Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 1, 2009: 241 Pounds

This morning's weigh-in was bittersweet. I had really, really hoped for a lower number on the scale today.

241. Well, that's a one-pound loss from August 1. My highest weight during August was 248. So somewhere along the line I suppose I lost 7 pounds. But we'll stick to a one-pound loss for the month, because I always keep track from the first of the month to the next first.

I worked pretty hard this month. I pushed myself into more activity than I've been doing. I broke barriers with myself and had many, many days "on plan." But I'm not kidding myself. I had a couple of binges. Not a lot, and not *terribly* frantic or crazy. But enough, as you can see, to keep me from losing *more.* One day I got a sheet of colorful, craving-inducing coupons from McDonald's in the mail. Buy a coffee, get a free warm, frosted Brownie Bites dessert. The glossy, chocolatey pictures caught me off guard and I went racing to the drive-thru to indulge. As I sat in the parking lot with my whipped-cream-topped mocha and warm, oozing brownies, I felt oddly uninterested. I took a sip of the mocha. I took 2 bites of the brownie. Then I said, "This just ain't worth it" and I dumped the mocha out the window and closed up the brownie to give to my teenager and went home. Another time I bought myself a cheese danish on a whim and then decided I wasn't going to eat it. And I didn't.

I'm proud of myself. If you look on the left side of my blog, there's a running report of weight each month for the last two years. I am SO thrilled to have a one pound loss, because this is the first LOSS I have had to report since April! And I did it during a month where I was on vacation for almost two weeks. One pound might not seem like much to you, but to me, it is the first step back to losing consistently. Breaking that gaining streak feels like I have finally "gotten through" to my fat-girl self. I think she is finally hearing me and not just digging in her heels and putting her fingers in her ears.

Yesterday was a good day. My foot still hurts, but I managed to bike gently for about 16 minutes before it got too painful. I kept the resistance down and tried to shift my foot around a lot, but when it started to hurt I laid off. I think I'll rest it again today and do some upper body work.

My dinner last night was so great! My son caught some salmon and we pan-fried it in olive oil with salt & pepper. I made a nice fresh mango salsa: chopped red onions softened in a bit of olive oil on the stove, minced garlic tossed in to cook briefly, then I mixed that with some chopped fresh tomatoes from the garden, half a jalapeno (with NO SEEDS), 2 diced fresh, juicy mangoes, chopped cilantro, lime juice, and salt & pepper. That was so good served over the salmon! I made a side of brown rice (mainly for my daughter; I only had about 2T of rice) and steamed fresh asparagus spears. Delish!

Well, I'll just call myself a success! I'm on a losing trend, I'm eating healthy, and I am moving more now than I have in a good six months. I know if I keep it up, the downward trend will continue. And life only gets better when you have less heaviness to carry around. Everything aches less. And ya know, that is true both physically and emotionally. Less heaviness. Less aching. All around, life's better. It's better at 241 than at 280, and it's better at 214 than 241. Losing weight doesn't solve everything, but it does indeed make life easier.

There's never a better time than NOW. Your next bite matters. Make it a good one!


*~* Jenni *~* said...

Every pound matters, so even a one-pound loss should be celebrated. Whether we gain or lose, we learn something in the process right?

Good luck to you -- I found your blog a few days ago, and look forward to reading about your progress!

Wii Fat Marathon said...

Have your measurements changed? If you're getting more muscle, the scale won't show it, but your measurements will!

Keeven said...

I'm proud of you that you threw out those foods out the window. This proves you have chosen to take the correct path. And your able to choose between temporary satisfaction or the end goal. Keep it up!

Georgia Mist said...

Every pound lost IS a victory! It's not a race to see who can lose the most the fastest. It really is a metter of slow and steady wins the race.
You are doing great!
I wish you the very best of success!

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

That's one pound you don't have to lose anymore! Good job!

I know that you are on your way now!

