Monday, October 20, 2008

Preggo Belly, UGH!

Holy cow. I look like I swallowed a hippo!! OMG, what did I do to myself?? Seriously, I am having a moment. Regaining this weight was a really bad idea. Not that it was a *conscious* idea, but OMG. Did you EVER stop and think about what it feels like to lose weight and then gain a bunch of it back? If you have never done this, you're blessed. But let me tell you. It is NO FUN.

When I got down to 214 pounds, I started feeling like a normal human being. I did not feel *fat* all the time (only when I sat a certain way on my bed and then looked in the mirror). I felt strong and confident. I felt sexy because for the first time in ages I had a defined, curvy waist and no potbelly. No one was asking me when the baby is due anymore. I could wear jeans without a muffin top. My face looked so much better and younger and my jawline was defined.

I regained 23 pounds and suddenly my whole body went all to heck. I did NOT gain the weight back the same way it came off. Almost the entire 23 pounds went to my belly. Not my middle, but the lower abdomen. The dreaded "pregnant belly" came back WORSE. I had noticed that when I put on my jeans, they're too tight. If I can button them I have muffin top AND huge bloated look. The other day I was wearing cotton elastic pants and I sat down and it seriously looked like I had one of those mini watermelons in my pants!! A big, rounded, bloated hump. How embarrassing! But as if this wasn't enough, I got a little extra fat on my inner thighs, so they started rubbing and swooshing together again. And to top it off, I got one of my triple chins back. UGHHHHHH! All this from regaining 23 pounds.

Today I looked at that belly and thought, "I must be imagining things. It looks SO HUGE." So, I decided to go ahead and take a measurement of my hips (which is pretty much where the fat lower belly is sticking out). When I was 214 pounds my hip measurement was 49" (down from 58" when I started). Now I weigh 232... which is 18 pounds from 214... and my hip measurement is 53"! OMG, I was not delusional. I gained 4" in the belly area with this regain. UGHHHHHHHHHHH.

Well at least I am back on the right track. I rode my bike for 30 minutes today. I went outside and bagged leaves and stuffed big branches from our trimmed tree into my van. That was a workout. And I also did my strength training. I am drinking lots of water and I am getting in my veggies, too. Today's meals:

Breakfast: tea with skim milk and agave nectar, oatmeal with natural peanut butter and blueberries.

Lunch: bowl of steamed beet greens with 1 slice of bacon, small plateful of sauteed baby leeks and asparagus, and a bowl of light potato soup with a few Kashi crackers.

Snacks: dark chocolate dried plum pieces, lots of water, grapes, 6 almonds.

Dinner will be something I throw together with baby pattypan squash and yellow squash. Also some boiled beets.

I know the belly will go away again as I lose weight. But in the meantime, it's a constant reminder of the price I am paying for eating too much junk.

Be well! And if you are looking for today's healthy habit, scroll down. I posted it earlier :)


Dinah Soar said...

I always gain the weight in my belly too...the small regain I've had, which is about 3-4 pounds tops is ALL in my belly. Only this past year or so have I really noted how *large* I am--it's as if I've been blind to it before. Just seeing that fat back in my belly highlights the need for me to rid myself of it***again*** and lose the rest of my excess weight--which would be at least another 5 pounds...possibly another 10 pounds, though after the holidays are finished.

We WILL get there. We CAN do it.

PrincessDieter said...

I think because you were eating a lot of sugary foods, that made you put it mostly on the belly. Watching simple sugars and general carb intake, and upping lean protein should make that belly shrink.

I tend to regain in the belly and midriff. Why not my butt? I mean, at least a big butt one can sashay. A watermelon belly is just...THERE. And it's more detrimental to health. Sheesh.

The P

new*me said...

you should do before and after pics again.....for yourself if you don't want to share ;)

I can relate.......I tend to gain in my tummy too!!!

Sounds like you are soooo back on track!

Sherre said...

I share this problem and have wondered recently (although I think you hit the nail on the head) why as I lose weight, my body isn't the same as it was before. I always wore the same size top and bottom. Now, I can get into size 16 bottoms, but still need plus size tops -- just to cover my belly. Yuck!!

Thank you princessdieter -- I'm going to try to watch refined carbs (something I still eat too much of) to see if that helps!

Laura said...

You are doing great, don't give up. I am taking a page from your book and trying to create better habits. First, water... Ugh, I feel like a bloated little cow.

Ceres said...

Good job on getting back on track and sticking to it! That belly will be history very soon!

Deb said...

If there is a silver lining, belly fat it typically easier to lose than butt fat. Of course what causes it to be easier to lose is also what makes it worse for our health.

Vickie said...

It took a VERY long time for all the rolls to finally disappear from my belly (during weight loss) but disappear they did.

And now I think of it as empty balloons - just waiting to be filled. And they always seem to be there - waiting and ready.

I am not sure technically WHAT it is (that expands - fat cells?) but it is an instant thing.

My weight stays very steady - but if I accidentally get too much salt - instant belly bloat - with no change in the scale.

I think it is the best guarantee of staying in my goal range EVER - because my dislike of any belly fat is intense. It is what kept me doing during weight loss and it is what keeps me careful now.

the ben show said...

I am new to your blog but I am already finding you so very inspirational! I'm just one week into my new eating plan and I am so frustrated at how bloated I feel - it's all in the belly! Ugh!... Anyway, you are an inspiration!

~TMcGee~ said...

Belly fat is the worst! But from reading your past posts, you will take it off and then some. Keep your head up, Lyn, you will see the results you want. Take care!

Susan said...

Congrats on getting back on track - that belly will be gone soon!

Princessdieter is right - sugar and processed carbs will go straight to your belly. I found out all about that when I OD'd on bagel chips a few years ago.

I recommend The South Beach Diet (which is pretty similar to your diet anyway). The book explains the metabolic and health effects of eating processed carbs. Although fruit is very healthy, it is high in fructose (sugar) so you want to limit that too.

You know you can do it!

Teaching Kids Yoga said...

Hi Lyn,

I'm new to your blog but I couln't resist commenting today. Even though I teach yoga, I've always struggled with my weight - since I was a kid until now.

I also approach weight from the emotional side. The belly area is related to your fire energy (third chakra in yoga talk). Physically, its related to the fire in your gut to digest your food.

Emotionally it's related to your ability to bring your dreams to reality.

I seem to eat more more when I lose focus on what I want. I always want to lose weight - but what for? What do I want to do with all that good health? I can't just stand around looking at a flat belly all day!

So that's a question I think about alot - what is it all for? What do I want to do? What's the point?

When I can't remember the answer to these questions I also seem to have no will power.

When I know the answer - but don't have will power - I wonder if it's the true answer.

When I'm not thinking about eating all the time, because I'm thinking about my dreams - that's the best time! I just naturally lose weight.

So in terms of the belly fat - that's what I've found it relates to. Does that make any sense?


Juice said...

Ok, you are back on the right track. Keep doing what you are doing!

elife said...

ughhh I HATE belly fat most of all. Whenever I've gained quickly, it goes there first (as though my poor body is so busy digesting that it has to leave the fat at the nearest depot). After awhile it attaches to my hips, etc.

But you are back on track, great job!

--Michelle said...

For myself (I am 5' 9"), I have found that six pounds correlates to an inch in girth. Sounds like you have a similar relation between pounds and inches.

The good news is that you will probably lose an inch per six pounds, as well.