Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Active and Free Joint Solution Giveaway and Review

Here's a review I wrote for those of you who suffer from arthritis, like I do: Active and Free Joint Solution. Read the review and leave a comment there (not here) for a chance to win a FREE bottle of Joint Solution for yourself or a loved one who is living with joint pain. (I wasn't paid to write this review, but it's something I felt might help some of you, so check it out if you're interested!) A winner will be announced on Monday, September 14th. Good luck!


*fitcetera* said...

Thankfully I don't suffer from this affliction.
Just some brain cramps once in a while.
Hope your day is Healthy!

Lillian Torres said...

I suffer from fibromyalsia and arthritis. I tried Active and Free Joint Solution in the hopes of alleviating some pain. Unfortunately, some weeks later I started to have stomach problems and canceled my order and requested a refund. I received a second bottle and returned that too. They only refunded the first bottle and not the second. They're excuse is terms and conditions. Then why refund the first. I am a senior citizen on SSI who tried this product in good faith. I am now being taken advantage of by this company. Are they so badly off they need to steal money from seniors. They got their product back what more do they want? While their product may help some their company is unethical and I do not recommend it to anyone.