closely again. I'm not big on resolutions, but I might just make some this year, who knows. :)

screwdestiny said...

Gosh, I'm sorry you got such a terrible migraine. That really sucks. I guess it goes to show just how negatively crap can affect your body other than the physical appearance.

I'm eating well. I haven't had too many sweets, etc. around me, and the ones that have been were not appetizing (crappy candy, fudge, normal cookies that I don't really care about), so it's actually been pretty easy this year. I totally plan on drinking lots of alcohol on New Year's Eve, but the more I drink, the more I dance, so I think it evens out. ;)

clickmom said...

We did pot luck and I encouraged the others to bring stuff I am allergic to. (milk and gluten) I made the basics. It worked and I wasn't even tempted. I am so pleased right now. I can't get over it.

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog now for a while and can't believe the simularites that I have to your life story....Thanks for helping me understand why I just can't shake my weight gain over the years.

I'm guessing the ham triggered your migraine. I can't eat any processed meat. Hotdogs will give me a migraine within 2 bites.

I'm struggling to get my "diet" started. It just seems like I take two steps forward and four steps backwards. I need your blog to keep me motivated.

I have osteoarthritis and my knees are just terrible. Can I ask you if it really did help to loose the you notice your knees being better?

I really need to get started in 2010 and have been eating up a storm just anticipating getting started. I just can't seem to get motivated....I do hope you feel better.

Sarah said...

I am on Christmas break right now, so I am loving actually feeling like I have time to cook! I am making big portions of healthy stuff, eating some, and freezing the rest for later in the semester. I am also trying to hit the gym hard. After the first of the year, I will go back on WW (I've been trying to just maintain lately), so we will see how that goes...

I am not sure if your headache is gone or just slightly abated, but I hope you are back to 100% soon.

Lyn said...


Yes. Losing weight has helped the knees. I was limping and unable to even walk out and get the mail when I weighed 278 pounds. Now I can walk about 2 miles on a good day. I am 100% certain that had I not lost this much weight, I would be pretty much immobile by now.

I must add that biking almost daily (recumbent bike), taking glucosamine and other supplements, and laying off sugar all have also contributed to my knee improvement.

Best wishes to you... I am so glad my blog helps you. Let me know if you start a blog, too!

Andra said...

I'm enjoying the indulgences that come with this time of year, though sugar hasn't been much of a problem though I've been heavy on the salt and wine which has caused a bit of bloating. My husband and I have been hiking and taking long walks and will be in the gym first thing tomorrow for an abs/arms strength session. Won't let "the holidays" break my fitness stride, no reason why they should!

Cynthia said...

I would say struggling to get back on track here. Overall, I don't think I did a ton of damage during the holidays, the poor eating days tended to be balance out by the not enough eating crazy busy days.

There's only one bag of turkey jerky and four squares of chocolate left of my Xmas booty food, so I should be back on plan rather shortly! The main thing is I need to get more liquids in, I was getting dehydrated. Water is the best moisturizer.

Happy New Year to ya!

Chubby Girl Diary said...

Oh yeah I know what you mean! I totally get chocolate hangovers!

You know... the new year is a great time to start getting healthy... but really there is no "perfect" time. You just gotta do it!

I love your blog, btw! :)


julie said...

Eating like I always eat, exercising like I always exercise. Will do the same in January, too. I don't do well with huge amounts of sugar, especially on an empty stomach, but I do enjoy a little! Hope you feel better.

Diana said...

Are you kidding!? I plan on making the most of the last five days of 2009. I don't have a second to waste. I want to get a step up on 2010 goals.

I've read a few blogs too where people actually wrote they were waiting until 2010 to get back on plan. Why oh why?

Plus all that fattening food on Christmas day made me sick too. Not a migrane but the worst nauseousness, dizziness I've ever experienced. Absolutely horrible and I'm sure it was the food. Not use to eating like that. I'd rather not feel like that again...ever!

Anonymous said...

Next five days I am picking up my weight loss battle right where I left off before Thanksgiving. I am starting it today so I don't fool myself into thinking it is a New Year's revolution. Simply, Weight Loss Battle part 2. Or..WLBII.

queenmina said...

I stumbled onto your blog a couple of weeks ago and and am officially a fan. :)

I thought 2009 was going to be my skinny year, but by the time December hit I was still in square one. I've had lots of starts and stops, but I started a new "Get Gorgeous" program at the beginning of December and I've been able to stick to it (well, mostly) through the holidays. I also started working out again, which has been awesome.

