Saturday, July 11, 2009


I am really enjoying all the insightful comments you guys are leaving. Thanks so much! Lots to think about.

I am pretty sure my old "plan" worked just fine and would continue to work if I worked it. (Plan working = weight loss; Me working the plan = actually doing it instead of eating healthy half the time and junk the rest of the time). Counting calories flat out works for me. It's simple, I can afford to enjoy just about any food in moderate portions, yet it encourages vegetable consumption because they are so bulky and low in calories. And biking/strength training works for me too, and makes me feel so strong and energized!

For the past few days I have pretty much been on my feet working (with short breaks) from morning til night. Last night I crashed into bed around midnight, and this morning I was doing dishes and mopping the floor by 8am. (I am really *not* a neat freak. My general rule is: vacuum twice a week, mop once a week, bathrooms scrubbed once a week. Everything else as needed. Although I could use a good decluttering). By 3pm today I was limping. Usually if I overdo it, I am limping/hobbling in the evening after 8... so this "early onset limp" tells me that I need to cut back and rest a bit. In fact, I am so sore, stiff, achey and in pain that I have been on my butt for 2 hours now and plan to take it easy all day tomorrow. Need to let the body heal up a bit.

It's hard to find balance, for me. Do too much, do too little. Days of whirlwind activity and no rest, or days of sitting on the sofa for hours (this occurs mostly in the winter). I tend to let things go if I can, and then at the last minute I am rushing around in a frenzy trying to get everything done by whatever deadline there is. This is not moderate, and it doesn't help me incorporate exercise and healthy eating.

Look at it this way. Say that in a week's time, you need to do 10 loads of laundry along with all your other household chores. You have a few choices:

Do one or two loads every day.
Do 3 or 4 loads every other day.
Do five loads twice a week.
Do all ten loads in one day.

What do *you* tend to pick? Me, I am a "five loads twice a week" kind of gal. I don't want to do laundry every day; in fact, I want to have more days where I *don't* think about laundry than days I do. Five loads in a day is a little annoying, but doable... it does force me to make sporadic trips up and down the stairs and fold laundry every couple of hours all day long twice a week, and I don't really like that either. So on rare occasion, I skip one of those days of 5 loads, and I end up at the end of the week with 10 loads to do in one day. Good heavens, it is NO fun. It takes startinga load as soon as I wake up and folding laundry until midnight to get it all done. And I get hardly anything else done on a day like that. So I try to avoid doing that if at ALL possible.

Now, how this ties in to weight loss and fitness: if a person keeps putting things off so that they have those ten-load days *often* (not just laundry, but other stuff, like dishes or shopping or cleaning or other projects), then they spend a lot of days racing around trying to complete stuff that should've been done days ago. They don't "have time" for exercise or food prep or relaxation or even sleep, because they "have to" stay up late getting x y z done. And then when they are FINALLY done, they are so exhausted they just sit and watch TV or read or do some other "checking out" behavior for a few days, at which point they "wake up" and go, "oh my gosh, I have GOT to to the laundry/dishes/mopping/etc!!" And the chaos begins again.

The key to breaking out of this kind of living is balance... something I need to work on. By spreading out the workload over several days instead of trying to do it all in one day, you free yourself to have *more* time to relax, enjoy life, and actually get more done with less effort. Including fitting in exercise. So I am aiming to do a reasonable amount of work each day, some exercise, and even some time to relax... every day.

The robin babies are morphing into birds right before my eyes! Take a look at these pictures, and then scroll back and look at them just one week ago! Wow! What a huge change!

Baby robins, 1 week old, 7/9:

8 days old: Does this guy actually *look* like a Robin now or what??

9 days old (today): Guess they figured out I am not bringing them any worms. Nice feathers, huh?
Have a great... moderately productive... moderately relaxing... weekend!


spunkysuzi said...

Moderation is the only way to go in life!
As usual i love reading your blog :)

Larkspur said...

Laundry... my bane!

It's good to see you staying the course. We're all pulling for you, you know.

Personally, I am jonesing for a GoWearFit or a Bodybugg. I fancy that knowing the calories I'm using will help me burn more.

Anonymous said...

Loving the robin pictures!
Thank you!


Diana said...
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Diana said...

I just got caught up on your posts. I'm so sorry about the weight gain, and I totally understand.

I've been there myself so many times I've lost count. I know you've got it in you to get in control again. It's hard, but it's so worth it.

Darn it, if they could just come up with a pill for people like us. Until they do, we just have to keep fighting the good fight. :)

*Fitcetera* said...

With housework in general ... I SUCK.
I'm disorganized & a perfectionist.
Moderation would be great here instead of all or nothing.

I hope you get your weight-loss-jones on soon, girlie!
Remember you've got it in you to do this ...
Eyes forward and move onward.

Are you getting enough sleep???
Your body may be craving sleep not food.

Anonymous said...

This entry really speaks to me. Thank you for posting this. Very eye opening for me.

Karyn said...

At this point in my life, I only have one (maybe two) loads of laundry a week, but when I had seven people to do laundry for, I did at least one load every day. If I fell behind, I took my 10 loads to the laundromat - get everything done at once.

Have you heard of FLYLADY? She has a system of doing a little everyday. It really works, if you work it (just like the weight loss plan, eh?) Check it out on the web - don't know the address offhand, but if you google flylady you'll find her.

Anonymous said...

i broke out in a rash just considering having to do so much laundry. you're a better woman than me lyn. lol :)

moonduster said...

I'm a procrastinator. Moderation is a good idea.

anne h said...

I love your blog - and the comments...

Perhaps it's like graduate school....balance and moderation go by the wayside until the goal is closer and in sight. Sometimes it takes more than 100%, or so it seems.

Thealogian said...

It is really interesting to learn how other people manage their households honestly--sometimes I think in person, people are more apt to lie (like, oh, I mop the floors everyday) whereas in forums like these, there's less judgment so its easier to own up to getting behind and having to do 10 loads in one day, etc.

Yeah, moderation is the key to life, ugh.

Anonymous said...

I'm of the laundry every day persuasion, which for me is once a week, as I am just one person not doing much. If your body is hurting or otherwise telling you to rest, it's best to listen, in my opinion. You've been doing very well, it's natural and normal to get frustrated with the process, it's okay.

Anonymous said...

I'm having similar mental struggles.

For me it's also getting back to consistently counting calories and logging what I eat. I am still losing, but feel like I am slipping back into bad habits, especially over the weekends!

So my goal this week is going to be simple. 1,600 calories or under per day 6 days, 2,200 or under on my long bike ride day.

Good luck to you!

tijya said...

You had some really valid points today.

Crys said...

I always say, "All things in moderation, including moderation" but you make some valid points here. I love your blog! :)