Monday, December 28, 2009

An Answer! Finally!

Wow, 46 comments on my last post!! I guess there are more of us diehards out there reading blogs than I thought! Thanks for all the GREAT feedback. I am so happy for the reassurance not only to myself but to the rest of you guys, that we are not alone! The whole world is not stuffing themselves with fudge at this very moment. Thank goodness!

I woke up this morning... SICK AGAIN!! I could not believe it. Sore throat, severe headache, felt like a truck hit me. I got sick on December 6th, so I have been basically nonstop sick for over 3 weeks now. NOT good. I had a day here and there when I thought I was "better" but then I'd be sick again the next day. So finally, this morning I dragged myself out of bed and headed straight to the Urgent Care Clinic.

It's a good thing I did, because I have a pretty severe sinus infection. No wonder I felt so awful! Sinus infections are just exhausting and miserable. I know, because back when I weighed 278 pounds, I had constant, recurrent sinus infections that just would not go away. I was always on antibiotics. It was horrid. But I guess I forgot about that, because ever since I started losing weight and eating healthy in August 2007, I do not recall having even ONE sinus infection. But boy have I got one now! Three weeks of infection... I have really felt bad. But now the good doctor has me on a strong antibiotic, 3 times a day for 15 days, as well as some medicine for congestion. I still feel wiped out today, but very optimistic that FINALLY I will be getting well!

Also, I am once again at the beginning of my cycle, which means it should be much easier for me to eat healthy and not obsess about food over the next two weeks. I am glad for that.

My father passed away 20 years ago this week. It pains me a great deal to realize that he has now been gone from my life for longer than he was in it. Oh, what I wouldn't give to have him back for just one day! How I wish he had gotten to meet my children... ANY of them. He would've been a wonderful grandfather. He would've been so proud. I miss him so much. In his memory I'd appreciate it if you'd take a minute and read my post last year about my Dad. And then, if your father is still living, please call him, or hug him, or write him a note and tell him you love him, because you only get one Dad and they don't last forever. You just never know. Treasure your dad for me, would you? And maybe even leave me a comment telling me one thing your Dad did for you that you will never forget.

Thanks for hanging in there with me :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for always providing thought-provoking messages of hope! :) My dad brought me flowers today because he was proud of how I did on a test and it made my day! :) Happy New Year and thanks for a great blog.


Julie Lost and Found said...

Just read your post about your dad. It made me cry! How blessed you are to have had such a loving father.

My bio dad disappeared from my life when I was very young. My "adopted" dad, mom's 2nd husband, while we are not what I would call "close" ie: I don't call him daddy..he is a man I deeply respect. I do not know any man out there with more honesty or integrity than him. He also treats my mother like pure gold. What has my "dad" done for me? Too much to write here..but he insisted my daughter and I live with he and mom when I was young and had gotten pregnant. He took care of us and gave us a wonderful home when he could have told me to fend for myself.

It's hard for me to express my feelings to him, but your post has really given me something to think about. He isn't in the best health now and doesn't take great care of himself. Life is short. I will be sure to let him know how much I appreciate him!

Hope you are feeling better real soon!

Diana said...

So sorry your sick. Sinus infections are horrible so it's a really good thing you went to the doctor.

The post about your father. I remember reading it when you originally posted it. I just read it again.

I scrolled down and read my comment. I wrote..."I'm sitting here crying"...well, here it is a year later, just read the post again and guess what...I'm sitting here crying.

Such a tragic loss, but at least you have wonderful memories of him. What an incredible father he was to were and are truly blessed.

Megan S said...

I went back and read your dad post again and again it made me cry. My dad is the best. He taught me that you can call the bank and ask for overdraft fees back and they will give them to you. He taught me to look at my own actions when I'm having a problem to decide what I might be doing to contribute to it. He coached every team I ever played on. Last week was my first christmas ever away from him (had to go to the fiances place) and he drove my mom and my brother down to my house the week before so we could have a christmas together. Then he said I was the best cook in the world and my present was the best one ever. I will call him today. Thanks Lyn and I'm so sorry you can't call yours

Pamela said...

