Friday, October 31, 2008

Oatmeal Winners!

It's time to announce the winners of a month's supply of Quaker Oat products from among the 67 comments I received about OATS! I really wanted to send oats to ALL of you. Thank you for the lovely comments, great ideas, insights, recipes, and questions for Quaker. I am taking ALL of your suggestions and inquiries to Chicago with me next week, straight to Quaker Oats! And they better listen :)

The winners of a month's supply of Quaker oat products are:

PrincessDieter, of Once Upon A Diet, for her sheer enthusiasm for oats, including a post of her own about how much she loves them!

Lisa, for her mention of breastfeeding and how oatmeal increases milk production. *GO BREASTFEEDING!!!* Breast is best!

Cassie H., because she puts broccoli and cheese in her oatmeal. Anyone who puts broccoli and cheese in their oatmeal deserves a free month's supply for sure!

and finally, Amber, of Freakin' Diet, for the amazing versatility of her ways to enjoy oats, and in the hopes that this oatmeal will stoke up her fire again :)

Winners please contact me ASAP with your name and address so I can get those oats on their way! My email addy is in the sidebar.

Happy Halloween everyone! Be wise with the candy!


new*me said...

congrats to all the winners ;) Happy Healthy Halloween to you Lyn ;)!!!!

Amber said...

I'm so excited! Thanks Lyn! I'm e-mailing you right now...

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Thanks so much, Lyn
I just emailed my addy.

The P