Saturday, August 15, 2009

Food Haul

I'm back from the Farmer's Market and I am basking in the afterglow of a caprese stack, fresh from the garden. More on that later...

I absolutely adore my Farmer's Market. I feel so blessed to live in a place where I can get such an immense variety of fresh, locally grown produce. We even have several really good organic farms that sell at the market. I just love summer! Remember, folks, it IS summer (for most of us), so if you are not out there enjoying nature's bounty of delicious ripe foods in season, get off your butt and GET OUT THERE!! Find a place to buy local stuff! Even if you don't have a farmer's market, most places do have a produce stand or a farm or somewhere that you can go and buy fruit or veggies that were just picked. Try searching here or here. And while you're at it, get in some nice warm-weather activity. Take a walk or a swim or something. Enjoy the season!

I totally would not have lost this weight without the Farmer's Market. When winter came and the market closed, I was worried I wouldn't know what to eat. But after visiting *every* grocery store within a 20-minute drive of my home, I found the one I felt had the best produce section and I started going there once a week, pretending it was a Farmer's Market. Lots of yummy things come into season in the winter, like acorn squash, butternut squash, leeks, Clementines, and pomegranates. Every trip to the store was like a treasure hunt, and I always have lots of fun on my once-weekly produce jaunt, no matter what the season.

Today's haul of fresh, local produce included:
red raspberries
18 HUGE organic peaches
7 organic nectarines
a pound of fresh Lima beans
a bag of teeny-tiny supersweet red and yellow tomatoes the size of a dime
a big seedless watermelon
a cantaloupe
6 ears of sweet corn
2 medium yellow summer squash
a bulb of fresh garlic
one bunch of sweet fresh basil
one acorn squash
one spaghetti squash
a bag of baby red potatoes
3 pounds of freshly picked apples

Cost? $47. Health? Priceless.

My garden is also yielding nicely, with tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and melons almost ready. Life is good!

Enjoy your weekend :)


Diana said...

I love summer because of all the wonderful fresh produce. I really think it's easier to lose weight in the summer.

Of course, if that was really the case, I'd be at goal by now. :)

julie said...

I'm so glad that you are back from vacation. I LOVE reading your posts. You are a gifted writer and have such insight. Way to go on the food haul! :)

Fat Chick said...

sounds like a yummy Farmers Market trip. All I got today was beets, one LARGE zucchini, a large green onion, 2 cobs of corn, and a cucumber. The line for peaches was so long I didn't have the patience to stand in it. :( Next week I'll get there earlier because I heard they are really good.

She-Fit said...

Oh wow! I love farmer markets. I can spend so much time in my market.

eilismaura said...

Does your family share your taste in all this fine food?? I have a problem here where I like something and my husband other things and my son eats very lightly. I have such a problem with waste! I will be trying that new set of boxes to help

And so far with trying new things I am having NO LUCK!!! I found I don't like most of them ~sniff~

South Beach Steve said...

What a great trip to the farmer's market, and even better, what a great spread your garden is bringing you. Like you, I really miss all these fresh veggies come winter. I so dread that this year.

Kimberly said...

I feel the same way about Central Market (high end grocery store that has a great prepared foods case and the best produce department I have ever seen). You have to find what works for you and when you do it is like this wonderful treasure - an ace in the hole in the battle to take off the pounds. Congrats on finding your place and for doing so well.

Tammy said...

I, too, love shopping at the Farmer's Market...but mine's kind of far away. I end up buying most of my produce at my favorite grocery store, Publix. I get what's on sale each week. :)

screwdestiny said...

Yeah...sure wish I had a Farmer's Market. But I live in stupid-ass Wyoming where we don't have things like that. Hell, we don't ever have good produce. There's almost always some a recipe I want to try with produce that I know I won't be able to find here. It's really frustrating, but I'm glad you live in a place where it is plentiful. :)

Dana ( said...

There are a few local farmer's markets in the area where I live, I have yet to venture out. Usually I am not awake early enough! I need to make that a goal in the next couple weeks!

Lyn said...


one of my sons LOVES veggies and fruits. One son hates almost all veggies AND fruit. The other kids all have some they like, so I try and let them choose what to get. Yesterday my daughter asked for the raspberries and one son asked for apples and peaches and corn. The rest? I will eat it. ALL of it. Anything that I see is getting close to going bad, I steam or prep it and freeze it for later, but usually I manage to cram it all into my body :)


oh that's too bad you don't have anything near you! I wonder if there are things that would grow in your yard or in pots? Maybe a tomato plant in a pot, or some peppers or berries or something. If not, I just hope you can find a decent grocery store. I would flip out without produce.

Bonita Gordita said...

Isn't that great?! I love my farmer's markets here in town, too. They bring me much joy.

Back for Round Two said...

I go to one farmer's market on Saturday and one on Sunday! I absolutely love this time of year and my husband loves all of the fresh melons that we pick up every week. We're thinking about joining a CSA next year, but I'll probably still go to the farmer's markets.