Friday, October 30, 2009

What Not To Do

Do *not* go out shopping and running errands for hours on end over the noon hour without any healthy snacks or lunch in your vehicle. Do not come home famished and start going through the fridge and cabinets because if you do not eat RIGHT NOW you are going to DIE. Do not proceed to eat a banana, Jif peanut butter, a Fiber One key lime yogurt, and a high fiber granola bar for lunch. It is TOO MUCH sugar and not enough protein and you WILL feel sick!

That said, I am thankful that
a) I did not stop for fast food
b) I did not buy junk at the store
c) I did not have junk to grab at home
d) I got plenty of fiber today, and
e) I am still well within my calorie guidelines for the day.

Have a super fun Halloween weekend!


Greta said...

From my "not to do" list this week. Do not attempt to rotate the top piece of a king size mattress without some assistance..or you might end up missing a couple days at the gym afterwards. :(

Hey, you can add some protein now...and round it out a bit.

I get frozen pre cooked shrimp when it is on sale. You can grab a cup or so of that...stick in microwave for 2-3 minutes with some defrost and heat up....and eat. It is good--lots of protein and not many cals!

Oh, and a good snack for purse is one ounce of nuts in a little ziplock bag. Nuts take a long time to digest and can stave off hunger for a couple hours.

Good on ya for not fast fooding it!!!

Banana and PB....yum....that sounds like something I need to remember to add back in when I increase my carbs in the future.

Renata said...

My big "do not do" is grocery shopping while hungry. That one gets me every time.

Diana said...

Living and learning Lyn, living and learning. :)

stephseef said...

good girl! i took the kids to our downtown trick-or-treating fest this afternoon, and packed myself some almonds, an apple, and a string cheese. kept the protein level up so that i didn't get that 'shopping for too long' blood sugar feeling. we did great! so did you!

Autumnforest said...

I did the same thing today--starved myself running chores and felt like I couldn't get my stomach filled fast enough. It's really a matter of volume. Next time, try cereal. I find it fills much better.

Theresa said...

It's more the out of control feeling than the food isn't it! You did well by making sure there were not items to binge on at home. Great job. :)

Cynthia said...

I was sorta there last night. I ate before my workout, but then went grocery shopping after. I managed to make it home AND fix a healthy dinner, but then hubby brought chocolate. And I was still ravenous from my workout, even after eating dinner. So I ate a couple pieces. And then the sweet of the chocolate made me want something salty/crunchy. And hubby said he had salty almonds in his car. I ate too many. I did stay within maintenance calories, so a small victory.

Next time, I should probably pack something in my gym bag. Or take a protein shake.

spunkysuzi said...

I am impressed! You go girl :)

Mary - A Merry Life said...

Happy Halloween!!

Anonymous said...

Oh bananas are my life-savers. Every now and then I have the urge for something sweet and filling, so I always have lots of bananas in the kitchen. I think the fact that they are SO good for you, full of nutrients, essential vits and minerals etc means they can be included in a food plan.

I eat too may carbs and I know my problem is not always wanting to cook vegetables, or cook at all - and I have to be in the mood for a crisp, chewy apple. I have to get myself some good snacky foods. I eat pumpkin and sunflower seeds in small quantities when I want something crunchy, but I know I turn to bread too often. I am about to go shopping and feel the need for some protein, but....what? Will buy some almonds when I am out...but am aware I rely heavily on 'fatty' (but healthy) snacks too. Oh well, they're good fats.

We all understand how easy it is to just grab ANYTHING to eat from this post of yours Lyn. (I STILL am guilty of that, but not so often thease days.) Thanks for the reminder about preparation and thinking ahead.

DBee x

Vickie said...

you hit on a KEY point - I think of it as moving over the mountain - when the list of things that you NO longer do is long - that is the old side of the mountain.

And the more you move into the new stuff - it is the 'other side' of the mountain.

Eventually there are so many things on the old side - that I think it becomes easier and easier to stay on the new side - simply don't want to have to recover all that ground. Been there, done that - becomes past tense.

The new is normal.

Lynn Haraldson-Bering said...

Been there, STILL do it. Although bananas and peanut butter are my favorite snack ever, I doubt it's easy to eat in the car. How did you round out the day?

Lyn said...


I had some chicken breast so I chopped that up, mixed in a T of low fat mayo (15 calories), and ate it on a few All Bran Crackers while waiting for my Delicata squash to roast. Then I ate the squash! Yummy!