I would be lost without my father. We talk every morning on the phone for about 30 minutes. I know one day the conversations will stop, so each conversation is savored. I save the advice he gives me and the stories he tells me and our conversations are never boring. My Daddy is 84 and he gets up each morning waiting for my phone call. He was 40 when I was born, I'm a middle child. My other two siblings are Mama's babies, and I am my Fathers. Reading about you missing your father, it hurts me because I still have mine and I would love to share him with you. I'm blessed to have him for as long as I have, and I don't know if I will ever be the same without him. He's told me to be happy when he's gone and not to cry, but I don't know if that's possible, but I will try because he asked me to. I know that once he is gone, I will want to have one more day with him, heck one more hour, I would take 15 minutes if I could get it. I'm glad that you had a good Daddy, they are one of the best treasures in life.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Feel better soon, Lyn.

Sarabei said...

This is a favorite memory of my dad - maybe not the most significant but definitely fun and totally shows what kind of guy he is. I'm an only child too, and I was a big tomboy, so dad didn't have to do a lot of "girly girl" stuff. However, I was a kid when crimping your hair was in style, and I remember my dad sitting with me in the bathroom crimping my hair before school when I was in the 3rd grade. He is still that awesome. :)
Hugs to you!

antgirl said...

Now you can get yourself better. Yippeee!

bbubblyb said...

I loved your post last year about your dad, your love for him was so bright.

I didn't have the best childhood with my father but through the years I've still always tried to maintain a relationship with him. I saw him on Saturday for the first time in 30 month. I did give him a big hug and tell him I loved him and he did the same. It does make you think that they won't always be there and we should forgive for any past mistakes and just love them for who they are today. Thanks for reminding me.

Hope you get to feeling better quickly.

Shelley said...

Sinus infections are the worst - glad you are finally getting taken care of and hopefully will be on the mend soon!

PamL said...

My dad passed away 4 1/2 years ago, and there is always a hole in our hearts at every family event because he will always be missing. Now it is just my 2 sisters and my mom and me when we are together and our families. It's tough.

My dad taught me that you can overcome adversity in your life. His father died when he was 12, he was in Germany during WWII but had a brother die in Vietnam. He told me when he was dying that he always asked God if he could just live to see his children grow up. But then he wanted to see his grandchildren grow up! I told him that you can't have everything! :) He got his real wish and didn't die until all his girls were grown up. It's sad, but I know he is in a much better place and can't wait to join him some day.

The only thing I would add is that if your parent(s) are older, appreciate that. Not all of us get to see our parents get old- my dad was 57 when he passed away. So appreciate all the time you've been given with them!

Barefoot Pixie said...

Thanks for the reminder about appreciating our loved ones. I'm going to take your advice and tell my dad how much I appreciate him.

Sinus infections are HORRIBLE. My husband and oldest DH are very susceptible to them and they suffer so much. They've discovered something this last year called a Netti Pot that has made a huge difference for them. I hope you get better soon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely post about your dad. I can't call mine either. He passed 29 years ago on New Years Eve and was way too young. His health fell apart after my brother who had cerebral palsy died at age 19. My dad just quit taking care of himself after making my brother his priority. He made his wheelchair (as there was no such thing as the kinds they have today, we made his diapers (no disposables back then), grinded all his food (nothing that you could buy for someone who coked all the time, made crib sides for his twin bed because he was too long for a crib. The list goes on and on. He was a great man. I wish I could talk to him one more time, too. Bless you Lyn and please keep writing. I'm glad you went to the doctor! My girlfriend swears by her Neti Pot.

The Merry said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well, but what a great post!

My father really didn't want to leave us -- the doctors were amazed at how long he held on. Those last few months, if I left the house to go run errands or meet up with friends, he would call me over and tell me that he loved me. He wasn't sure if he was still going to be there when I got back, and he wanted that to make sure that was the last thing he said to me.
Thank you for bringing that memory back to me!

