Friday, January 2, 2009

January Plan

I've been thinking about what I want to do as far as counting calories for January. In November, I had great success with my monthly calorie budget, but then in mid-December I had some rough days and quit doing it because I had gone way over the budget and there was just no fixing it. So, do I do a monthly budget again for January? Or go back to the daily count?

The problem with *just* counting daily calories is this: I go over sometimes, and then forget about it and those little overages really add up. For example, I was trying to eat 1500 calories/day. Well, a lot of days would end up at 1511, or 1560, or 1532. Then there would be an occasional *indulgence* day which would be 2000 calories or so. And when you add all that up, it averages way more than 1500/day. So the monthly budget lets you adjust and go a little lower for a few days to keep your average down.

However, counting for a month makes for a precarious situation: you have one really bad day near the end of the month, and you're screwed. You can always add more calories to the budget, but it still feels like a failure when you go that far over. But then again, I really like the monthly budget. I think I could do it again. I had success with it while I stuck with it. What to do?

I am going to try a weekly calorie budget! 12,600 per week. Let's see how that works.

Now, pardon me while I address a legal matter.

**NOTICE: This content is protected by U.S. Copyright Laws. If you are reading this post at any other place than (Escape from Obesity) and there is not a LINK to this blog and my name (Lyn) as the author, you are reading STOLEN CONTENT. The website where you are viewing this stolen content is guilty of Copyright Infringement. Please notify me immediately at Lyn2007 (at) ATT (dot) NET.**

(yes you may all quote me, copy my posts, etc, as long as you link back and you don't lie and say YOU wrote it like certain *cough* people are apparently doing. Please see my Creative Commons License at the bottom left side of my blog for further information).

p.s.... this is not directed at any of you guys! It is for people who steal blog posts and put them on their site, claiming THEY wrote it!


Laurens_Closet said...

WHAT??!?!? You mean I can't cut and paste your posts onto my blog, anymore??? I HAVE TO COME UP WITH MY OWN ORIGINAL THOUGHTS???


Amy ; )

Change for Good said...

I am sorry that someone would do this. Your posts have inspired me to reflect and think about things in my own life, but it is crazy that someone would claim them as your own.

I really like the weekly calorie budget. It seems like a nice compromise.

Happy New Year!

Hanlie said...

At the end of January you can decide wether you like the weekly or the monthly budget best. Great plan!

I'm sorry that you're plagued by thieves... It's happening more and more often in the blogosphere these days!

♥ Dee ♥ said...

Uh oh... I hope that's not me! I stole your line about today being the fattest day of the rest of your life, but I told where I got it from and confessed that I stole it.

Am I bad?? Is that not allowed??? Eeep!

I'm sorry!!

Lyn said...

Dee! No, it wasn't directed at you!! I totally love when people quote from here. But when people take my entire blog post, put it on their site, and say THEY wrote it, that's stealing. (As in, some dude took my RSS feed and had it going directly onto his blog and put "written by Anna" on MY posts.)

Hope that clarifies!

moonduster said...

Weekly calorie budget sounds like a good plan. I might try it soon.

Alison said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog for a while now, kind of lurking, but I love how honest yet still positive at the same time you are. I'm living in South Korea right now and trying to eat better, which has been challenging. I really like the idea of a weekly calorie budget, I had never thought of that!! Also, can't believe someone would jack your stuff! Lame-o!

spunkysuzi said...

I've noticed lately that certain things of mine have popped up now and then on someone else's blog!

TNelson said...

That stinks. I don't know why people do that. Why have a blog if you're not going to add original content? That's why I don't have one. I've tried a few time and it's really hard to come up with originally stuff as often as you do - and I majored in journalism! There are some many good things about the Internet but that's one of the bad ones. And catching these people is about as easy as getting rid of all the unwanted e-mail in my e-mail box everyday. You go girl - I know 2009 is going to be great for you. Especially after himself removes himself from your presence. I'm still steaming about that...


Karyn said...

The monthly budget worked well for you - mostly. I think the weekly budget sounds like a good improvement/compromise.

I am glad you found out about someone stealing your can't do anything about it if you don't know.....CAN you do anything about it?

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding! That is pathetic that someone would try to take credit for your posts. I mean, really. That irks me! You are an awesome blogger and you deserve the credit for everything that you write, of course.

BTW, go for the weekly budget--that sounds more doable to me, too.
Best of luck, Lyn!

Lyn said...

Yes, if someone steals content from a published blog, it is violating US copyright laws. #1- contact the person doing it, give them x amount of time to take it down, directing them to your Creative Commons license if applicable. #2- contact their hosting company, demanding removal of illegal content #3- contact registrar, ditto #4- contact Google, who will ban copyright infringers from their search engine #5- call the lawyer and sue.

Thankfully, all 3 websites that were claiming my content as someone else's have taken down all the content after step #1.

I really do love it when anyone copies my posts AND luinks to me though, or mentions my name and blog. Great publicity... thanks!

Sabs said...

I think having a daily, weekly or monthly calorie goal is great. Even if you don't meet it exactly, staying around it is still fine

Claire said...

I found the same problem with a daily calorie budget. I was having 1500 calories a day most days (which is pretty much a maintenance level for me) then maybe on a Sturday I'd have 2000. I'd ignore that then go back to my 1500 then next day. The problem is that you always have the 500 extra. Over a year a stone crept back on... (14 pounds).

Anyway I have been watching your monthly budget with interest. I'll keep watching for your weekly one.

And people who steal posts - How bizarre! Shows how good you are though...

LastJourneyDown said...

I really like the idea of a weekly kcal budget - I used to do that ages ago and it changed things up dramatically! So sorry to hear about your stolen blog material - that is outrageous.

elife said...

Wow, unbelievable See what a good writer you are :)

Ria said...

Sorry you're having the thievery problem! Good for you for dealing with it so thoroughly.

Your weekly calorie budget sounds like a good idea. I do something similar, aiming for an average daily calorie deficit of 1,000. The flexibility to have some higher and some lower calorie days each week is really nice, and it seems to keep my metabolism guessing/running faster!