Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cookie Coma

Ahhhh, what a week it's been! Crazy good times and insane exhaustion. This week I made seven -- yes SEVEN -- kinds of Christmas cookies (all the same ones I made last year, of course... tradition!) and two kinds of fudge. Then, in the mail, came 2 huge bricks of expensive dark chocolate, a couple of fancy candy bars, a pound of hand-dipped chocolates, and some really delicious-looking cheese gifts. Wow! And the treat plates from the neighbors haven't even started rolling in yet. Husband bought a couple pounds of cheese, summer sausage, cartons of eggnog, bagels, bacon, etc. A lot of it I have not touched (especially that eggnog!! So NOT worth the calories... although I do enjoy a splash of LIGHT eggnog on my pumpkin oatmeal once in awhile!) I also took the littlest one to see Santa one day, took the kids to see the real reindeer in town another day, spent a LOT of time shopping (I am a major procrastinator on the Christmas shopping!) and finished decorating the living room (as I said... procrastinator!) I've been so busy for the last 2 days that I did not get out to take a walk EVEN THOUGH it was sunny and in the 40's and gorgeous weather. I wanted to. It really bothered me that I didn't get to. But I felt like if I didn't get that shopping, baking, and Santa-ing done NOW, I'd pay for it later. However, I did learn my lesson that had I not put it all off til the last minute, I could've been outside in the sunshine for two days rather than just gazing longingly out the window as I cooked and cleaned and wrapped presents. I am just hoping for ONE more nice day before the gloom and ice returns. I really want to get outside!

I also seem to be coming down with the same sickness I had last week AGAIN. It makes no sense. I was sick for a week and a half, then better for a couple of days, and now I feel like crap again. Feels like sinuses. Bad headache. So maybe I need to get in to a doctor soon. I am tired of feeling sick!

It doesn't help that a lot of those cookies and candies and crap have made their way into my mouth. I can usually handle a serving of sugary food after a healthy meal, but when the cookies BECOME the meal... meal after meal... I start feeling icky. I honestly haven't had the restraint I thought I'd have with this stuff. Stopped counting calories a couple days ago. As of yesterday, I still weighed 227. Today I didn't weigh, but I think I better turn this around before I end up gaining weight. I haven't "had time" (aka MADE time) to bike, either. Time to get my act together, eh?

Tomorrow, Wednesday, I will do right by myself and eat healthy meals and bike and get outside a bit. I hope I start feeling better because, IMO, I am "sick" way too much. I believe my stress level contributes significantly to my immune system's strength or weakness, and this has been a very stressful month. I'll take some vitamins and get myself to bed early tonight, and plan a really great day tomorrow. Because tomorrow is no different from any other day, and I have had enough cookies for this season. Well, I take that back. I really, really like the sugar cookies...

Will return with a good report tomorrow :)
How about you?


Winivere said...

It's so easy to become a cookie monster if the cookies are freshly baked from the oven! If I was there, I would help you out with those cookies. Got milk? LOL

Ms. PJ Geek said...

Cookies yum. I can't do that kind of thing at home as I don't have the stamina. My husband made 7 layer cookies for work and I just swapped a whole wheat tortilla for some cookie goodness. somehow i know not a even swap.

Seriously though..the combo of sugar and dairy does increase the production of mucus which could be why you are relapsing ..(not to mention everything you said about immune system and all the energy you are expending).

your wt loss is always phenomenol and even if you just have a blip from this, it is just a blip. Now , I'll give myself that advice too.

feel better. mucinex, hot tea with lemon , cut out the sugar --or cut down.

Vickie said...

I ditto what Ms PJ Geek said - it probably is some sort of chronic condition being set off/aggravated by the NON-food and the lack of exercise and the stress.

I think that most all of us aren't actually sick (at our higher weights) as we have undiagnosed chronic conditions (lactose intollerant, gallbladder problems, hormones, gluten intollerance, GI problems, asthma, allergies, sinus, migraines, just take your pick).

Some of these just take care of themselves as our food gets cleaner and cleaner during the evolution of our process/journey.

And some are factors of the excess pounds and health problems related to having the extra pounds. So as the weight comes off and stays off - some of these take care of themselves too.

For me - when the weight was all off, and the food stayed clean, and the exercise became a reliable/steady factor of life, and I slept well each night, and I drank my water each day - then I was finally able to SEE what needed attention. It was like - 'what is left?' And there were things 'left'.

And for me - many of those conditions had been around for YEARS - but I was so used to being 'sick' on a regular basis - that I didn't realize they were actual medical problems and not the 'flu'. I thought I had the flu a LOT. In reality - I don't think I ever had the flu for all those years.

Kellie said...

I am making cookies today. And as God as my witness I *know* that I will sample. Dang it.

Great blog! :)

Tony the Pink Panda said...

You know what they say about cookes - you can never have just one. If I were in your shoes, I would bring those cookies over to your neighbors. Out of sight, out of mind.

Larkspur said...

You know, that tasty carbohydrate stuff doesn't fight fair. I usually don't have a terrible time eating reasonably well but with so much stuff, you can pass up 9 things and get snared by the tenth!

Margie M. said...

It was tradition in our house to make the rolled out sugar cookies every year. Icing...decorations and the whole 9 yards. Then I began the tradition with the "Grands". Finally, I called HALT! I just couldn't control myself and I knew if I was going to suceed, the cookie baking had to go. Now, our new tradition has become building a gingerbread house with the "Grands". They have just as much fun with that project and we don't eat the stuff that we decorate it with. I buy one of those kits and the candies have been in there so long, we'd break our teeth eating them. Works good for me! Of course, Christmas morning breakfast will be another story! :)

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Lyn. I've had a virus where I too thought I was better after 1 1/2 weeks but then it started again - only worse than before. I have read on so many blogs how this has happened. After 3 weeks of it I've really had enough!

Hope you feel better very soon!

Bearfriend xx

spunkysuzi said...

Honestly i've never figured out a way to be able to eat cookies in moderation!
So for now there's non in the house

Me said...

Ooooooooh cookies!
I've been really good this year with the whole Christmas snacks and yummie things. I've had some, yes, but only a fraction of what I used to eat. I feel good about that.
Don't feel to good about my overall eating habits considering all the special dinners I'm having this week. I tend to skip lunch a bit or only eat very little during the day. And then at night eat a huge meal. Not good for the metabolism. Still, it's better than over eating, right? It's Christmas after all.
Get well soon!
Merry Christmas!

Lynn Haraldson-Bering said...

{{lyn}} Hope you were able to get out and walk or ride your bike yesterday. Feeling better, too, I hope. Merry Christmas, my friend :)

Ria said...

Seven kinds of homemade cookies would have done me in too . . . restraint around those kinds of foods is really hard. I hope you feel better soon and enjoy the wonderful Christmas you've prepared for your family!

Vickie said...

please have a very peaceful Christmas. Take care of yourself.