Monday, November 9, 2009

A Week of Diet Food

I know a lot of people want to know HOW to lose weight. They want the details. What exactly are you eating? What kind of deprivation are you enduring? What does a person have to DO to get results?

While the answers vary for everyone, I wanted to give a little snippet of what my new healthy eating entails. Basically I am aiming to stay under 1700 calories per day (which I did) while not being hungry and enjoying my food. So this week I took some pictures of my food, to give you an idea of how "tough" healthy eating is.

For breakfast, I usually have something like this veggie, egg, bean, cheese & salsa burrito with fruit:

Or perhaps some pumpkin oatmeal with toasted walnuts, drizzled with a bit of light eggnog:

Or a scramble of eggs, spinach, turkey sausage & cheese in a tortilla:

Lunch and dinner are pretty simple. Maybe some crackers & cheese with some veggie soup:

Or a bean & cheese quesadilla, grilled in a pan in real butter:

Sometimes for a snack I have an apple spinach salad with pecans, dried cherries, & balsamic vinegar:
Or perhaps a big plate of roasted Delicata squash "fries":

And dinner might be a couple of bowls of this sausage & white bean soup, with crusty sourdough bread:

Don't forget dessert! I love this creamy dark chocolate pudding topped with whipped cream & almonds:

Or a slice of pumpkin pie, made without fat & crustless:

(Come on, why would you eat those measly bagged 100-calorie snacks when you can have that pie for 112 calories or the dark chocolate pudding for 100 calories? Add 5 calories for the fat free whipped cream. 15 calories for the almond slivers. Seriously, yum.)

Other things I ate this week: butternut squash soup, fresh fruit salad, whole wheat peanut butter toast, turkey, chicken, popcorn, and loads of vegetables. If you want to see more of what I eat, you can read it on Twitter. I always post my food there (and it shows up instantly on the left side of this blog page).

And the results? Can anyone lose weight eating such yummy food? Yes. I am down 3 pounds this week to 231. I exercised 30 minutes, five days (walking outside or biking inside). You do not have to kill yourself to see results :)

How about you? What are you eating all week? Take some pictures, show us on your blog!

Here's to a great week for us all!


Doug said...

Food porn! Love it!

I love how awesome healthy food looks to me now compared to greasy crap..

Definitely going to be a week full of cooking. And I can't wait!

I hope people get excited about this post, it does a good job showing people some healthy options. And there are so many out there!

Cathy said...

That all looks so amazingly good! Thanks for sharing images today.

Diana said...

I do take pictures eheh And I post them all on my blog. Reading blogs has definitely helped me realize that I don't have to deprive myself of yummy, healthy and wholesome foods to lose weight. :)

Hallie said...

Wow, I just finished a big breakfast and still my mouth is watering for all those scrumptious pics.

happyfunpants said...

I love how you've made the food look *so* yummy!

People think "diet food" and they think that it's going to be bland, without toppings or any decadence.

Your pictures proved otherwise.

And now I'm going to come to your house for dinner.

Georgia Mist said...

Oh, I agree! Eating healthy is YUMMEH!

Hanlie said...

Your food looks awesome! I see no reason why we can't always eat like this...

ctina said...

WOW-- you have such culinary talent! Are those your own recipes!

The message here is clear-- COOKING is the secret to weight loss! I need to start making delectable stuff like this. Too many nights of grilled cheese is NOT as successful..

Lyn said...


the pumpkin pie is adapted from Rx Superfoods. Everything else is my own recipe. I play around with food a lot. It's kind of a substitute for bingeing. Instead of spending a lot of time planning binges, I spend it thinking of and prepping for healthy meals. It's fun!

I started out by trying recipes I find online, or getting ideas from pictures on food blogs. Then I mess with the recipe until I get it perfect for me.

Eating healthy is fun AND very satisfying :)

Lyn said...



My grilled cheese: 2 whole wheat bread, 2 slices Kraft 2% singles, cooked in pam and 1 tsp butter for flavor. Great with tomato soup!


even better is that quesadilla... a Carb Balance high fiber/protein tortilla (110 cal) filled with 1/4 c black beans and 1/4 c. Kraft 2% cheddar, shredded. I fold it and brown in it a tsp of butter and it is way better than grilled cheese :)

What a Splurge said...

"You do not have to kill yourself to see results :)"

That's my take-home lesson. Better to get out there frequently and do what you can than to wait for a huge block of time that so seldom comes.

Tony the Pink Panda said...

Hungry. right. now.

Andra said...

Dude, that's not diet food, that's just awesome food! If people can remove the word "diet" and all its nasty connotations from their vocabulary the world would be a healthier and happier place.

Autumnforest said...

Bless you!!! No one ever shows you the in's and out's of dieting. Sure, they list what you should eat and how long you should exercise, but you can't get a real sense of what it's like to make decisions at every meal and toil and sweat. Celebrites are the worst "I don't diet, I eat what I want, just small amounts." What's a small amount? Do they order a $20 meal and eat three bites? Exercise? "I do pilates" for 8 hours a day??? Detail please! I hope when you're done with this journey you write a book about the "Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Weight Loss." Biggest Loser has done a lot to shine a light on how hard it is to lose and how frustrating but not many people are willing to show day by day details, pictures as you progress, and really let us see how it unfolds in a "reality" way.

spunkysuzi said...

You know i love this subject! Food has to be interesting, it can't be baked skinless boneless chicken with a smidge of pepper on it :) I'd starve to death!! And you know i post my food pics.

Bethany said...

You're doing a great job!
I love cooking, but with school it's sometimes hard. So the 100-calorie packs are my friends.
Your food looks amazing.

