Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Guest Post: MizFit!

Today I am so excited to have a guest post from one of my favorite fitness bloggers: Mizfit! I was a fan last year, and then when I got to meet her at the Quaker bloggerparty in November, I found she is as cool and nice in person as she is online. She's been an inspiration to me, and I hope she will be for you, too. Add her to your blog reader: Mizfit Online! Today she will to give us some advice and insight about the importance of strength training (since ALL of us are working on that healthy habit this week, right??) So listen up:

I'm a big fan of weight training. For everyone. I haven't always been. When I first started working out I was the cardio queen. It made sense to me: I needed to lose weight, cardio workouts burned calories, so I did aerobics (step. It was the 80's. I had big hair too. It was a lovely time for me). I did end up losing the weight (resulting in what I later learned people called being 'skinny fat.' I was smaller but really cellulite-y). But since I'd lost it doing cardio and built no muscle in order to maintain the loss, I needed to really reign in what I ate calorie-wise. I didn't. I regained all the weight. And then I discovered weight training (this was circa Terminator 2 & the amazingly badasslooking Linda Hamilton) & I haven't looked back. And you should too. No matter what your goals. When I owned my personal training studio I wouldn't take on clients who would not lift weights. Sure, I'd happily accommodate limitations (use resistance bands instead of dumbbells? Great! Work around injuries? Of course!) but, in my experience, whether the goal was maintaining strength (I had a number of clients 60+) or losing 100+ pounds, resistance training is an important piece. Why? (I know, FINALLY huh?):

*Resistance training It will elevate your metabolism. You do need to keep doing cardio while you add in days of weight training---but women can.not.get.bulky.muscles PERIOD. Keep burning the fat through cardio while ADDING fat burning muscle to your frame and you will be thrilled with how you look as you work toward your goal. Remember MUSCLE IS THE ENGINE FOR YOUR METABOLISM. The more you have the more calories you burn when doing *nothing.*

*Osteoporosis. Studies have shown weight training serves as a great preventative for this.

*Confidence. As much as I know that if you lift weights while working to lose weight you will be far happier with how you look when the weight is shed----so much of it for me is about the confidence. When I feel strong, it impacts everything in my world. I walk differently. I assert myself better and more. And I love how that feels.

Thank you so much for the inspiration, Miz!
And I leave you with a bit more fitness help from MizFit:

A simple explanation of sets and repetitions:

How to strength training using resistance bands (a great workout for beginners):

No excuses, strength training is for everyone! Be strong, and be well.


MizFit said...


And, as Ive rambled at Lyn lately, with a sick child my post isnt as scientific :) or expanded upon as Id hoped.
Feel free to leave me questions here or at MizFit and Ill answer em as I can!


Vickie said...

I totally agree with the importance of weight training!!!
I started a year ago, so on my second year of maintenance, and am so glad that I did. And wish I would have started earlier. I started out with 2 and 3 pound weights and now use 5 and 10. (we standardly do three sets of 15 each). So, my point is - even if you have to start out with NO weights and just do the moves for a while - START! You will be so glad that you did!

Kylie said...

I got up and just finished my strength training. I did two sets of 12 for back, triceps, shoulders. I've also commited to walk 30 minutes 3 nights a week while I'm at work. On my days off I have a walking video, but I can only do about 12-15 minutes of that right now. It has been 10 years since I have done any exercise to speak of. I used to love it and I can remember how good I felt. Right now...I'm still a hater! I hope I can get positive and start liking exercise again....

Get to feeling better!

Shelley said...

Great guest post! I am starting a combination cardio/strength training workout next week, and this has gotten me hopeful all over again about doing it!

P.S. Would love to see a picture of the '80's MizFit and her fabulous hair!

new*me said...

I think I really needed this reminder. I tend to put so much emphasis on cardio and not so much on the strength training. I could easily step this up....I think I tend to have a slow metabolism...yo yo any way I can get it going would be so great. I start today....seriously! NO MORE EXCUSES!! I am adding weights in but still keeping my core training dvd in there as well.

bbubblyb said...

For me, strength training helps with so many things, it helps to make me feel empowered, it makes me feel more confident at the gym and the big thing, it lets me eat MORE food. I know for me being heavy all my life I was just use to eating a lot of food and I know to lose weight and keep it off I can't live on 1200 calories a day so doing weight training I've been able to keep my calories at 2000-2100 and still lose weight. Strength training has also made me more solid so though I still weigh quite a bit my body looks smaller (and I wear smaller sizes). I could go on and on about the greatness of strength training. Loved hearing what you had to say (as always) mizfit.

Thanks Lyn for having her and for all the great things you talk about here, always making me think.

Lynn said...

Strength training is something that I have been trying to incorporate into my journey. I am doing a couple of classes that combine cardio and weights. I do need to get out there and start using the machines as well. You all are inspiring me to do so.

MizFit said...

and the great thing with machines Lynn is that there truly are VERY FEW WAYS you can do an exercise wrong (and Im not even thinking hurting yourself but also WASTING your time!).

Diana said...

Miz - I agree with you 100 percent on this. I did the same thing the last 10 times I lost weight, focused on mostly cardio, very little weight training.

This time I'm doing 50% cardio/50% strength training. In fact, if I only have 30 minutes to workout, I'll do the strength and not the cardio.

The beauty of it for me is that I can eat more. Especially because I'm older, 53, it's really kicked up my metabolism.

I still have a ways to go to get more defined muscles, hence I've started the overloading technique, lifting the heaviest weights I can handle. Plus I need to get off the last 22 pounds so the muscles can pop. Sometimes I see a muscle in my arm and it thrills me beyond words.

You, btw, have fabulous muscle tone. I want to look like you when I grow up! :)

Thanks for a great post.

TB--Milwaukee said...

I suppose strength training is something I should explore.

Vee said...

I'm not quite ready for strength training. Not sure I'm ready for any weight or regular training - screams "diet" to me, and I need to do this slowly or I'll give up yet again. When I'm ready for regular training, I'm sure I'll know it. Tween has an exercycle, and Hubby has a Total Gym. All set up for when it's time.

Great blog. Vee at

Karyn said...

Thanks, Miz! You've inspired me.

Lynn Haraldson-Bering said...

Amen, sistah!! I work the ST four days a week and I. Am. Not. The. Incredible. Hulk. (Sadly I'm not Linda Hamilton, either, but that's because she probably doesn't have arm skin ... hehe)

POD said...

Great guest post.

antgirl said...

Oooo! A double fix today! :D

Dawn said...

What a great post. It has good information in it. I have always loved weight training, and I have just started a new program. I'm already seeing changes (mostly on the scale) after just a few days.

Hanlie said...

I learned a lot here today! Am definitely goint to change my routine a bit. Thanks Mizfit and thanks Lyn for inviting her!