Autumnforest said...

I have to admit to problems with sinus infections too, but now I used a neti pot and I feel healthier than I have in my entire life--like I have no allergies at all. It's changed my life.

I can relate to the loss of a father. I was 16 when I lost mine. I sometimes "check in" with him and just sit and tell him about my life since he passed and about my son. He would have adored my son. I think sometimes when I'm talking to my son and being goofy (my father had a fantastic sense of humor) that in a way, I'm representing my dad by filling in his role as the humorist. Parents don't realize how much they impart in you until you go and raise your own kids and you find yourself doing what they did and passing on the qualities. I bet you pass on his qualities all the time.

spunkysuzi said...

Sinus infections are nasty!!
Get better soon Lyn.
I must say i also cried reading the story about your dad. It brought up a lot of emotions since i've never known my dad.

ryry the adventurous said...

I know I have not posted a lot lately - but I check your blog every day and I still LOVE EVERY POST! You are wonderful and amazing and I HOPE to be a wonderful mom like you someday. You are doing AWESOME. I am glad you had a great Christmas and I hope you have a wonderful and healthy new year!

Beth said...

When I walk at a good pace outside all the goop in my nose starts to clear and I noticed last infection that it didn't last very long. Maybe that will help you.

screwdestiny said...
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screwdestiny said...

Oh, the part about your dad almost made me cry. :(

I love my dad dearly. I think he's an amazing man, and I always sad I wished I could find a man who has all the qualities he does. But I think he's very rare, so I'm simply blessed to have him as my father. I can't think of a specific thing he's done for me right now, but both him and my mom have always been there for me in my life, and for that I' am so grateful.

I'm reposting my comment because I wanted to add that I decided to go read the post about your dad and that really did make me cry. It was so touching. You have such a way with words and being able to convey your emotions.

Me said...

Good to hear you are on your way to getting better.
I saw my father last week. We went to a restaurant in honour of his b-day. He invited all his daughters and their boyfriends. It was such a great evening! We don't speak much and there's a lot of history for me to get through since my mother died 7 years ago. I love my father to bits, but there are some issues.
I do totally understand what you are saying, though, because of my mother dying so young. She has missed and will miss all the most important 'happenings' in my adult life. No one can replace her. It's hard sometimes.
Good luck this week.

Tammy said...

When I got pregnant with an unwanted child at the age of 18, my mom didn't speak to me for 8 months (and I lived with my parents). However, my Dad told me that no matter how I decided to handle my "situation", he loved me and would support me, no matter what.

Vickie said...

very smart that you are doing 15 days. I wonder how long you have actually had it - because they have usually been around for a while before acute symptoms.

do you use saline or nettie pot? drink as much water as you can and avoid sodium/processed as much as possible so you 'flush' and do not 'hold'

Kimberly said...

My Daddy is my hero and my best friend. From the time I was born, he has made it a priority to spend time with me - whether that was taking me out for a "Daddy/Daughter" breakfast or playing tea party with me. He calls me daily just to check in. There are not enough words to describe what my Daddy means to me.

Lyn said...

I have so loved reading about your Dads! Thank you for sharing those memories and feelings with me. It makes me smile :)

Several of you mentioned a Neti pot. I do have one and use it occasionally for allergies or if I feel a cold coming on. The funny thing to me now is, about a week and a half ago I tried to use it and could not. There was some kind of blockage and no water would run through. Guess that should have been my cue??

aimeeinak said...

Hi Lyn, I'm a newbie to your blog and am enjoying it. Reading about your Dad in your post from last year was really neat, you're a lucky girl to have had such a wonderful father.

It was also hard for me to read because it was exactly a year ago today that my Dad passed away, it's been a hard day for me, but reading your post reminded me of all the good memories I have of him. Dancing in the aisles of the grocery store, for example. :-) Thank you for sharing, and for helping me remember how lucky I am to have had him as long as I did.