Monday, November 10, 2008

Food Update

I have lots of updates to give, but first let me give my food/calorie update! If you are looking for the Habit-A-Week Challenge, scroll down, it's the next post down :)

So as I have mentioned, I am aiming for a monthly calorie budget of 48000 calories for November, which is an average of 1600 per day. I thought I did pretty well during my weekend in Chicago, but alas, the numbers were higher than I expected. I kept a small notebook with me and wrote down everything I ate while I was away, so that when I got home I could look up the calories and total them up. So here are the damages:

I averaged 3,000 calories per day on the trip. I was pretty surprised when I saw these numbers. A lot of the calories are guesstimated because I have no real clue how many calories are in a bite of dessert or a grilled panini. I pretty much used my common sense and looked up similar items online to get an estimate.

Friday was full of time sitting in airports or on airplanes and the food choices were limited, but I did okay. Probably ate about 200 calories more than I would have at home for breakfast/lunch/snacks. Dinner with the other bloggers at the China Grill was a-maz-ing!!! I usually have maybe 2 alcoholic drinks in a year but I had this fabulous Tropical Paradise martini, and a White Russian. Soo good. For dinner, I chose the Edamame and Vegetable Risotto because it seemed like the healthiest choice; however, it was rather heavy and cheesy, so I actually only ate about 1/4 of the entree. I ate the grilled vegetables on the side. For dessert... well, it was really fantastic. The table (8 bloggers) ordered 3 desserts to share: a "great wall" of meringue-covered ice cream, cheesecake pot stickers, and chocolate sushi (!!!!) I had one pot sticker, one piece of sushi, and a half slice of the Great Wall. Wonderful stuff. Such an enjoyable night!

(Hand model: Alanna of A Chocolate Venture. Oh wait...)

Saturday started off with an Oatmealpalooza!! Yes, that's what Quaker called the oatmeal breakfast bar they had set up for us. It was very nice. I had a bowl of steel cut oats, with a sprinkle of cinnamon and brown sugar, topped with blueberries, strawberries, banana slices, walnuts, and skim milk. And a side plate of fresh fruit (grapes and pineapple). Yummy AND healthy! During the lectures, Quaker handed out a few treats: some new, indulgent Quaker granola bars called "True Delights" in coconut macadamia nut and dark chocolate raspberry. We also had a handful of Quaker cereal squares. Yes, we got our fill of oatmeal, for sure. The lunch spread was pretty good too. They had a nice green salad with raspberry vinaigrette, broccoli, a very unique, delicious red potato salad (I had about a half cup) and some wraps. I grabbed something that I thought was a turkey or chicken wrap, which turned out to be a chicken SALAD wrap (half wrap, actually). It was very good but creamy and so I am guessing it had mayo in it... although it could have been yogurt. Also we had Baked Lays potato chips and an oatmeal raisin cookie. I drank a bottle of water.

Dinner was at the mk restaurant. I had a glass of red wine with dinner. I started with an endive salad with green beans, pecans, and Roquefort cheese in it; it was beautiful but I only ate about half, with a small slice of whole grain bread. My entree was a lovely salmon fillet over baby bok choy. Excellent! And dessert was chosen for us: an oatmeal apple crisp topped with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream. I ate about 3 bites of the crisp, plus the ice cream. I also had a rum and coke.

Endive salad. Mmmmm.

We moved on to the Hard Rock lounge for the blogger/reader meetup. The bar prepared complimentary drinks for us that were small, bright red, and beautiful. I have no idea what they were but they had a maraschino cherry in them and raspberry puree on top.

On Sunday I felt a distinct need for PROTEIN. Breakfast was 2 eggs over easy, 2 slices of wheat toast, and apple smoked bacon. I also had a fruit plate on the side and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. I had a sugar free vanilla iced coffee later on. Since I had a late breakfast, lunch was light. This was also because I was on an airplane and the "cheese and cracker" platter I ordered had ONE OUNCE of cheese and FOUR crackers in it, which I shared with my daughter. Geez, American Airlines, talk about stingy with the cheese! I also had a small baggie of mixed nuts and a Coke.

