Friday, August 14, 2009

Real Food!!

Yes, another post today. I am *so excited* to be back to real food! I went to the grocery store today for:

organic skim milk
whole wheat bread
fresh blueberries
organic baby spinach
fresh mushrooms
canned pears
tuna salad cups (80 calories each, great for a protein fix!)
Egg Beaters
Double Fiber English muffins
Carb Balance tortillas
black beans
refried beans
red onion
canned tomatoes
organic nonfat yogurt

After I got home, my son brought in about 30 fresh, ripe tomatoes from the garden! Guess I didn't need those canned ones after all. Will make some sauce, and buy some fresh mozzarella and fresh basil for caprese stacks tomorrow! Yum. We also got a pepper and a zucchini from the garden. Tomorrow, we'll hit the Farmer's Market for the *real* haul of food!

Dinner tonight: black bean salad. Simple: rinsed, drained black beans, diced tomatoes, chopped avocado, minced red onion, and seasoning, tossed and chilled. Yum!

Doing great, counting calories, feeling wonderful!


Larkspur said...

Yum! I can tell you're excited to be back with real food-- enjoy.

45+ and Aspiring said...

Your enthusiasm is infectious! It's wonderful to "want" to be home and to crave healthy food!

Your dinner sounded delicious! I'm jeolous of your garden our veggies in pots certainly didn't thrive this year!

Welcome home, welcome back to feeling good eating and looking in the mirror.

South Beach Steve said...

It looks like you have stocked up and gotten ready for some healthy eating again. It feels good to be home, doesn't it?

Val said...

Glad you are getting back into your groove :)

Heather said...

so glad you are back and able to get back into things! I know sometimes when Im gone and out of my routine that it feels great to be back in it. Im glad you dont let the vacation hangover get to you!

Tammy said...

Vacations are awesome, but what's even more awesome is coming back to home sweet home and our familiar surroundings and habits. So glad to hear you've gotten right back into the groove of the healthy eating. What's even more exciting is how much you missed it. :)

Crabby McSlacker said...

There is nothing like being unable to eat healthy fresh produce for a while to make your really appreciate it when you can have it again!

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

That looks looks great. Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend.

Ria said...

Your black bean salad sounds wonderful - glad you're back in the groove. Enjoy those home-grown tomatoes!

dani31608 said...

Mmmm ... caprese stacks. Simple perfection! Let me add that to my grocery list!

Enjoy your yummies!

Sue said...


screwdestiny said...

It must have been terrible going without vegetables for all that time. Good to see you're back to your healthy eating!