ChristinaJane said...

Wow - These all look amazing. I'm really trying to do a lot of my own cooking these days and it feels great. I'm definitely going to try the squash fries. Do you peel it first? Roast it? Recipe please!

Karen In Tennessee said...

When are you moving into my house to cook for me??? Your meals always sound SO good...and now that I have seen pictures I know they also LOOK SO GOOD.

Also congrats on the baggy jeans. Your biking is paying off and soon you will be Miss Buns of Steel!!! Way to go!!!

teebopop said...

Do you make up these recipes or get them from a book or what?

Curious stomachs want to know!

Lyn said...


I jusst wash the Delicata... the skin is tender and delicious! I just added a link for the recipe to the sidebar under Recipes. You just cut it into fry shapes instead of rings to make fries.


see answer above :)

Foodie Girl said...

I need to start taking more pictures. I just bought a new camera but the light in my kitchen isn't the greatest. Great ideas for meals!

Christina said...

Yum! Your meals look delish!

I don't have any pics, but I'll describe two great, healthy, homemade meals I cooked and ate this week:

- pumpkin pancakes with maple syrup, a side of fresh strawberries, and a cup of coffee

- beef and butternut squash stew with a dollop of greek yogurt, served with spinach salad and lemon-mint couscous

I made the beef and squash stew today (the recipe came from a health/fitness magazine) and I am still full. It's only 214 calories a cup and was incredibly filling. I am trying to stay within 1200-1400 calories daily, so I have been trying out lots of new recipes and this one is a keeper!

Miss Felicity said...

THANK YOU for sharing.

I must say that my next grocery shopping trip will include some of those lovely food items.

Really want to try the egg burrito. And how do you prepare the apples for the spinach salad? And.... Id like to know more about this fries!

Anyways- great job.

rmslil said...

If I had money, I would pay you to cook for me. Such an imagination with various foods.

Lyn said...

Miss Felicity~

I use Carb Balance tortillas, 110 calories, high fiber/protein. I tossed the apple slices in balsamic vinegar and a sprinkle of brown sugar before putting on the salad. The fries recipe is on linked under "recipes" as Roasted Delicata Saquash.

HTH :)

kelly said...

Thanks for posting your food - looks delicious plus it gives me some ideas! You are inspiring!

Catherine said...

Looks so good! I want to share a recipe I made this week from an email I got full of crockpot recipes. Put all this in a crockpot:
1 lb chicken breasts (cubed)
2 cans Italian style tomatoes
1 can tomato sauce
1 can kidney beans
1 can/jar mushrooms
1 tsp Italian seasoning (I added to this)
4 cloves garlic
1/2 onion chopped
1 bell pepper chopped
1 cup water

Cook in crockpot on low 3 hours. Turn to high, add 6 oz thin spaghetti. Stir after 10 minutes. Cook 45 minutes and you're done! It's really healthy, and sooooooo good!!!

Greta said...

Great pics and great is totally possible to eat well and lose weight at the same time! I have a screwy metabolism so need to keep my calories under 1300-1400 a day...but I still eat well...varied and delicious foods. When you do it right, there is no need to be hungry on a diet. Thankfully! :)

Melody said...

Great pics Lyn. Yummy looking. Maybe I can get hubby to cook some of your recipe up. He cooks way better then me. :)

screwdestiny said...

Yes, it's so true! Way to show people that you can eat healthy and it can still be tasty.

But you know, I blame those stupid diet books for perpetuating that myth that you have to eat flavorless stuff in order to lose weight. They're all, "Breakfast: half a grapefruit. Lunch: cup of beans and 2 cups Brussel sprouts. Dinner: 3 oz. chicken (dry) and 2 cups kale." WTF? We need FLAVOR and lots of different types of food in order to stick to something! I'm so glad you have great recipes that work for you.

Deniz said...

You sound SO positive. It is wonderful and inspiring to read what you've written as the sheer joy leaps out!

'Good' food doesn't have to be one lettuce leaf and a thin slice of cucumber - you really make the case for that here. You are one amazing lady.

Quinta da Quilter said...

So . . . .how do you make the choclate pudding and the pumpkin pie?! Please share!!


Anonymous said...

OMG Yumm-O! That food looks so delicious. So hard to get it in your head that this food is so much better than junk. These pics really make you wonder how in the world we think that. I think I'll make an egg for breakfast now instead of the Fruitloops I was going to have.
Stacey South Western, PA

Jessie said...

That pumpkin pie looked so good I tried to make it last night. Mine didn't set. :\ I wonder what I did wrong? I cooked it for 40 minutes....I had it on the top rack, I wonder if I should have put it on the bottom rack of the oven. Don't get me wrong, I ate it for breakfast and IT WAS GOOOD! Just a little soupy is all. :) Great recipe. Also, I used 1 tsp of pumpkin pie spice and 1/4 cinnamon b/c I didn't have the other spices and I don't think you could tell the difference!

Lyn said...


Center rack is best, but there is one sure-fire way to NOT get soupy pie. After 40 min, reach in with your oven mitt and slightly jiggle the pan or the rack. If the center of the pie looks liquidy.. jiggles a LOT... it is not done. Leave it in, check it again in 5-6 minutes. It is done when there is just a very slight jiggle in the center. Not liquidy, just a bit of movement. Then it will be set.

Hope this helps you. It really is yummy. You can mix your "soupy" pie into a bowl of plain oatmeal for breakfast and it is amazing.

Whitney said...

Do you have a recipe for the fries? They look really really tasty. . .and I need a replacement for potatoes...