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Lyn. Congrats on your loss. This is an important month when you've really turned things around. You did lose more than one pound from your highest weight of the month so that just shows how much work you've done.

Re feet - I forgot to mention that I found having trainers with a high firm arch support really important when I was having that kind of problem. They support your foot in the right position and shape. They helped me - I could hardly walk without them.

The salmon sounds amazing! Sounds like you've become a real gourmet!

You are doing all the right things now and we're all rooting for you to keep going on this path to achieve your goals. You have proved you can do it.

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx

Leslie said...

Progress, not perfection. Your 2 back-from-the-edge almost binges were amazing...that's hard to do once the food is in hand.

You're going in the right direction. This is a life long process in a much bigger picture than any one day's actions. You're doing great.

spunkysuzi said...

You are going down, which is what you need to do :)
Actually i think a month where there is any weight that has been lost is a successful month!

Lonely said...

Congratulations on your loss, every pound counts and you should be proud of yourself. You seem to have made some really good choices in August which should make September easier for you still. Here's to losing more weight in September.

Hopeful said...

I think any loss, even 1 lb, is an accomplishment! It's an indicator that things are moving in the right direction.

Throwing those foods away - that's another indicator.

Things are going to start coming together for you, I can just feel it!!

bbubblyb said...

Way to go on a losing month! For me, I know exercise just makes me feel mentally better even if I can't do all I would like. Hope you're foot gets to feeling better.

Jennifer said...

Sometimes non-scale victories are the most rewarding. Saying no, walking away, eating healthy, knowing that you have made a long term difference in your health is more important than what a number tells you.

allthingsjuice said...

You are moving in the right direction. Keep it up!

Jessica VZ said...

I love that you're back at this and it seems like you're back at it with a gusto. I was so inspired by the first part of your journey that I began my own weight-loss journey. I'm on Sparkpeople and I love it. The people are amazing, the support is amazing, not to mention the calorie counter. You turned me onto that site, you made me WANT to try to lose weight and I thank you for that. I'm SO glad that you decided to keep trying for yourself too!

Theresa said...

Congrats on "turn it back around month" :)
I got those coupons too. And I live in Alberta, Canada. It must be global.... my husband and I made a complete conscious effort to look at the coupons and both agree, "it is NOT worth it".
Great job being 7 pounds lighter. <3

julie said...

I LOVE reading your posts!!!! They make my day!

screwdestiny said...

Congrats on the loss. If seeing that is what it takes to get you really motivated again then that's awesome.

Mama Bear June said...

You were definitely doing something right when the 7 pounds were gone and it sounds like you are back on track to keep going on that direction! Hope your ankle is OK.

And congrats on the NSVs. Keep making healthy choices.
Path to Health

antgirl said...

A budge in the right direction is a success. You've made a lot of progress. Keep the optimism up and count what you got right instead of focusing on the numbers.

Amrita said...

Sometimes I really think that as nice as it is to see the numbers going down, it's really about changing mindsets. If we can do that (and hold on to it) the numbers will go down by themselves.

You know how great it is that you managed to throw away that mocha and danish and give away those brownies. It's a victory every time we hold cakes/ sweets/ brownies/ biscuits/ cookies/ crisps in our hands and manage to give all or even most of them away (either to other people or to the bin). Well done.

destinationathlete said...

What a fantastic attitude!!!

keep it up girly - September is gonna be great!

Tammy said...

I think that one pound loss marks a terrific turn in your behaviors Lyn. It's just as exciting as any other loss. I'm glad you're headed back down the scale and on the way to a healthier, happier you. :)

Jac said...

A pound is a pound, and that's still great! The scale is moving in the right direction!! After all, changing our lifestyle is so difficult... as you know already!

I'm a new reader, but as I've looked around your blog I can tell you've made some wonderful changes and are a great inspiration!

wombat125 said...

I've just started following your blog and blogging myself. I want to say congrats on the pound! It's progress, not perfection, that counts!

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