Friday, March 6, 2009

Steps in the Right Direction

A bit of an addendum to my first post today re: laziness. I've been thinking about how I have stalled out so far this week on weight loss. I let some good habits fall off and die, and haven't been very focused for the last few days. I slacked on the bike rides and weight lifting. And not eating as much produce as I need to. Gotta change that, and now. In fact, I was thinking how much it helped me to use this blog for accountability and transparency in my eating and exercise, so I'm going back to that for a bit. So food logs will appear daily, blogged or Twittered.

Today I took a step in the right direction. Holy crap, I just realized something. Brb.

25 minutes later...
Alrighty then. I was typing up my blog, being my lazy self when it hit me like a ton of bricks that instead of DOING I was thinking it. Writing about it. The old "listmaking as avoidance" trap. So I threw down the laptop, grabbed a coat, bundled up my daughter and stuck her in a stroller with a nice woolly blanket and hit the road. I admit, the first 5 minutes were awful. I was freezing, the wind was blowing in my face, and the sun was going down so I was walking in the shade. I was thinking about cutting it short and going back home, but when I rounded the corner and the setting sunlight hit me, I felt the chill leave and *wanted* to go on. It was only about 40 degrees, but the sun felt good. I walked a mile, stopping along the way to let my daughter go on the swings at the park. It was a nice, fast paced walk. I did something good for myself today!

Anyway, as I was saying before I went for my walk, I took (another) step in the right direction (earlier) today. My fridge was getting pretty bare and the only produce I had left was pineapple, bananas, apples, Clementines, ruby red grapefruits, carrots, bagged salad, cauliflower, onions, a green pepper, a jicama, a butternut squash, an acorn squash, garlic, and blackberries. So I went to the grocery store and I bought: more apples, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, baby spinach, kale, bok choy, a yellow bell pepper, asparagus, broccoli, potatoes, an avocado, a hothouse tomato, an English cucumber, and a spaghetti squash. I also bought walnuts and almonds for salads and oatmeal, skim milk, hummus, whole wheat bread, whole grain waffles, low fat cheeses, lean pork cutlets, turkey breast, and ground turkey. Now I am set to eat well. IF YOU DON'T *HAVE* ENOUGH PRODUCE, YOU WON'T *EAT* ENOUGH PRODUCE! :)

Life's good, I'm having... you guessed it... PRODUCE for dinner! Will bike this evening and start reporting my food and exercise again tomorrow. I'm working on a meal plan (dinners) for next week that is healthy and that the kids will enjoy. Family meeting tonight, to get their suggestions. If you have a favorite healthy family dinner that kids like, please leave it in the comments! I am up for suggestions. Have a great weekend!


VNR said...

Good call on the 25 minute 'interruption'. I love moments like those- that little surge of motivation is great! :-D

Anonymous said...

Wow--that was ALL the produce in your fridge? Now I feel like a total crud eater. I don't think I've ever had that much produce in my refrigerator at once. Guess that's something I need to remedy, huh?

Lyn said...


no. Actually, I forgot to mention the artichoke!

heh :)

Alaska Pickle said...

Make whole wheat turkey tacos with ground turkey breast and black beans in them. For the kids, fold them into burrito shape, add some Monterey Jack, and toast up the folded side in some Pam on the griddle so they stay closed while being eaten. Heck, do that for everybody! Let the kids dip them in salsa and eat them with fruit/salad/corn/vegetarian refried beans/rice/whatever. My kids like these, and they are picky!

Good for you to drop everything and go for the walk. I'm sure the sunshine did you good!

Vickie said...

when my kids do have suggestions - or see something on TV - or are hungry for something - I usually check the link above at discovery health - they have lots and lots of recipes. Often I can do better/healthier than what they suggest - but it gets my mind rolling in the right direction.

I made Devon Alexander's Svelte Potatoes this week. I left out the butter - but LOVED her way of making the white sauce (flour in bowl, slowy whisk in milk, THEN put mixture in a pan and put on heat).

I personally did not eat the cheesy potatoes - but the kids thought they were great.

I have another idea -
make index cards of combinations that the kids like - one set/meal per card - as you get healthier and healthier versions of their favorites - the card system will make meal planning and shopping easy.

Dinah Soar said...

What you said about list making and avoidance, good point..that is one reason why many diets fail..they consume too much thought and time and our effort goes there, and we stay hungry because everything revolves around the food we should or shouldn't be eating, and we stay hungry all the time. We get so involved in the diet prep we neglect the stuff of life that involves physical exertion.

Hence, my more recent effort at doing two things..moving and eating healthfully. If I spent the time moving that I spend sitting and reading blogs about 'moving' I'd be much thinner. And reading fewer food related blogs has helped me get my mind off of food.

Crystal said...

You are such an inspiration for me. I have a lot of health problems and can't do a lot yet as far as exercise. Thanks so much.

new*me said...

even before you went shopping, your produce selection sounded yummy and probably a lot better than most of us :)

I love to make chilis and soups for the kids because I can puree and disguise so many veggies in there :) Cornbead on the side is always yummy too :)

Karyn said...

Your list of produce in your fridge BEFORE you went shopping is way more than I ever have! I tend to keep the same things all the time - and I do not know how to preprare some of the more 'exotic' (to me) fruits/vegetables. Actually, I've added to my list of 'usuals' because of some of your posts! You've taught me how to use butternut squash, for example. In fact, I'd never even picked up a butternut squash before you talked about it in a post. So....I'm branching out, thanks to you.