Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fun in Chicago!

I wanted to share some photos from my weekend trip to Chicago for Quaker's Living Proof Weekend. It was a treat to meet so many other fantastic bloggers and learn more about nutrition and heart health. I will be sharing some of that information in later posts!

We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel, and my room had this amazing view:

Then on Saturday morning, it was off to the Quaker Headquarters to meet "Larry" the Quaker dude. That's me standing beside him, urging him to smile for the camera. But he was a little on the stiff side. I think he was on the defensive because earlier, Tanya of I Ate A Pie and Kath of Kath Eats Real Food were trying to swipe his oats.
Our meeting was held in the Sustainability Center, which was a real marvel, with chairs made from recycled Aquafina bottles and floors made of bamboo and recycled glass. We milled about getting to know one another (do you recognise any famous bloggers in this picture?)

At lunch, Kath was, as always, Eating Real Food. Here she is taking a picture of her salad:

On Sunday, we were treated to a cooking demonstration by Stephanie Izard, winner of the 4th season of Top Chef. She was so nice! And her oatmeal pancakes were to die for!

Here is Stephanie's Oat Pancake recipe (it really is delicious, and don't skip the syrup!!):

3 bananas
1/2 c milk
1/2 t vanilla
1/2 c ground oats (rolled, instant, or quick oats ground in the blender)
3/4 c oats
1/2 c whole wheat flour
1/4 t salt
2 t baking powder
2 egg whites, whipped to soft peaks
sliced banana for garnish

Blend bananas and milk together in blender. Transfer to bowl and stir in vanilla, oats, flour, baking powder and salt. Fold in egg whites. Spray nonstick griddle with pan spray and heat over medium heat. Add in a few spoonfuls of batter, leaving room for when they expand. Cook on each side until lightly browned. To serve, top with banana slices and drizzle with pomegranate syrup.

1 c pomegranate juice (she used Tropicana pomegranate blueberry juice)
2 T honey
In non reactive sauce pot, reduce until thickened.

Later that evening, we were having cocktails and mingling in the Hard Rock Lounge. We had a blog reader meetup at 10pm. Quaker offered to bring snacks! How lovely! (See the fancy basket of instant oatmeal packets there on the table?? "Waiter! Some boiling water from the bar, please!")
Below: me and my buddies Carla of MizFit and Jennette of PastaQueen. It was so cool meeting them. I have been reading their blogs forever so I felt like I already knew them! I wonder if their fitness and royalty rubbed off on me a bit?
I will share some more about what we learned later this week. Dave Grotto, dietitian and author of 101 Foods That Could Save Your Life, will be doing a guest post with helpful information about staying motivated and losing weight.
I really enjoyed the trip and loved meeting everyone. Thanks, Quaker, for the opportunity!


Katschi said...

Thanks for posting the pics, Lyn! You're a sneaky bugger though...still can't see you :)
So how fun was that to meet everybody in 3D!

my word verification was LINDISM kinda like your Lyn-isms

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Welcome back! I'm so glad it went well. I really want to try the pancakes. Mmmm. My husband might even have them. :D

I see you waaaay back there in the back. You sneak.

I look forward to the "motivational" post.

The Princess

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Gosh! It's a bevy of big-name bloggers!

MizFit said...

such a fun weekend.


Miz. who always manages to look like a grinning fool in photos.

Teale said...

I hate never getting to see your face. I know it's your prerogative, but I don't have to like it:)

Angie said...

Wish I would've have the chance to meet you while you were in town. Hubby and I were at the Sunday gathering and had a blast. I posted about it on my blog w/ a link to pictures.

GF said...

Great photos and follow-up from the weekend.

Thanks for sharing :)

elife said...

I'm so glad you had fun. I'm so sad I didn't get to meet you!

moonduster said...

Looks like you hada lot of fun! Glad to see it and thanks for sharing the photos!

Kath said...

LOL at my photo!!!

Lynn Haraldson-Bering said...

LOVE the photos! But I agree with katschi...you're very sneaky :)

I'd eat oatmeal if it meant I could meet you, Miz, PQ and the others...sigh...

Linda said...

Lynn - I was at the Sunday gig and was so bummed that YOU couldn't be there. I wanted to meet you as much as I wanted to meet Mizfit!

Glad you had fun. I've been enjoying the oatmeal the blogger fans were given Sunday.


Hide those cookies said...

Looks like great fun! Glad you're back and fortified with oaty goodness!

Karyn said...

how awesome to get to meet some of the people you are friends with via blogging! I think it is fun that you tease us with just a tiny bit of yourself in the photos!

Sounds like you had a terrific time! I'm glad.

Those pancakes sound wonderful!

Amy Jo said...

It looks like you had a blast! Glad you enjoyed your weekend; seeing the pictures, I almost feel like if I had gone, I'd feel STARSTRUCK in a wierd way! I'm going to have to try those pancakes :)

ryry the adventurous said...

So glad you had a great time!!! And an oatmeal bar to boot... omg, so jealous.

Ceres said...

I've had oatmeal for breakfast two days in a row :-) It's great now that the weather is getting colder, to have something warm in the morning. I think my favorite is maple-brown sugar. Yum!

Stephanie Quilao said...

I'm late to the comment party, as I recover from my Chi acquired cold/flu-ish. Soooooo happy to meet you! We had lots of fun!

Amber said...

Glad you had fun! I'm looking at the group picture trying to guess which one is you!