Friday, February 13, 2009


Oh man, I am sooo tired. But I have to tell you. It's not the horrible ate-too-much-junk tired. You know THAT tired, when you feel like a slug because you have zero energy from eating sugar and grease and all manner of culinary atrocities. No, I am not *that* kind of tired. I'm the tired you get after a solid, busy day or an afternoon doing yard work or an hour shoveling snow. I feel tired, but alive. Oxygenated, vibrant, and ready to sleep. I have a few hours to go, though.

Anyway, today went like this:

Breakfast: Chai tea with skim milk and agave, large bowl of whole ground Scottish Oatmeal with cinnamon, vanilla, pumpkin pie spice, 1 tsp brown sugar, canned pumpkin, toasted walnuts, a drizzle of real maple syrup, and a splash of 2% milk. Terrific. And a cup of hot green tea.

Then it was off to the library, the doctor (for my daughter), and the grocery store (for food and medicine). We were gone for almost 5 hours, but I did not stop for fast food. I packed some snacks.

Snack: Clif Nectar dark chocolate walnut bar, bottle of Metro lemon mint water.

Got home hungry (and once again wishing I'd brought string cheese) and made lunch.

Lunch: 3 oz turkey rolled in a Carb Balance tortilla with romaine, spinach, Laughing Cow light cheese, mustard, and pickles with a side of hummus and baby carrots and 6 baked pita chips. I had an Enviga green tea soda (sugarfree) to drink.

Then we baked cake. Yes, I said we *baked cake.* No, I have not lost my marbles. It's a family birthday. I have been really nervous all week about a) the birthday and b) Valentine's Day. But I had a plan. Every year, for EVERY birthday, I bake whatever cake the birthday person requests... from scratch, and make the frosting too. I'm a great cook so it's always yummy. I decided I didn't want to tempt fate, so I went and bought a box cake mix and a can of pre-made frosting. I don't know when I have EVER done this before, much less on a birthday, but it seemed less tempting to me. I used the excuse that the 3-year-old wanted to make it herself (and she did). So we made a box cake (using Egg Beaters instead of eggs and adding some ground flax). I also "forgot" to buy ice cream (horror of horrors). Well, I admit I wouldn't do this to one of my kids, but other family members, they can just make do. So the box cake is made and sitting on the stove.

Then I asked my son to watch my little one and I walked outside for 10 minutes at a good pace. No sun this time, and not at all warm, but I felt like I needed to do it. That's a good sign, since I was already kinda tired from all the walking/shopping. When I came in, I made myself a nice cup of hot tea with milk and agave nectar. Now I'm just chillin.

My plan is to just have one small piece of the cake. Then I am making the special birthday dinner. It's low fat turkey meatloaf with mashed potatoes (made with skim milk), low fat gravy, and roasted rutabagas. (Huh? Rutabagas??) I've never had them before but I'm giving them a try. If they turn out yummy, I'll post a recipe. I'm also going to make steamed green beans. And after dinner, I'll bike.

I think I'll post an update later along with my Valentine's Day plans :)


antgirl said...

I'm curious to know about the rutabegas. I am thinking I don't care for them ... but I think that's my 4 year old self talking. LOL I don't think I've tried them since.

Sounds like you're doing great. I'm baking a pie. No low cal there except for the fat-free organic whipped cream. Part of Valentines for Husband. It is blueberry. So, some redeeming ...

Lady Downsize! said...

Glad to hear you are having a great day, and it seems like things might be a little better.

Hope that keeps up.

POD said...

Great planning. Let THEM eat cake (and not you too much). I'm a sucker for a good cake.

Happy V Day - whatever your plans are.

Erin said...

What a great active day! Rutabegas are quite good made like you would do potatoes, I've made sort of a home fries dish with purple onions added (cooked with olive oil). They have a sweet tang to them potatoes don't but not as sweet as yams. Love your blog, first time commenting. :) The rutabegas coaxed me out.

Pubsgal said...

I haven't had them roasted, but I have had them mashed like potatoes, and I love them. If you like turnips, you'll like rutabagas.

Sounds like you're staying busy and strong. Hang in there...may you get some more sunny days soon! (Literally and figuratively)

new*me said...

I did boxed cupcakes today easy to avoid but it all went south from there when I made homemade pumpkin muffins for an afternoon tea with my nieces ;) Tomorrow is another day ;) and maybe I'll be able to avoid all the chocolate tomorrow because my tummy is paying for the muffins right now!

Cammy said...

No wonder you're tired with all that running!

Brilliant idea on the boxed cake mix! (And a nice memory, cooking with your daughter.)

Karyn said...

Looking forward to that recipie!