Friday, December 5, 2008

December Decision, and Update

This morning after my breakfast of Egg Beaters, turkey sausage, and low fat American cheese on a whole grain English Muffin with a side of hot green tea, I had a rush of positivity and thought, "I really want to bust these pounds off and start the new year thinner!" I got all excited and thought about starting some kind of support group for "losing weight through the Christmas season" but then I realized that most people have already made their decision. They have made up their mind that either

a) they will stick to healthy eating, work hard, and try to lose weight in December;
b) they will make a half hearted attempt to control themselves and hope to maintain or not gain too much; or
c) the heck with it, I give up, I am eating everything in sight and then I will begin fresh with renewed vigor on January first.

Which camp do you fall into?

I think even people who have not made a conscious decision have already decided in their heads whether or not they are going to bake, indulge, throw caution to the wind, or stick with their plan all month. I mean, no one is perfect, but if you've already made up your mind that you are going to gain weight this month, you definitely will. I think it's a good idea to at least try.

Anyway, so I had this excitement in my head and I started thinking about how I could start the new year in the 218 range, and then how I could be a totally normal weight by next fall. Maybe. If I work really hard.

So I'm gonna keep working at it, and I will hang in there on my monthly calorie budget even with Christmas around the corner. I'll bake, but give most of it away. I'll cook, but I'll enjoy in moderation. I'll bike and sweat and eat healthy as much as possible. Because every bite I take either leads me closer to my goal or further away from it.

I am proud of myself for a great day yesterday. We had pizza for dinner the other night and there were leftovers... a huge temptation for me. I had the foresight to order a thin crust Hawaiian DeLite pizza from Papa Murphy's (if you have a Papa Murphy's, this is a great option when the rest of the family is pigging out on pan pizza or triple decker sausage stuffed crust from Greasa Hut). One slice (1/10) of a large pizza has only 150 calories. Very satisfying.

Yesterday's meals looked like this:

Breakfast: chai latte, hot green tea, and 2 slices of leftover cold DeLite pizza (one of my favorite breakfasts!)
Lunch: 2 more slices of DeLite pizza
Snack 1: Pumpkin Spice tea with milk and agave nectar and a Kashi TLC chocolate chip cookie
Snack 2: I was rummaging through the fridge and found a small tub of port wine cheese spread, leftover from Thanksgiving. This happens to be one of my favorite things. I have fond memories of my father buying port wine cheese when I was a kid, and I would hack off a piece of it and put it in a bowl and eat it for an after-school snack. I can eat a whole tub with a sleeve of Ritz and it just delights me to no end... except for the gaining weight part. So, I passed on the Ritz and ate 2 T of the cheese from a spoon... for a total of 90 calories and much satisfaction.
Snack 3: one square of dark chocolate
Dinner: one serving of leftover butternut squash macaroni and cheese, and a huge helping of sauteed fresh baby spinach, scrambled with 1/4 c Egg Beaters. Dessert was a sugar free chocolate pudding cup with whipped cream. Later I had some ginger honey lemon tea.
Total calories: 1366
I also biked for 30 minutes after I got my daughter to bed.

I feel great about finding ways to enjoy my food without over-indulging, and fitting good nutrition in there as well. Yesterday is proof that even on a "pizza day" you don't have to go nuts and get fatter.

Scale says: 225 pounds.


Linda Meacham said...

I too want to start my year off on a good start. I completely in the losing through the holidays boat!

Petunia said...

I want to start the new year thinner!

I've identified some "slack" days on actual X-Mas day and 1 or 2 parties, but that's it!

;-) Let's power through it -- when the omnipresent diet commercials and marketing starts up on Jan 1 (and they always do)
I want to say, "no thanks I'm already on my way!"

purple_moonflower123 said...

I am in the a) boat. I plan to keep losing through the holidays and starting my New Year off "thinner".

Karen said...

I'm hoping to start the new year lighter too! I have my first December weigh in tomorrow and am hoping to be at least -2 to be at -70 for 2008!

That pizza sounds good!

I'll be polishing off the butternut mac & cheese for lunch tomorrow, YUM!

♥ Dee ♥ said...

I am all about sticking with my program! I want to be able to stand tall and proud at the Christmas parties I'm going to where I haven't seen people in the last year and speak strongly about my experiences without that little voice in the back of my head yelling "HYPOCRITE!" as I stuff my face.

NOT happening.

Hanlie said...

I'm also in the (a) boat! I will only indulge for two meals this December and even then, I'll keep it sane. The rest of the time I'll be 100% on plan. I want to shed at least another 10 pounds by January 1.

You're really doing great! Well done!

~TMcGee~ said...

Since Mr. Motivation has come to visit me again, I am currently in the A camp. It's only been a few days for me that I'm doing good but I am going to do my best to stick with it.
I have no idea what to expect for Christmas dinner since we are going away but my new mantra is "stay away from bad carbs, eat lots of veggies and lean meats and only enjoy a piece of dark chocolate to kill the sweets desire".
I'm with ya, Lyn!

Sarah said...

Good for you! If you can stick to it this time of year and lose weight you can do anything. Last year, I actually lost weight the week of Thankgiving ;-) But this year, I think I am more of a b than an a. I'd like to think I'm somewhere in between though really if that's possible. Have a great weekend!

Tena said...

I'm in the A boat! Since I'm trying the eat-clean thing, I will be looking for ways to make the holidays "cleaner."

And, my b-day is in January so I'm trying to get as much lost as I can before that eventful day (ha!).

Dinah Soar said...


I started to leave a comment but is was so long I decided I might put it up as a post instead and link back to your post. I'm feeling discouraged so my comment might discourage rather than help. So..if I decide to post it, you can read it on my blog.

I'm happy for you that you are doing so well.

Twix said...

Still in the A camp and that's where I will remain. I have had those thoughts of focus all of my energy to weight loss and well that would be so neglectful of other areas in my life. ;-) So here's a to a great start for 2009, cheers!

Tena said...

Thanks for the tips you left on my post! I will definately try your suggestion!

Sharon said...

I like your blog.

Marshmallow said...

I'm in camp D.

d) They will stick to healthy eating, and working hard. Period. No strings.

I'm not going to eat healthy and work hard because it's December. I'm going to eat healthy and work hard because I love it, and I deserve it :-)

Lynne said...

Nice decision to LOSE this holiday season. I am with you!!!

Let's support each other. This could be the first year in a LONG time that I am starting out weighing less than I did last year!

Big for me. Let's go!!!

Lyn said...

Love your comment, Marshmallow! You have such a healthy attitude.

People... if you have not read Marshmallow's blog, click her name and go check it out (she has several actually). Inspiring stuff.

Sally said...

Good for you! I really enjoy your site, and I hope you find a way to stay focused through the holidays. I admire the approach you're taking and finding that it inspires me! Thank you. By the way, I am very much looking forward to making the butternut squash macaroni recipe for when my family is in town over the holidays - that one looks like a keeper. Thanks for that too! -Sally

Chris said...

Your blog is so encouraging. I've fallen off the wagon and have reverted to many of my old unhealthy ways. Reading all the positive comments and your article, I'm going to make a point of breaking at least one bad habit effective tomorrow.

cetirizine said...

Good for you!

Lee said...

I could go either (a) or (b). I'm trying to decide if I should join Weight Watchers right now or wait until after the holidays when there may be enticements (less money) to join.

Phyaflyjones said...
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kilax said...

I thought I was in camp A, but heck, it's Dec. 24th, and I am definitely in camp C. Boo.

I am a bit behind in my reading, but excited to conitue to read through December and see how you are doing!