Friday, September 26, 2008

Thin Life

Today was a typical "healthy" day for me. It's what I call a day in the Thin Life. (You all know what a day in the Fat Life looks like... when you make a play date with Little Debbie and Frito Lay...). I think today is the kind of day that needs to multiply in my life, so that I can BE the healthy person I know I am.

I got up this morning, weighed in (no gain, no loss), and showered. I had my usual 16-oz glass of water, and then prepared my morning tea (chai and yerba mate latte made with skim milk). After the kiddos were off to school, I settled in to cuddle with the toddler. I had a healthy breakfast (a Kashi Oat waffle, toasted and spread with natural almond butter and topped with a handful of fresh local blueberries, with a glass of iced green tea). Then we were off to run errands.

I did a *lot* of walking. I parked pretty far from the places I needed to go, and had fun walking with my daughter. We went to the Farmer's Market and I bought sweet corn, kale, peaches, blackberries, mixed nuts in the shell, plums, apples, and delicata squash (a real favorite, a must try if you haven't had it! Will post recipes later!) And at home I already have onions, red and green peppers, fresh garlic, zucchini, yellow squash, acorn squash, spaghetti squash, watermelons, cantaloupe, and a ton of other stuff. This is my Thin Life kitchen. The only "sweet" in there is one bag of extra-dark chocolate chips, which I enjoy with walnuts on occasion.

When I got home, I was famished. I had a couple ounces of chicken that was already in the fridge, cooked. I had a few nuts, and a fresh peach. Then I set about cooking dinner.

Tonight's dinner is going to be Taco Soup. Everyone likes it, it's easy, and relatively healthy. Here's the recipe:

Brown 2lbs of ground meat (lean ground turkey is great, lean ground beef is great too. I used half turkey and half extra lean beef today). I season the meat with pepper and garlic powder while it browns. Dump the browned meat in your crock pot. (You can make this in a pan on the stove, just simmer it for 45 minutes with the lid on instead). Add one chopped onion, and two cans of diced tomatoes and their juice. I used one can of regular tomatoes and one that had peppers and onions in it. I actually pureed the tomatoes because of the "chunk factor" so that my kids will all eat it without picking things out. You don't HAVE to puree them though. Add one can of water. Add a can of pinto beans (rinsed) and a can of chili beans with their sauce (mild). Add a can of corn (I left this out today at one son's request. I will have the corn, warmed, on the table for people to add to soup if they like). Add a small (4oz) can of diced green chiles and their juice. Add a packet of taco seasoning and a packet of Ranch dressing mix (the dry stuff). Stir and set on low all day or 6 hours. Serve with baked corn chips, grated 2% low fat cheddar, and light sour cream for toppings if desired. (Now, if I was making this taco soup for myself, instead of for a passel of kids, I would add diced red and green peppers, diced zucchini, maybe some diced celery. But the kids, they object! So I leave it out and give them baby carrots and salad on the side).

Then when that was in the crock pot, I cleaned out the fridge. I found some onion chunks, wilted celery, last-leg carrots, and the remains of a rotisserie chicken, so I made some really nice, rich chicken stock (to use for soup later). I used my Magic Chicken Soup recipe (which you simply must try, the next time you are sick. So comforting, nutritious, and makes you feel better!) Now that is simmering on the stove.

I sat down with some All Bran crackers to blog today, and I thought, hey! This is what it needs to be like. Forget the fast food, the sodas, the obsessing. Just do my stuff. And it's fun :)

Tonight I am going to hop on that exercise bike and go for a ride. I am looking forward to it! I really like how I feel when I treat myself well.

Here's to a Thin Life, in whatever body we are currently blessed with.


Sherre said...

I, too, want to have more thin life days than junk food life days! Thanks for the recipe -- it sounds yummy. Definitely going to try it -- as soon as it gets a bit more "soup weathery" here in CA.

ryry the adventurous said...