We were on the plane for four hours, and then we had a four hour layover at the airport. Our plane was to leave at 10pm. So I took my daughter and we had dinner. She got spaghetti and meatballs, and I ordered a grilled panini. It was WAYYY, WAYY greasier than I had ever imagined and it was really not very good at all, but it was $8, I was starving, and I ate it. It was kinda small but I am guessing very calorie laden. I drank water with that, too. After four hours wandering the airport with a tired 3-year-old, I found that my plane had been delayed for an HOUR. I bought the toddler a Magna-Doodle and myself a decaf Starbucks Peppermint Mocha and we waited and waited. Finally after 11pm we were on the plane. I had some water and about 4oz of apple juice. We got home at 1am.

Sooo, I spent today recovering, doing chores, and choosing a healthy set of meals today that would meet my vitamin, protein, fiber and healthy fat requirements while staying low calorie. I actually ate a whole (small) head of cauliflower today with a bit of light cheese, yum! I also had some oatmeal with flax and walnuts, several cups of green tea, cinnamon almonds, and milk. I ate a big helping of Egg Beaters with a large chopped leek and Parmesan cheese with half of a whole grain bagel. My total calories for today: 1024. I was not hungry, as I got 65 grams of protein and 21 grams of fiber today. I also biked for 30 minutes and strength trained. I feel great!

(disclaimer: I do not advocate a "low calorie" diet. I am not even capable of eating 1000 calories per day for an extended period of time. It just happened that I was eating very healthfully and was not too hungry today. Don't worry, I am not going to shrivel up and blow away. And remember, I ate 3,000 calories per day for the last few days, so I think my body can cope with a 1000 calorie day.)

I am gonna get there. It just takes time.


Fat Lazy Guy said...

That looked and sounded delicious :)

moonduster said...

Don't you hate feeling as if you have to "make up" for a few bad calorie days? I remember once having four slices of Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza and then finding out that my calories for that dinner alone were over 1,700 calories! Exercise is a great way to make up for it though and not having to reduce a normal calorie day. It's still nice to occassionally get in a low-calorie day without really trying to do so.

I'm glad you had a nice time on your trip! Did they give you any new healthy oatmeal recipe ideas?

MizFit said...

your such a beautiful smart funny snarky vibrant woman.

(uh oh. now HOW do I say I found you a kindred spirit w/out looking as though Im complimenting myself. Ill just add:)

I felt as though I knew you the minute we met.

here's hoping we reconnect at blogher in july?

keep in touch,


Alanna @ A Veggie Venture said...

Ha, the chocolate venture! Now, I could well do that!

So glad you're feeling good about our Quaker Days, food-wise and friend-wise. Me too!

Ceres said...

Welcome back! Glad you had a nice time and met with other member of the blogosphere :-) Your eating sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

Hillary said...

WARNING: This comment contains tough love.

Were you REALLY surprised your calorie count was so high? I was surprised you allowed yourself these: Tropical Martini, White Russian, Oatmeal Cookie, Apple Crisp & Ice Cream, Rum & Coke, Peppermint Mocha...?! Are these good choices? There are alcoholic beverages that are much lower in sugar & calories, plus you could have skipped the juice, granola bars, 2nd piece of toast...

Just want to encourage you to really look at what you ate and ask yourself if these choices equal weight loss. (They certainly haven't in my experience.)

Perhaps your choices would be "reasonable" if your goal was maintenance, but it's not.

You can do better!!!

Lyn said...


Actually, I am pretty happy with my choices. I really enjoyed every bite and sip, and the company was fantastic! I had a great time in Chicago, no regrets :)

I am more than willing to cut back this week and work hard on the exercise so that by the end of the month I still have a net loss. And I feel GREAT!

Amber said...

I'm glad you have no regrets Lyn! My favorite no guilt cocktail is Diet Coke and rum. Sure, it doesn't taste quite as good as the real thing but it's a lot less calories and it still puts you in the party spirit. You know you're not keeping me away from cocktails!