Sunday, February 8, 2009

Binge Eating Revisited

A long time ago, I came to Blogger and started this blog. I started writing because I wanted a place to share my weight loss journey, my struggles, successes, and thoughts. I always strove to be completely honest, even about taboo topics like how much I used to eat during a binge, or what it feels like to have fat rolls all over my body... the kind of things people generally don't talk about. They hide it in their closets, keep it private, maybe feel ashamed of it and feel terribly alone and guilty. I don't want people to feel alone anymore. I want us to come together and be strong and change things. I wanted people to read my story and feel it, understand the daily grind of being obese and losing weight (and regaining weight).

Along the way, I've gotten SO much support. Lots of kind words, great information, friendship and tips that have helped me along the way. And I appreciate it so much that I started writing to share some of the things that have helped me: recipes, nutrition info, exercise pointers, and of course the healthy habits. As my post yesterday said, I *know* how to lose weight. It's the doing that is giving me problems lately.

Well, there's something I need to say, and it ain't pretty. I had a bad day today... the worst day in a long, long time. If you've read this blog for awhile, you know how I used to eat: whole bowls of brownie batter, packs of hot dogs, bags of Cheetos, whole pizzas. Crazy. Yes, I have a binge eating problem. I started talking about my binge problem very early on in this journey. It's no secret. I got it pretty well under control for awhile there as I lost that 64 pounds. Then struggled a bit... no "major" binges. Overindulging, yes. But I got a grip and lost 7 pounds in November. Since then, not so great.

Let me get to the point. Today, I binged. I ate:
Bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar and 1% milk
Tea with milk and agave
Green tea
a few handfuls of pomegranate seeds
a few handfuls of blueberries
BIG bowl of reduced fat potato/cheese/broccoli/bacon soup... maybe 2 cups
3 scrambled eggs with light American cheese (scrambled in butter)
slice of toast with butter
tea with milk and honey
orange juice
glazed donut
cake donut
4.25 oz (large) chocolate bar
few bites of chicken
chocolate frosted cake donut
pancake with butter and syrup
bowl of banana nut Cheerios with milk
chicken pot pie and went back for seconds
large bowl of caramel popcorn

I was hesitant to write this post, because I knew there would be three kinds of responses: 1) criticism... people who somehow think that I need to be scolded for my choices; 2) suggestions... people who want to tell me what I am doing wrong and how I should do it right; and 3) supportive... the best kind. The kind I need.

Am I proud of what I ate? No. I don't like it. Why did I post it? Because THIS IS REALITY. This is not the pretty, shiny, polished-up blog where people just post the successes and pretend the failures never happened. This is my space, to post what I am struggling with. Do I want advice? No, not really. I get that donuts are a bad idea. And when people post that I should strength train (which I already do), or start walking 5 miles a day (which is a physical impossibility for me), I wonder if they even read my blog. So if you really, really feel the need to post a suggestion, please read Fat Ain't Stupid first. And remember that any reasonable, healthy program will work, if the person works it. I don't need a new program. I need to get my act together.

I bought all of the junk in one grocery trip this morning. I didn't have this stuff in the house already... but somewhere between the produce section and the donut counter, things went sour. And when I was limping to my car in so much pain that I couldn't even make one more stop to fill the car with gas, I was at rock bottom. My knees were about to give out, just from one shopping trip. That's what this weight is doing to me... throwing me back to the kind of pain that will make me immobile. I can't live this way.

I didn't post this stuff for feedback or as a confessional or to ask anyone's approval or forgiveness. I am just keeping it real. That's what I've always done. But I do have a favor to ask of you who care (and I know many of you really do care and I care back!) I am going to work very hard to get my "groove" back to the point the healthy habits are taking over again and the junk is just not an option. So I want to post my daily food intake, weight, and activities on this blog all week. I promise to be completely honest about what goes in and my exercise, and I'd like you to come check on me and see how I am doing. Lots of action this week. Enough talk.

I believe this would be what is called a turning point. I believe I will look back on this rock-bottom day and see it as a life-changing moment... just as life-changing as the day I began this journey: August 4, 2007.


Rachel said...

There are lots of blogs that are honest, but one of my favorite things about yours is that you honestly recount your struggles but with a high level of self-awareness and intelligence that is so, so refreshing. As you let us peek into your difficult points along the way, I still have no doubt that you will succeed!

Good luck getting your groove back.

