Friday, July 3, 2009


Happy 4th of July!! A lovely day to celebrate our freedom. We take it for granted in so many ways. In particular I was thinking about how free we are to eat, drink, relax, enjoy life... that we do not have to spend our days toiling in the sun to grow our food, slaughtering our animals for dinner, and cooking it over a fire. We are free, for the most part, *not* to be starving to death, unlike many other countries. We are free, because of technology, to have the luxury of "free time" even if it's only on the weekends, because we do not have to spend every waking hour exhausting ourselves to take care of our basic needs; we don't have to haul our water in buckets from a creek, walk outside and use an outhouse, heat water over a fire for our baths, wash our clothes by hand in a tub. We don't have to sew all of our own clothes and blankets. We don't have to care for horses and buggies and shovel poop every day just so we can have a ride to town rather than walking. And we don't even have to walk. In fact, some of us have to actually *schedule* a 30-minute walk into our day "for exercise." How blessed are we?

And how fat we have become as a result.

It's a privilege to have so much food that you can eat enough to get so fat, when a lot of the world is begging and scavenging and working for every bite for their families. It's a blessing and a curse... this freedom. Freedom to eat to excess, and for many, to laze at a desk job or on the sofa and never have to lift a finger but to turn on the dishwasher or take the clothes out of the dryer. How much we take for granted.

This Independence Day, I resolve to use my freedom for good. I am free to choose fresh fruits and vegetables and good quality foods to put into my body. I am blessed to never have to really worry about malnutrition. I am free to spend my time enjoying life instead of wondering each day if my children are going to go to bed hungry. And I know what a privilege that is.

Revel in your freedoms, whatever they may be! And use them for good.

(If you missed the Robins post yesterday, check it out so you know why I am posting pictures of birds on my blog!)

Babies, one day old, 7/3/09


Anonymous said...

I love this post! Seize the freedom to eat healthy and lose weight :)

screwdestiny said...

I really enjoyed this post as well. It always struck me as ironic that in America people are dying because they're eating *too* much, while in so many other places in the world, people are dying because they can't even get enough. Pretty sad, I think.

anne h said...

Happy 4th to you and your readers!
Love the little baby birds. They grow fast. The nest is so neat and orderly.

Hanlie said...

Great post!

What happened to the egg shells? Were they kicked out of the nest?

South Beach Steve said...

Lyn, you and I are thinking alike. I am planning a very similar post on logmyloss later today.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it *should* really make us stop and think before stuffing that next bite in -- somewhere there is a small child who is crying because their stomach hurts from hunger. Puts it a bit in perspective. It seems disrespectful to me to overeat now.

It's a blessing to have the food to eat that we do, and I want to respect it more.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the robin pictures!


Anonymous said...

great post lyn! so many are starving in a land of plenty, by picking the wrong foods. its good to have those learning new choices and making better decisions. pizza and coke used to have me very large, but very malnourished.

a prayer to all those who never get any choice in the matter.

Blue Moon said...

You Rock ! Your doing a great job. Please dont get discouraged - ever. I am in the same struggle as you right now - and my strength wavers from day to day. Seeing your pics shows me the proof that my dreams may have a seed of reality. Peace and blessings to you !

Lynn Haraldson-Bering said...

I spent the better part of yesterday wallowing in self-pity. I wouldn't have heard your message as well yesterday, but it's crystal clear today. You really helped me out, Lyn. Thank you :) I AM free to choose, not just to be nutritionally healthy, but emotionally healthy as well.

clickmom said...

I am going to chew on your freedom post today. WHat a thoughtful concept. ALso, can't wait to see the progress of the birds. Awesome idea.