Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Update, and You Can Give

I weighed in today and my week of indulgence has cost me 5 pounds. The same five pounds that took me half of December to lose! I'm not discouraged, but I think it's important to note that this is why a lot of people give up and regain ALL of their weight. I worked very hard for 2 weeks... biking 6 days a week, counting every calorie, passing up goodies and eating lots of veggies... and lost 5 pounds. Then I relax for one week, have a few Christmas cookies, a few bites of fudge, some ham and potatoes and green beans for dinner, 2 slices of pizza... and the 5 pounds is back. This is why people quit. It's maddening.

But what I have learned in this past year and four months of my weight loss journey is this: those 5 pounds will come off again. They'll probably come back off by the end of the month if I go right back to biking and eating right. The decision people face at a point like this is:
a) give up and eat crap until ALL the weight is regained, because this is "too hard," or
b) get back on track quickly and keep losing weight.

No brainer, right? Pick b! Pick b! But no. Lots of people pick a. It's easier. What will YOU choose? Will your week of Christmas indulgence cost you 5 pounds? or 80 pounds? You choose.

I'm in this for good. No sense in waiting til New Years and making this harder on myself. Let's send the old year out with a bang!

On another note, MizFit is doing something wonderful this holiday season. For every comment she receives on this post, she is donating ten cents to her local domestic violence shelter. And several of her readers have pledged to MATCH MizFit's donation to the shelter or to a shelter in their own town! I've been to a domestic violence shelter once in my life. It was a scary and lonely time for me and I know how important it is to have safe havens for women to go to when they and their children are being abused. So please, in the spirit of Christmas giving, go on over to MizFit's place and leave a simple comment. It costs you nothing and you can make a difference in the life of someone who is hurting. Do it quickly... I got sidetracked and didn't get to posting this soon enough. I think she is totalling the comments on Christmas Eve morning. If you're too late, please consider making a donation to your local domestic violence shelter. Usually they appreciate gifts of cash, toys, clothing, etc. Call and find out what you can do to make the world a better place.


Juice said...

Lyn, you are totally right - pick b! My week of binging cost me 4 lbs at weigh in. But this week I am back down 3.6. Someone told me easy on / easy off and it seemed to be true for me. You have the Christmas craziness behind you and your boys are flying out(tomorrow?), leaving you and your daughter plenty of time to go ice skating, sledding, hiking, whatever. Cherish this special time with her and make some magical memories together.

Your boys are going to do great with their travel. Sixteen is a great age and your son will have a chance to prove his maturity and watch out for his little brother.

Sending love and prayers your way. Savor all the good of each day!

Katschi said...

Pick b. always!
I've picked a. too many times in the past.
I've made the decision to be super strict for the next 6 weeks while I'm temporarily laid-off from work.
I plan on entering the new year lighter not heavier, not the same. There's NO reason to be otherwise if you really think about it. The food is all a matter of choice. It isn't forced on us. We won't die without it. Does it taste yummy? Well, damn right it does! But how do we feel afterwards? Like feeble minded losers who can't even keep a cookie out of our mouths. Oh wait, maybe that's just me but I doubt it :)
I turned down all the goodies offered to me at work last week & I am alive today to tell about it LOL I'm also damn proud of myself for slowly building my mental muscle. I think this may be the most important one to develop.

jae said...

Thanks for the link to MizFit, Lyn! ~j

MizFit said...


updated on todays post.


Anonymous said...

Your post today made me think of this saying:
Losing weight is hard.
Gaining weight is hard. Maintaining is hard.
Pick your hard.

Wishing you all the best this Christmas - you are an inspiration to everyone who reads your posts, and we are all cheering you on!

Vickie said...

merry christmas!!!

Shelley said...

So true...I need to leave the "it's all or nothing" mindset behind before I gain it all back.

Merry Christmas, Lyn!

Kimberly said...

Lyn, great post and very timely for all of the diets that have crashed over the past few weeks.

I've always picked A before. I think it is because I expected perfection and when I couldn't achieve it I would get really discouraged and give up.

But this time, A isn't even an option. I am determined that THIS time I will succeed and it is working. It also helps that I am only focused on today and not the end goal. If I expect perfection over the long haul I am never going to reach it. But today is something I can really do.

I hope you had a great Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lynn-
Had to log in today to wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you for your wonderful blog.....

sonia said...

Thank you for this candid post, Lyn. I also lost 5 pounds in the first half of December, and, it's slowly creeping back because of some bad decisions over a few days - food choices, and lack of cardio. It would be so easy to give up for the rest of the month, but, I, like you, will get back on track.

Thanks again.

elliedee said...

Hi Lyn:

I know your determination will ensure you achieve all that you are working so hard for.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

It is really easy to give into temptation this holiday season with all the wonderful food there is. And it doesn't make it easier, that is is everywhere! Find a fitness routine and stick with it, and the holidays will be over before you know it.

Christie said...

I re-joined WW this week. I'm all for B! Just found you thru Mizfit. I'll return to commisserate and learn. Thanks for a great post!

Laurens_Closet said...

I love what the reader above said:
Losing weight is hard.
Gaining weight is hard. Maintaining is hard.
Pick your hard.

(I had not heard this before~ I'm going to have it tatoo'd, backwards, on my forehead.)

Lyn~ I know you read my last blog post (YOU COMMENTED- THANK YOU!!) about gaining weight but looking at the BIG picture. What can happen in a month is amazing~ it'll all even out. Have your 2 pieces of pizza w/salad and a couple of cookies. You can make it up next week. Don't make yourself crazy~ you're under a LOT of stress right now!

Be kind to yourself ~ and Merry Christmas


rawallison said...

If a pound gained equals 3,500 calories not burned, that would mean you consumed 17500 extra/unburned calories in one week. I can tell you that for me, that is entirely possible. But usually that much weight gained in a week is mostly water weight, not fat weight. (I once gained 9 lbs in once week of hedonism- no way was that all fat).

My weight loss process this time around (attempt #650, probably) will focus more on transforming my eating habits and creating a mental and physical environment for myself that promotes physical movement and the consumption of whole, unprocessed foods. I may join Weight Watchers to help get into the new eating habit, but after that, I'll be on my own- and I don't own a scale! I'll gauge my improvement on the changes I see in my clothing, snoring, stamina, appetite, complexion and other things. What fun!

I wish you continued success in your escape from obesity. May 2009 be a great one for you.

Heather said...

I have a feeling I will be right with you on those 5 pounds. but they will come off fast if you can just stick to what you need to do as most of it is water weight. it happens to the best of us so im glad that you are not saying to hell with it and picking b!