Tanya said...

I have so been there... well, about a week ago when I managed to eat 2 pizzas in 2 days. After all the boy wouldn't eat his one slice so I made him something else to eat the following night.

The important thing, for me anyway, is to deal with the fact that I did it and move on rather than let it snowball.

You can do it. There are definately some good choices in there... they're just easy to forget about when you think about the bad ones.

Andrew is getting fit said...

You know I look at that list and I think it's not too bad?

It's a hell of a lot better than some of the binges you've probably had.

I've found what I consider a binge nowadays was just a normal day before I started eating healthy. So there is progress even though it's not always as perfect as we'd like.

Joy's Journey in Weightloss said...

I am having the same issue. We are smart people. We can get this taken care of!

Maha said...

I've been reading your blog about a week now, and I'm pretty inspired by how far you've come. Tomorrow is a new day to pick up where you left off. This was just a blip on your journey.

elife said...

((Lynn)). I'm sorry you've had a rough day. It's just really hard sometimes, isn't it? (understatement of the year).

What happened today wasn't shameful or a moral failing. I know it's hard to see this right now, but for those of us reading, it is but a blip in the big picture of how healthy your choices have become.

I will be back tomorrow to cheer you through your day of healthy eating.

Lee said...

"Be well. Start now. Keep going."

I like your style, Lyn.

Hanlie said...

I've been there! A binge doesn't mean a quick slide into old habits... It happens and then we move on!

Well done on keeping it real. What I've found with blogging is that, while being accountable to my readers, I'm actually being accountable to myself. There is no justifying my behaviour! I have to face it.

I read something very profound yesterday: "When you fail, fail forward. In other words, learn from the experience and do better next time". For me these words have just taken all the shame and fear out of failing or stumbling.

I still think you're amazing, courageous and inspirational!

Lauren said...

I'm right with you there, I've had a rough couple of days that culminated in yesterday. We can all do this together

Sara said...

Just big hugs... (((Lynn)))

ani pesto said...

Thank you for keeping it real. I've been just where you are, but I didn't pull out of it so quickly with such intelligent accountability as you have done by posting this. As Andrew has already said, your sliding scale of just how big a big binge is has already reduced considerably.

Thank you for your honesty, your blog really is helping me but its most important purpose is of course to help you, and for my part I'm more than happy to support however you need it. I've no doubt you'll get where you need to go and I'm just grateful to be able to follow how you're doing and maybe learn a thing or two about my own journey.

redballoon said...

I think the planets are aligned or something because I just had the same kind of day last Friday. I binged like I literally have not in decades. And the next day, I got back on track.
Just put YOU back in the pilot seat, Lyn. Whoever had you eating and treating yourself poorly was probably just something you've internalized.
Give me Lyn again. I've seen her so much. I read your blog all the time.
She's cool. You're cool.
Do it.

Jan Wilke said...

i wish i could hug you. we are kindred spirits and your blog helps me understand my own feelings. you are helping so many of us. thank you for that, sincerely, janet

muttonfish said...

I agree with could have been much worse! I know you hate suggestions, but I have one for you: Pat yourself on the back! :) Really! Make a list: this binge, what you are considering one of your worst days in the life you are living now -- and then what you would consider one of your worst days from the past. NO COMPARISON. You are working so hard, Lyn, and even your binges reflect that. Even your binges are improving over time.

You are gonna be fine. :hug:

VeeGettingHealthy said...

It seems a lot of people had troubles this weekend. I know I did. I didn't binge, but I sure didn't stop at just one M&M.

Today's a new day. That's what I'm telling myself. New Day. New Change. New attitude. We CAN do this.

Honesty. That's why we blog anonymously, right? It helps my eating, knowing that people who support my decision to change my health will be reading that I stuffed 2 fried bologna sandwiches in my face.

I agree with Andrew... that list of binge food wasn't really incredibly bad.

Big breath. Focus on yourself today. You CAN do this! We, your readers, believe in YOU! Vee at

Anonymous said...

According to my very excellent therapist, it isn't about what you do on a binge, it's about how you pick yourself up, brush off the dirt, and get back on the horse. Just get back on the horse and you are going to be fine.

Kylie said...