Hooray for the Thin Life!! Today was a good Thin Life day for me too. Yay Friday!!

Karyn said...

I love the last line....Sounds like you're really back in your groove, Lyn! Yay!

Any idea on the caloric content of that wonderful sounding soup?

Ceres said...

Oh, I'm so happy that you had such a great day! You deserve nothing less!

Sunny Days said...

Having a "thin life" day is soooo different than what we are used too. I love it when I make good healthy choices for the feels sooo good! I'm happy for you!! Keep it up!
wishing you "thin" sunny days!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now. You remmind me of me...not me now as much as me when I was still really addicted to sugar and overeating.
Don't get me wrong, I am still struggling to lose the weight. The huge advantage I have this time over other times is...I do not eat sweets...none!
The only sweet treat I have is Jello sugar free pudding, a protein bar (3g sugar) or a protein shake (0g sugar).
Once you get sugar out of your diet, you don't crave sweets or carbs...amazing!
Your aches and pains go away and your body starts burning calories for energy because your glucose levels don't fluctuate constantly. Peaks and dips in your glucose level is what cause you to be hungry all the time.
If you are interested in learning more, try reading "The Sugar Solution". It is a bit extreme in areas, but very educational. I have found it takes quite a while to incorporate major changes into our lives...ones that will last a lifetime.
Thanks for sharing so openly about your experience. You are an inspiration to me.Your progress photos remind me of how much a body can change with look amazing. Good luck with all your efforts.

MizFit said...

hooray for YOUR life.

I love this part of mine as well: I settled in to cuddle with the toddler.
no matter what sometimes falls by the way said (we're supposed to do laundry? :)) to get it.

have a great healthy cuddling happy weekend.

Id love your thoughts on a post I just wrote.
couldnt sleep as it was on my mind. said...

I had a great thin life day, too -- busy, with family, food was not the center, worked my exercise commitment in because there are "no excuses". I was surprised how little I thought about food/eating. It was a nice break.

Karyn said...

Saturday night....Tried your taco soup, Lyn. Wonderful! I love it! I used veggie ground "beef" - probably would have tasted better with the real thing, but it was still my idea of a GREAT meal. Filling too.

But, what are "chili beans"? There is nothing called that in our grocery stores. I used the Pintos and Black beans.

Anyway, wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it! Thanks.

Linda said...


Anonymous said...

mmmm, taco soup is one of my favorite meals, I am planning to make it this week! As always I read your last couple of posts with interest. You are right about being a fat person in a thin body. One of the reasons the slowness of my loss hasn't bothered me is because I realized how much stuff I was learning along the way and that it needed time to really sink in. I haven't felt that fear of being thin but I've heard it mentioned many times on the boards. It's very interesting... But as far as not craving the bad stuff, it has definitely decreased, but I don't expect it to ever go away. Thin folks I know get cravings for treats too, they just handle them differently. Whereas before I would give in to each and every craving, and stuff myself to the point of nausea, they are selective, and will eat only just enough to satisfy. I am trying to learn this behavior. I think the more you exercise those resisting muscles, the stronger they get. You're doing great Lyn!

Twix said...

Here's to the thin life!! :D

LissaLee said...

What an inspiring day! I absolutely love this blog. Whenver I am feeling down and hopeless I find that there is some nugget of insight you write that I can latch on to that helps pull me out and bolster me up.

new*me said...

we eat taco soup here yummy!! Great for football season!

Here's to the thin life Lyn! Your post made me smile :)

Sheri said...

Weewhooo! You have done great! The train is heading back up the hill of success. Keep going! The thin life can only get better and better.

Lyn said...


Chili beans are pintos in a tomato based sauce. The ones I bought are Bush's brand. If you can't find chili beans, pintos should work fine. You might want to add a bit more spice and/or a few spoonfuls of tomato sauce or a bit of ketchup.

I don't know the calorie count, but there is a recipe calculator on the sparkpeople site where you can enter all the ingredients and it calculates it for you! HTH