Friday, March 6, 2009


You know, sometimes I really think half this battle is conquering laziness. I used to bristle when people would equate fat with lazy. Well, I still do. It isn't fair. Lots of heavy folks are not lazy at all, and in fact, if I had to characterize myself overall I couldn't say I have ever been lazy. I mean, I have always been a worker:

I got my first job at 13, and when I was 16 I was an honor roll student in 11th grade, an ordained minister doing religious work at least 15 hours/week, working 25 hours a week after school, and had purchased my own car.

I had my first child right after I turned 21, and by the time I was 26 I had had 4 children of my own, 2 pregnancy losses, 3 step-children, and 5 foster children.

I was a stay-at-home mother for many years, along with doing lots of gardening, canning, farm animal care, milking dairy cows, shoveling poop, doing laundry and hanging it on the line to dry, sewing quilts for my kids, and managing to run the household on less than 20k/year with no welfare while my husband worked.

I was a single mom for awhile after that, working my butt off to feed my kids, and then going back to college for 5 years to get my AA, an applied science degree, and a bachelor's degree. I got scholarships, worked internships, stayed up til 2am each night doing homework, and graduated magna cum laude. All this raising 4 kids alone.

Nah, I've never been lazy. Just because I was obese did not make me lazy.

But even though I am not a lazy person overall, I think it is the *in the moment* lazy choices that make weight loss tough.

Don't you ever just want to say, SCREW chopping vegetables, TO HECK with grilling chicken, I just want to pop a frozen pizza in the oven! Or, Boy, I just do not feel like taking a walk today. I'll just sit here and veg out instead. It's the little stuff like that... the lazy choices... that sabotage weight loss. This was driven home the other day when I read a brilliant post by Tony, the Anti-Jared. He wrote about how one small act of laziness could lead to a very sad future. Excuses breed more excuses. Strength breeds more strength.

This morning, I was tired. I had a headache. I absolutely did NOT feel like cooking my usual oatmeal or Egg Beaters. My lazy bone took over and I thought about swinging by McDonald's on the way to run errands this morning. A sausage biscuit and coffee would hit the spot. But that kind of choice would lead to more poor choices, and eventually it would take me off my path to better health and back to the pit of obesity I was in before. So I thought for a minute, and decided to have something easy but healthy. I ate a nice, sweet, ruby red grapefruit, and a slice of whole wheat toast with peanut butter on it. It was so delicious, yet healthy and easy. The green tea was better than coffee would have been, too. There's always a reasonable option.

Now I am on the couch, tired. I don't want to walk, bike, lift a weight, or do ANYTHING that requires moving more than my fingers. I am having a lazy day, for sure. When I got home from errands, I didn't feel like cooking or making a big salad for lunch. So I made a Lean Cuisine cabbage roll meal for 220 calories, with a side of broccoli salad. Great option, even for laziness.

I guess we all have days when we just *don't wanna.* And it's ok to take it easy. Everyone needs a break. But we can't afford to be lazy with our eating habits. We need to have some quick, easy options available for lazy days. Because frankly, when I was 278 pounds and hungry, I'd just grab whatever was close, with no thought, because it was easier. A donut was easier than a sandwich. A slab of cheese was easier than a salad. My laziness got me fat. Laziness in small choices.

I'll have to get off my butt later today for a bike ride if I was to see a weight loss this week. That's a choice too. Will you choose to lose weight or not? Be healthy or not? Make an effort or not? I won't let my lazy choices keep me fat. I'm going to move... keep moving towards better health.


MizFit said...

loved the antijareds post and love yours.
you make an interesting and TRUE point about the being able to slack some on the exercise but always needing to be vigilant with the food.
life as a mama is anything but slowpaced so even when we dont exercise ....we DO huh?

and yes.

YOU woman are many things (smart funny an amazing writer a great mother) lazy is not one of them.

Dutch said...

I needed this post today. I have not done a darn thing. I kept asking my hubby if he wanted to go for a walk and he said later and never got out of his pj's. He was downstairs all day and that is where I do my Walk Away the Pounds tapes. I know I am using excuses because if I really wanted to exercise I would have. I did make great food choices today. That is one good thing for today. Thanks for this great post. Have a wonderful weekend.

bbubblyb said...

I've always said that no over weight person is lazy they are just tired. If someone tried picking up and carting around an extra 100 lbs everyday they would be exhausted. Great post!!! It is about just doing it.

Kara (photochick) said...

Such a great post, Lyn. I totally admit that for me being lazy is a big part of what made me fat. I didn't want to take the time - to plan, to cook, to shop, to exercise. And the heavier you get, the harder it is to build up the energy to work out. Even now I struggle with leaving the office and not feeling like going to work out. I just want to go veg on the sofa instead (i.e. be lazy). But that doesn't mean I'm lazy in all parts of my life ... but it sure is easy to develop the habit with regard to certain things.

Mel said...

Great post!... I actually just read the anitjareds post today...loved it.. made me make a post of my own about just DOING it.. and now to read yours it is just solidifying it all... I am so amazed by what you have done and what you are doing.. Keep it up and thanks for writting!

IRJessica said...

Terrific post. This very much summarizes where I go wrong. : ) Since I struggle with laziness in small choices, I am rearranging my life to fit it. Since I know 5 days out of 7 I am going to convince myself I'm too wiped to chop veggies, I just buy walmarts brand frozen veggies that only need to be nuked for 2 min. This also helps with my mild ADHD, which normally would result in a failure to have good food choices at home at all.

My whole life is making a switch to these sustainable changes. It is really working for me.

Karyn said...

I totally agree, Lyn. We cannot afford to let our guard down when it comes to what we put in our mouths. We must always be diligent

One of the reasons I keep a pot of soup in the fridge is because I know I can be lazy when it comes to cooking for myself. The soup means I have something healthy, low cal and almost instant when I do not 'feel like' chopping veggies, etc.

Pre planning makes it possible to be 'lazy' once in awhile without sabatoging ourselves.

Karyn said...

BTW.....your 'story' at the beginning of this post is amazing! We keep getting little glimpses of who Lyn is and personally, I am in awe.

More and more, I want to really get to know you.

JJS said...

My laziness lead to a 100lb weight gain in 5 years.

Now, I am trying to get the weight off. I have a family and home to care for. I am no longer lazy, but I definitely come last on my list of people to take care of.

But, you are so right. I can't be lazy anymore. Yes, there are many days when I am just too damn tired to exercise. So, I need to just get out and take a short walk or spend 20 minutes doing 30 Day Shred. Yes, there are many days when an unhealthy meal would be easier to make. But, I have to remember that this weight won't come off it I do that.

Thank you for bringing up the laziness topic. It is definitely something I need to be vigilant about!