Very Powerful, Lyn...I'm so sorry for your bad day. I'm not sure I'm a binge eater...I've had my binges, but not usually often. Well, I guess that makes me an intermittent binge eater. I have to disagree with the above posters in that I thought the binge list was bad. Maybe not compared to past binges, but guess what? Today is a new day with new choices that you get to make. You have come so far and I'm so inspired by you! Thank you for posting this as I have been fantasizing about having a day where I totally go off my woe and eating all of my favorite foods. Which is a nice way of saying "binge!" So, thank you because the post brought me up close and personal with the feelings I know I would have if I did that. Just know that on days that you don't believe in yourself, there are scads of us out here that do!

spunkysuzi said...

As a fellow binge eater i can definitely relate! This is the first week where i've eaten junk and it didn't start a binge. Maybe i'm learning? Anyway i find i'm having to treat binge eating like i did with smoking i just can't have junk! Too often one small thing leads to a major binge. And i know people won't agree with me but hey this is what's working for the most part for me.
"hugs" on posting about your pain!
You know we're all here for you.

Ron said...

That was Yesterday, now what are you doing today ????? I enjoyed my ice cream from cold stone creamery yesterday myself... and it was not just plain ice cream either.....

Cetta said...

We all have those days. Now it's over and you have a new day in front of you :-) That's the good thing about this journey: Tomorrow's another day.

Anonymous said...

A friend and I went to Wal-Mart yesterday -- we were talking about how we could each eat a dozen doughnuts and it wouldn't be any big deal. I asked her if she thought we'd ever get to the point where we *didn't* think about those doughnuts, and she just said, "No."

I think she's right. Every day is its own battle. I have so many things on my "never buy" list now -- just because I can't have them in the house without eating the entire package...anything chocolate or pastry-ish being the worst.

Thank you for sharing with us -- it's comforting to know that we aren't the only ones who fight the urges constantly. All you can do is move past yesterday and start again today, right? :)

Thealogian said...

May you be filled with loving-kindness
May you be happy
May you be healed
May you be a source of healing for others (oh, wait, you already are—thank you for the work you are doing on your blog for yourself and others. I wish you peace.)

I know that you don’t want advice, but this is just a book recommendations. I’ve been reading Martha Beck’s “The Four Day Win: End Your Diet War and Achieve Thinner Peace.” The title is pretty campy and in writing style can be at times trying (she tries to interject a lot of humor to lighten the tone), but the science is good when describing binging triggers and diet failure; she has many good exercises that help the reader come to terms with his/her issues with food and the unconscious/instinctual factors that shape our self-understanding. I highly recommend it and today, as a point of interest, I’m going to start discussing working through this book and its exercises on my blog,, which is kind of scary for me. Your bravery in sharing your journey is definitely part of the inspiration for opening up. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

First, **Hugs**.

Second...Lyn, seriously, look at that Binge List. Specifically, look at the first half. Girl, you are binging on good stuff -- pomegranate, blueberries, eggs, low fat soup. Sure, it fell apart sometime in the middle after the orange juice - but everyone has their off days. And really, this is not one of your worst binges (I mean, if we are ranking them or whatever.)

You are fantastic, strong, honest and YOU WILL GET THRU THIS. Thank you for your honesty. Slow and steady.

~TMcGee~ said...

Lyn, if I were super duper rich, I'd pay for you, your kids, a nanny you trust in to all go to a beautiful location so that they could play and you could sounds like you need simple rest. You shoulder so much and it's not fair but unfortunately, you (and the rest of us) can only go on and just do.
I hope today is stress free and I'm praying that something good happens in your life.

Ria said...


I'll echo what many of the others have said - even your binge day reflects all the progress you've made.

Your insights as you "keep it real" have helped me so much in my own journey - you can bet I'll be back this week to cheer you on as you work to get your groove back.

As you have posted about so eloquently so many times, it is d*mn hard, but you have done it before and you most definitely can do it again. Here's to a great week.

moonduster said...

It happens. You'll do better tomorrow.

I fight the urge to binge EVERY DAY, and I know how very hard it is and how much you have to struggle to fight it.

I love that your blog is so honest, and I am looking forward to the day you meet your goal weight (you WILL) and I can cheer for your success.

Tina said...

Hang in there Lyn. I don't think your binge was really that bad compared to some of the posts you've made about past binges. I had a bit of a turning point this weekend too out of frustration with my body not cooperating with how I feel and what I want to accomplish. Here's to a great, healthy week. We can do it. I know we can.

Benjamin Teal said...

