Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Windup

Just wanted to report in that I had another good day. I'm feeling so much better now that I am off the junk and out of the rut. Losing weight is HARD. It is. But it is worth it, for the weight loss AND the better health. My emotions are in such a better place when I am not eating crap foods.

This morning I had my Chai tea with milk and agave nectar, and then took my daughter to playgroup. Then came home for breakfast.

Breakfast: 1/3 cup fresh blueberries, bowl of stone ground Scottish oats with agave nectar and vanilla and a splash of 2% milk, and green tea.

Then I cleaned, did laundry, and vacuumed and got my heart rate up. After that, I biked for 30 minutes even though I had no TV to watch (need to hook up the converter box).

Snack: Greek Gods Cinnamon Orange Vanilla yogurt (sooo good).

Lunch: Lean Cuisine Panini and about 8 spears of steamed asparagus, and a can of Enviga sugar-free green tea soda.

After that, I picked up my daughter and we went to the park. We played for about 20 minutes. I had so much fun! She was shouting, "come up with me Mommy!" and I was climbing up the ladders, the climbing wall, the steps, across the bridge and down the slides together several times. One slide was extra narrow and I *barely* was able to slide my ample hips down that thing without getting stuck! But it felt good knowing I did it and it will be "looser" this summer.

When I came home, I went outside and raked the front yard for about 10 minutes. I just wanted to get some more sun and get my heart rate up. I was really sweating! After that I was tired but decided to take a short, 5-10 minute walk down the block just to get my heart rate back down slowly. On my way back, a lady pulled over in tears asking if I had seen her lost dog. I hadn't, but I wanted to help, so I walked all the way back around the block looking for the dog. It felt good to be able to help (even though I didn't find her dog)... at least I had the option of walking that far. Two years ago? Not even an option. Then I went inside.

Snack: Slim Jim and a sugar-free cherry Jello with whipped cream.

Dinner: 1.5 cups of homemade ham and bean soup (made from a ham bone simmered in low sodium chicken broth with onions, garlic, carrots, 15-bean mix, tomatoes, celery, bay leaves, and seasonings) and a handful of peeled raw broccoli stems dipped in light Ranch.

I feel great. I am going to lift weights as soon as I am done typing.
Total calories so far today: 1262 and 10 glasses of water. I might have a cup of tea later, and if I get hungry maybe a small snack under 100 calories.


kate said...

Awesome day. Days like that just make me smile. Well done. K

Kelly said...

Lyn, I just recently found your blog and I have gotten so much from reading it. I struggle with being very overweight too and seeing your progress, your ups and downs, the things you've learned along the way...well it has all been very helpful to me. Thank you for sharing this journey and making me feel less alone. I feel like I have finally "met" someone who really "gets" what I am going through. God bless you!!

Meg said...

Wow, your meals sound so yummie! I may steal your breakfast ^_~ It sounds like you had an awesome day, and congratz on the Mammogram coming back clean!

Juice said...

You rock! So glad to see you having a wonderful day. How nice to be able to really play with your kid!!!!

Debbie said...

You rock. Great day today. I'm smiling as I read about playing at the park with your daughter. That alone makes it so worth it.

Anonymous said...

your day sounds so wonderful..
just seems like a weight lifted..

Kristine said...

I just stumbled across your blog and I love it. I read tons of your posts, you're so inspirational.
And congratulations on your losses, you look fabulous!

Karyn said...

Wow! That is what I call a VERY successful day! Way to go!

Can you believe you were playing on the park's equipment? That is an awesome NSV!