Sunday, May 10, 2009

Getting My Stuff Together

Well, after about a week of floundering around not really making any progress in the Healthy Eating/Activity arena, I finally started to get my "stuff" together yesterday. It's a hard pit to get out of: you missed a day exercising, then another day, then another... until you haven't walked or biked or strength trained in WEEKS. Muscles turning to mush, endurance disappearing, energy levels AND mood wayyyy down. You eat a little too much here, an extra serving there. You let the cookies sneak in, then the chips (because there has to be a salty/sweet balance when dealing with junk food) and then before you know it you're eating pizza and ice cream like you don't even care what you weigh. It's tough to pull out of a slump like that because when you are not treating your body right, you just don't feel well. You have no motivation or energy to change. It's like being a big blob of "blah." That's the vicious cycle of obesity.

The wake up call came a few days ago when I couldn't find any clothes to wear because I'd been "checked out" (as I described in my last post) and haven't dealt with my own laundry. So I dug deep and found a pair of size 18 capri pants that have fit me just fine lately. But when I tried to put them on, they wouldn't even button!! In fact, they are a good INCH away from buttoning... much less wearing comfortably. "This is crap," I said, and the transformation began.

I currently weigh 235, and some of that is PMS bloat. I've been secluding myself a bit too much and not going outside enough, so I started yesterday by taking the girls and one son out to the park for an hour and a half. We walked, they biked, we played on the playground. It was nice to get back out in "life." I also went to the Farmer's Market for the first time this season (it just opened last week) and I bought fresh local:

organic asparagus
organic baby red onions
head of lettuce
baby mustard greens
2 onions
local clover honey
fresh pressed local apple cider (from the deep freeze, oh-so-fresh tasting and GOOD!)

There wasn't much else this early but it will pick up in the coming weeks.

I've been having fruit/spinach/protein smoothies for breakfast this week, but today my husband offered to make me breakfast... anything I wanted! I love Mother's Day! My menu:

fresh fruit salad (grapes, blueberries, strawberries... couldn't find a ripe cantaloupe)
2 poached eggs
Canadian bacon
fresh steamed asparagus
an Extra Crunchy Thomas' English Muffin (my splurge! I love these!)
fresh oj

Mmmmm. I had my tea and breakfast's cooking! Later today I will take the kids out for a nice long walk again (one in the stroller, the other on a scooter) and spend time in the backyard as well.

This week's goals:

Eat more real food and little, if any, junk
Try one of my yoga DVDs
Walk or bike 30 min/day
Get outside
Stay checked in *most* of the time

How about you? Got some goals for this week?
Have a wonderful Sunday! And be well.


Anonymous said...

happy mothers day and hope you have a great week exceding your goals

Tami said...

It is tough getting back on track. I'm in a severe slump at the moment and trying to figure out how to not only get out of it but also STAY out of it for awhile. I haven't managed to stay on track for longer then 3-4 days at a time for the last few months.
My weight is going up instead of down and the only pair of pants that fit me finally ripped out from being worn so much.
It seems my counseling for binge eating has made my eating get worse. Go figure.

My plan for this coming week is to find more inspiring weight loss blogs to subscribe to, read them and reply every day and start going for walks again.

Great job getting back on track and taking care of yourself!

Happy Moms day!

Kathi said...

My goal for this week is to continue not eating meat. It will be a month on Friday and I want to reach that goal. I also continue to focus on no binges this week. I have been able to make the no binge thing for 13 days now! YAH ME!!

Never give up trying to get to a healthy weight it is SO worth the effort. I know because I have done it. I lost a 120 pounds and have been able to keep it off. I am here for anyone who needs support.

Happy Mother's Day!


Amalily said...

My goals for this week are to get on the road to healthy living & stay on it. Happy Mothers Day

Karen in TN said...

Me too Lyn!!!!! I have regained 12pounds but NO MORE!!! We can do it. :)

Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Hanlie said...

I started getting my stuff together last week and I've been doing quite well, but tomorrow I'm relaunching my fitness program.

I'm looking forward to this! Good luck to you too!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! Try that yoga dvd. I feel so good knowing I spent just 20 minutes a day doing a "yoga download" class. It doesn't always sound like much, but I can feel the difference. What with kids and life 20 minutes is sometimes all I can manage a day, but it is so worth it.

Karen said...

Happy Mothers' Day!

My goals for this week and henceforth is to make time for exercise EVERYDAY, even if it's just 20 minutes. I often forego exercise if I won't get to do it for an hour. But even 20 short minutes it better than nothing at all. My other two goals are to ride my new bike as much as I can and to avoid mindless snacking (and stress eating) at work.

eilismaura said...

on a practical concern - how do you make your smoothies? I am anemic and could use ideas to add more dietary iron - saw you use spinach in your smoothies - exactly how are you making them?

Anonymous said...

I needed encouragement! Thanks!
My goal is, from now, to choose the healthy foods that help me feel strong, and to spend time examining the need to eat garbage and not yell at myself about having done it.

And to try spinach in a smoothy tomorrow!


Rachel said...

Happy Mother's Day, Lyn! I hope you had a wonderful day.

Lyn said...


I use about a half cup of yogurt, some juice (orange, carrot, or pom), protein powder, some fruit (mango, berries, half banana, whatever). I whirl all that in the blender. Then I add a handful of washed baby spinach and whirl it again. Then add ice and whirl.

**I personally would never give a smoothie containing spinach to my CHILD, because of the spinach/ e coli risk (which is minor, but after reading about a toddler who died from drinking a spinach smoothie his mother gave him, I just won't do it.

bbubblyb said...

Happy Mother's Day Lyn!!! Sounds like you're feeling better. Way to go on getting out, I think it's so important and it really does make a person feel so much better. Always fills me up emotionally. Here's to a great week. For me the plan is get to the gym at least 3 times and walk my favorite road a few days, eat clean, spend quality time with the family and just enjoy life. Far to often I let the negatives creep in and take over, so none of that this week. Here's to a good Monday for us both.

Chubby Chick said...

Good luck with all your goals! I KNOW you can do it!

My goal is to exercise more this week.

Mary @ A Merry Life said...

Happy Mother's Day Lyn! Hope it was a great day.

As for my goals for the week - walk or otherwise exercise every day. Simple enough. Now to do it. :)

Hope you have a great one!

Lynne said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

My goal for the week will be one LONG RUN - in addition to healthy eating!

Let's say "we did it" one week from today!!!

Twix said...

Happy Mother's Day!! Taking care of ourselves is a great goal. We all need to love ourselves a bit more! My plans for this week? Finish my detoured weekend mission. :) Have a fantastic Monday, as well!!

Ria said...

Glad you had a nice Mothers Day!

I definitely relate to how hard it can be to get out of "the pit" . . . I've also been having a hard time getting myself to exercise and control my eating for the past few weeks. We've had 10+ days of consistent cloudy, rainy weather here, and I really think that had something to do with my "pit" . . . yesterday and today have both been clear and sunny and my motivation seems to be back.

Your farmer's market haul sounds nice . . . surprisingly enough, there are a number of greenmarkets in NYC selling local produce and you've definitely inspired me to start checking them out.

Good luck this week - here's to making it a great one.