For years and years of my life I played baseball. As I grew older, and the competition (both that I played against, and those I competed with for playing time on my own team) grew better, the pressure grew to perform.

Every so often, you walk out of the dugout and step up to the plate only to find out that, for whatever reason, you couldn't hit water if you fell off a boat. The ball looks like an aspirin pill coming at you, you swing and miss, swing and miss.

What I learned in those instances applied to my weight loss struggles later in life. You have bad "at bats" where you call the pizza delivery and order two pizzas. Not one for you you and and one for someone else, but one for you now and one for you in a few hours.

It's what you do with that experience that determines long term success or failure. Do you let that bad day seep over into the next day, or do you use it to motivate you?

I have read your blog long enough to know that you will do the latter, and I have all the confidence in the world that you will pick yourself up from what I am sure was a disappointing day, and hit a "home run" in your next at bat.

At the very least, Lyn, keep swinging, and do not ever give up.

Meghan/Blatant Animal-Related Idiocy said...

I agree with previous posters, it was a bad weekend. We had a pasty making party at my in-laws' house on Saturday, and I have not seen that much food in a long time.

Got back on the horse this morning, and must stick with it!

Melanie said...

(((HUGS))) BTDT on the binge eating. You can change it around though and do better. I know you can. I know it's not easy, but you can do it! :)

Meg said...

I'm so sorry that you're dealing with the knee pain, I know how frustrating that particular kind of injury (chronic or not) can be.

I would like to point out that while you relapsed, You did not eat nearly as much food as you would have before, and also, you owned up to it right away.

You have been doing a great job, have lost a ton of weight, and have made some majorly significant changes in your life.

Your blog is a constant inspiration to me, both because of your incredible perseverance, but also because of your honesty.

Thank you so much for sharing it all with us.


Vickie said...

I did not read the other comments - so I might be repeating something that has already been addressed:
By chance did something out of your control happen?

Like your husband moving back in for a visit?

Or something with your daughter's medical condition?

Shelley said...

I'm wondering if you got your binge over with before your husband comes back for a visit...knowing that he will fill the kitchen with all sorts of tempting food, which has been an issue for you (and would be for me as well) in the past. Maybe this way you can resist temptation and not let him win with his passive aggressive behavior.

Or maybe I should go back to school and get my psychology degree before I start spouting theories? Any case, it's over, you recognized it for what it is, and you are moving on...can't ask for much more than that, really!

I'm cheering you on from Texas!

Lynne said...

We've all been there. I know I have. I have eaten entire boxes of cereal, bought muffins at the grocery store and at both before I got home. Life Happens. Look FORWARD. Look FORWARD. You can do better!!!!!!

p said...

ok so that is not good eating for the day, is still soooo much better than it used to be! The majority of the items you ate each do not have too many calories/fat, it's just that you ate too much of it. And it's not the end of the world. Everyone has a bad day. And there is no way that one bad day can undo the long list of changes you have made in your life. And seriously, given what you are going through (I'm just gonna say MAKING CANDY) it is not surprising that you are looking for a feeling of satisfaction in the form of food. Don't be so hard on yourself! yeah, bad day. Now: on to the next thing/day. :) hugs

evy said...

You will be OK, I have no doubt about it.
Day is darkest before dawn.
You will get through it.

Hugs again.

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Girl, those of us with binge issues would be crazy as all to judge at all.

Some days are just BAAAAADDDDD days. The smart thing about you is you're not unaware. I know you're gonna talk this through with your inner self and find the strength to go on.

I haven't found my mojo yet, and I'm just barely hanging on. Last week I had two binge days. It was NOT pretty. And I tend to look at myself and wonder: "What is that about? Really? What the hell is that about?"

I really don't know, except that I don't feel well. I feel tired and I'm sleeping a lot. And when I'm tired, just being vigilant seems beyond me. Frustrating.

Binges really do sort of sneak up on you. You wake up and think, "Today will be okay," and then it snaps. I'd probably win a Nobel Prize if I figured out how to immediately short-circuit the binge weirdness.

I figure you've been accountable, honest, and you know it's a problem. And you're gonna move on and be okay again.

All we can do is make today okay, better, or best.

Hugs to you,
the Princess

Annimal said...

I'm a little scared right now, I've been overeating--uncontrollably since last weds and I want it to stop--now! I just do not want all my hard work and success to be gone in a flash. So hard to lose the weight, so quickly to return.
I can't figure out why either. You've got a couple of major stressers-husband and daughter's health. I don't have any of that, but it seems like an outside source is putting food in my mouth.
Thank you for the honesty in your post. It does help the rest of us.

bbubblyb said...