I think 2010 will REALLY be my skinny year, and I can't wait to be fit and healthy!

Good luck on your journey! I'm rootin' for ya!

Vickie said...

still here,
still reading,
still keep on keeping on with my maintenance. . .

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better from the migraine. Rather like your recent post on New Year's resolutions, I'm trying to take each day as it comes instead of having an approach of "being good / on plan" v. "being naughty / falling off the wagon". I don't think annual resolutions work, but I do think that making helpful choices, each day, as you are doing, is the way to go!

Ms. PJ Geek said...

I don't necessarily make resolutions. I always have the same ones essentially : be healthy and be happy. This is always my goal. I look at each new year as time to make changes in my strategy for life. I've learned that I get "stuck" and have to change up the routine. I'm taking this time between 2009 and 2010 to assess and document my weight loss journey and plan for 2010. This holiday was a blip for me in the journey. Today it's my husbands birthday and it will finally feel over for me. New Years is never a big eating issue for me. I plan to clean my fridge and kitchen, throw out or donate to a food shelter some of the temptation, and get back in to a routine.

Low Carb Lucy said...

Good post from bad experience, I like it. Shows just what we can put ourselves through.

I chose to get back on the wagon just a few weeks before Christmas.
Why: 1. I need time to turn my eating around and after the christmas rush the holidays give you that.
2. I know the damage that can be done in the few weeks before New Year.
3. I was fed up with being out of control and impatient to get back into the whole wardrobe of clothes I have that are a few sizes too small.

Dances with Corgis said...

Just trying to get on the horse a bit early. A bit of a head start, if you will!

By the way, I think you really would like that pie filling! It doesn't have much sugar at all (1/4 cup brown sugar) and wasn't too sweet. More flavor from the apples and green chilis.

Hey, nice job on the double bike ride!

Eager to hear more details about your strength training program.


Duddes02 said...

It's the caffeine in the pills that cures my migraines

I'm still reading your blog!

I did excellent over Christmas. Mainly because I'm Jewish :)

Tony the Pink Panda said...

I'm already 100% on plan. I'm not waiting till I have a hangover to get back on track.

Helen said...

Lyn, I started a blog. I went to the little "create a blog" icon at the top of the screen and made a start.

It came about today because yesterday, when we went skiing, it took a dedicated team and a crowbar to get my boots just to the last latch. that was just the last straw. I simply cannot sit here and give up doing something I love so much. My blog is about my quest to achieve normal weight, and then normal-ish legs. journey on the web has just begun. Thank you for your inspiration.

antgirl said...

I ate healthy. But still too much. Can't wait until the holidays are bye-bye.

I keep at the workouts, so that the indulgences don't stick. I can feel them trying to.

Sugar does have funky effects, doesn't it? Makes me crash - like I can't stay awake. It's freaky. I didn't have that much of it either.

Jen in MN said...

So sorry about your awful migraine!

I've been doing virtually the same thing, except allowing a few more *small* indulgences over the past several days. I still lost 1 lb the week before Christmas, so I am pleased with that! Now I'm doing 3 straight days of no treats at all, so I can enjoy a couple more small treats over the New year's weekend with my family. After that, I'm going back to my once-a-week special treat plan. It's been working, so I don't want to mess with it!

Anonymous said...

I've been back working out at the Y for the last four months, not worrying all that much about food. Treadmill, weight machines and swimming. I can see muscles that I haven't seen in a very long time. Been here reading your blog all along, just had nothing to say. We're still all in this with you, never fear.

PaulaMP (can never remember my Google blog password)

Barefoot Pixie said...

I don't know if I qualify for the title of Die Hard but I'm still here. My week is shaping up to be kind of mediocre. I'm not currently compltely binging and I'm still getting 1/2 hour exercise every day but I'm not really being very careful either. I haven't lost anything but I haven't gained anything either.

What are my plans? I plan to get all this garbage/junk food out of my house and get back to my low-to-no sugar and all whole grains and tons of fruits and veggies, increasing the duration of my exercise and really just paying more attention. I think that has been the biggest problem for me. I've been eating without being concious of what I'm putting into my body. That is a big no-no. I'm so glad to read everyone else's posts and ideas. It's so inspiring!