We have all been there and had days like that. Like Andrew said it didn't look that bad to me either. When I have days like that I keep it "real" like you said. I think about the calories I ate and I realize no one day binge is going to make me gain back much weight. To gain one lb is 3500 "extra" calories. I doubt few of us ever have a binge more than double that in a day. SO it's about getting back up like you said and moving on to the next meal, next moment, next step.

Give yourself a hug today, wish I could give you one. I hope you have a good day today and realize how special you are *hugs*.

15lbs_down_girl said...

Hey Lyn,

Just wanted to say compared to your binges in the past and other people's too, this was NOT THAT bad, it actually looked kinda normal except you knew it was a binge. Well, I just want to say, you have improved so much, you are doing so much better and don't let this get you down. Do not be anxious for anything (I'm trying to follow this advice myself).

You are so awesome, in my opinion. This day, thsi binge is going to be so small in your big picture, in the many months on your road to recovery. Great job, seriously.

Lady Downsize! said...

Wow Lyn! I feel for you on these struggles. I am right there with you in my own walk. We have to stop meeting like this! It's obvious to me that something is troubling you, but I know you will work that out. You know what was going through your mind, what "all right" words you said to yourself when picking up those things in the grocery store. I hope you find what that trigger was, and you know that I am here, I understand, and I am praying for us both!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lyn,
I am relatively new to your blog; I have just started my own recently and am finding it an amazing journey. I have to say how much I appreciate you keeping it real. I'm trying to do the same.
I had a "slip" last night where I briefly lost my focus and just ate a bunch of stuff willy-nilly. I felt so regretful afterward, but I feel like I have to get back on the wagon, treat myself gently, and look at the whole thing as a learning experience.

I am sure that you learned something from this experience, and if it is your new turning point, then it could truly have been a valuable wake-up call.

I know you didn't want advice, and this isn't something I am telling you to do, but I recently found this book called the Beck Diet Solution which is 100% dealing with weight loss in a pychological way; no mention of calories, food plans, menus or recipes. Just dealing with "keeping it real" and helping us to deal with what's in our heads which dictates how and what we put in our mouths. I have found it to be an incredible lifesaver and really just what I need. I know what I "should" be doing, foodwise, but I always have managed to find a way around that. This deals with the mental stuff head on and I have so appreciated it.

(again: that wasn't advice!)

Sending you much compassion and support.

Lesley said...

We've all been there. I like that you're not hating yourself for it as that is so counter-productive.

Well done for facing the music and not letting it carry on too. See -there are some positives!!

I have every confidence that you can do it and would recommend Beck as a help in avoidng the self-sabotaging behaviour and in learning good new behaviour. I haven't binged since I started applying her techniques and have been much less wracked by temptation.

Just a thought as it would seem to apply to your issues.

Good luck whatever you choose to do.

Lesley x

Linda said...

You have been through hell and back with your personal life. Your stresses are enough to make anybody hit rock bottom every once in a while. If anybody can't see that and they critize you, they are in denial about how hard this journey REALLY is! Hang in there!

antgirl said...

Maybe it's something in the air. I've been struggling with motivation to workout lately. A sort of general malaise about it. Hmmm.

Stick it out. It's just a mood. It'll pass. That's what I tell myself. And, it always does pass. It helps to think it's temporary.

Dawn said...

Even though you did have a bad day, if you look at everything you ate you did eat some nutritious things in addition to the bad ones. If you think back to your old binges, did you eat nutritious things along with the bad stuff or was it all bad stuff? I am willing to bet that your most recent binge wasn't as bad as your binges used to be. In any event, I know you'll get back on track and put this bad day behind you. I can tell you are determined to be successful with becoming healthier and losing weight and even if you have some setbacks along the way you will overcome them and continue on your way.

ryry the adventurous said...

Friday was my binge day. I had a massive stack of pancakes for breakfast and then a french dip sandwich for lunch and then Pizza for dinner. I was SO FULL it was ridiculous.

And your posts are always so entertaining and honest and refreshing. This is why we <3 you.

Amy said...

I know where you're coming from. Knowing what to do is so far from actually doing it! Don't beat yourself up and just move forward. I had a total "fat girl freakout" on Friday, in the office of the Y trainer no less, and she was so nice about it. She motivated me to finally make a record of what I ate and calorie counts, so I took your advice and started working the sparkpeople site. Ugh! I'd rather do more exercise than count calories and record it all--I hate math! But I think it's helping.

I was totally down on myself for messing up, but I still lost 3 pounds this week. You are such an encourager!

When I look at my efforts (and yours) I try to remember that its a lot harder with kids around and family stuff happening. I just can't do as well with my food and exercise as I'd like to because weight loss can't be my primary focus right now.

But we do what we can and just keep going.

new*me said...

only support here! It was a bad day! I have been there. You most likely went to the store hungry.....this is the only advice I will give.......NEVER go to the store fact.........go FULL. I like to chug down some metamucil before going :)

I think posting everything you eat will keep you accountable....we are here for ya! I have starting journaling my food too. I don't post it yet, but I find it's making me more aware of what I am really taking in.

purple_moonflower123 said...

It's a journey and each journey has its ups and downs. I think that you can find your groove again. You know what to do. You just got to dust yourself off and keep trying. No one said this journey would be easy.

skinnyhollie said...

Those darned donuts!

You have inspired me to post my food on my blog this week. I need that accountability, too, so I can get back on track. We can do this!

erin said...

I loved this post, and I know there are so many (like me) who can relate. I went and read your earlier post, Fat Ain't Stupid, and I LOVED it. I'm so glad I found your blog. You are definitely not alone!

jules4422 said...

Hang in there Lynn! I read your blog every day and I always find inspiration here. On a journey such as this, there is no failure - just process and progress. Keep your chin up and keep on moving on!

smvillers said...

Thank you for your honesty. Really. It's in short supply.

I hope you get so much groove back that people start calling you Stella. ;)

Ellen said...

Been there, done that (and worse). And, I sneak. While my husband is sitting watching TV and he can't hear the fridge open or close or the microwave go on and off...

What I've learned in this yo-yo weight loss journey is that when I have a bad day, if I can bounce back the next, I can get past it without too much damage. I just can't let it continue for weeks at a time.

Anonymous said...

Lyn, I just have to say--look at the progress you have made! It seems to me that each time you have one of these binges, the amount of food is getting less and less. Even though you had a rough day, it could have been so much worse. I, for one, am proud of you for catching it and then determining to get right back down to business. *Hugs* You are still a great inspiration, and I am so rooting for you!

Karyn said...

(((hugs)))) Well, girl...your binges are getting healthier - have you noticed? No Drive Through food, for example.

This will be just another marker on your journey out of obesity and into being in full control of your life!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now, and this post really spoke to me since I have struggled and still struggle with binge-eating. Lord knows I've had my share of binges.

So you binged, but that's not the be-all and end-all. It doesn't mean that you had a bad day, and I hope you realize that. The key is remembering that one binge doesn't have to throw you off-track and not letting the binge snowball into multiple binges.

Just keep on keeping on is all I can say. You have come a long way, and I know you're not going to let one binge throw you off! I hope you have a lovely rest of the day, and here's to not letting one binge get us down!


Heather said...

im sorry that you had a bad day, but glad that you posted and were honest. we dont get too far when we try to cover up the truth and by being honest with yourself, you can really learn to forgive and move on. well all have days like that, where its just too much to do the right thing so you give in. we are human and it happens. I know that you can move on from this and not let it deter you. there will be other bad days and I know you can conquer them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post and really your whole blog. You're not by yourself and you give voice to those and encourage us to be honest.

I binge on white rice. I try to keep it out of the house.

MiaMommy said...

I binged this weekend. I had a Mom's Night Out potluck. I tried to be good, but I have been so good for so long, I just didn't care. I don't even want to think about the number of calories I consumed (but those calories were mighty tasty!). I just kept eating and eating.

I felt guilty. But, I can't do anything about it now. Just get back on the program. And be thankful those potlucks are only every other month!

We can do it. Bad days are bad days. We just have to dust the powdered sugar off our laps and press onwards.

fatfighter said...

Sorry you had an "off" day - but the fact that you recognize it and know you need to get your act together says so much. And sometimes getting off track can bring you back stronger. I will be checking in to see how things are going this week...

Juice said...

I thank God for your honesty. Many of us have been there with you (and boy am I envious of those who never binge!). Looking at your more recent posts I can tell you are moving in the right direction. Keep up the great work!