Friday, August 1, 2008

August 1, 2008: 215 Pounds

How about that? I lost one pound in July! Actually, I lost 20 pounds in July. Yes, that's right, I lost 20 pounds this month. The problem is, I also gained 19 pounds this month. So the net result is one pound lost.

Visual representation: (click for clearer image)

So you see, I gained 7 pounds twice and gained 5 pounds once. I lost seven pounds twice and lost 5 pounds once. But I also lost one pound, once. See?
My point is, how much WORK does a fat person have to do to net one freaking pound??

Well, it depends. It depends on how many days you slip off your plan and overeat. Those days on vacation eating burgers and chocolates; those days of PMS eating pizza; those days when you are just too tired to fix something healthy; those days when you really WANT a cupcake. They all add up against you, over time, to slow your weight loss. Do you think it is good for a body to gain nineteen pounds in a month? Even if it is the same pounds over and over and over, I think a body would be happier and healthier to stay close to the same weight most of the time.

Think of all the energy I spent losing those 20 pounds this month. Let me tell you... I WORKED. I did a LOT of biking, weight lifting, and walking. I had a lot of really good, healthy eating days. And yes it was worth it. My body is healthier and stronger than it was a month ago. But think what my weight loss might have been had I not kept gaining the same pounds over and over this month. More than one, I am sure.

I am going to make it a point to pay more attention to this kind of thing. All the lamenting we do as we try to lose weight might have a different twist to it. "It's so hard to lose weight! I work so hard and eat right. I have a few slip ups and BAM! All that work, all month long and I just get a ONE POUND loss!" Well, actually, if we take into account all the work we did losing and re-losing the same pounds, we can see that eating healthy DOES work. And if I put in the effort, I do get the results. Hey, I lost 20 pounds this month! I am proud of that, even if almost all of it was re-gained weight. It still took a lot of effort.

From now on I am going to try and put that effort towards mostly FRESH pounds, not old ones. Everyone's weight goes up a pound or two every so often. We all retain water sometimes. But frankly I know that the reason I had so many gains was because I was eating crap once in awhile. So it's time to cut the crap. August is my month. No more excuses.

So I am down a total of 63 pounds now. In just a few days, my blog will be one year old! Look for a little celebration post right here, with photos depicting how far I have come.

Keep on losin'!


Ranaesheart said...

I know How difficult it is to lose a pound.The effort it takes to shred just a single pound is enormous.

Well done for losing a single pound!I think you have done a great job!

Sometimes we slip.some times we need to forgive ourselves and move forward.As long as we have the motivation and keep the fire inside us, we can move on to make history!

Congrats in advance on Your Blog anniversary!

The Dieting Ninja said...

HUGE congratulations, and I totally agree. It feels awful when you slip and gain from it, but at the same time, it feels good to know that you're the one in control. You know why you slipped up, and you know what you can do to keep those hard-earned pounds off.

Much better than gaining and not having a clue. <3

So congratulations on your 20 pounds. And your 1.


Ceres said...

I think you're doing great, and one pound net loss is still better than one pound net gain, right? :-) You know what to do to lose more, and you have everything it takes to make it happen! Happy Anniversary, think how far you've come!!

spunkysuzi said...

I'm going to track this in august as i'm bad for losing then gaining the same couple of pounds! Look forward to your updated photos ;)

radiosilents said...

Oh wow, you have such a winning attitude! I totally love it. You're absolutely right on all counts, and brava to you for recognizing what you need to do to move forward. See, it's this type of introspection that makes success stories. :)


Arachne said...

Lyn, make sure you leave your head on the new pics, OK? I would really like to see what you look like! :)

Katschi said...

Did you make up the graph yourself in Excel or is it something I could download?

I'm committed to using several of your recently posted strategies to have a PERFECT 31 days in August.

I know a pound lost is a pound lost, but when you KNOW you could've done better, it isn't. I'm in the same boat...I know I could've done better last month, too. Here's to a fruitful (literally?) August! I'd love to see 10 lbs gone by Sept.

new*me said...

I am so looking forward to the one year post! I feel your frustration! Maybe it's time to shake things up Lyn. Different food? Different workout? Working out a different time of the day? Maybe you body has gotten used to the routine and is secretly challenging you to spice things up! Either way, August will be your month because you are focused!

Lyn said...


I did the graph at I just enter my weight daily and it makes the graph (it's free!)
I, too, am going for 31 perfect days in August. I can do it!

I think if I actually *stuck* to my plan instead of finding reasons to stray, I would see betetr results. I am going to try and stick to it every day in August and see what results I get. Then, if I am not happy, I will have to look at a change in routine.


->cara said...

I hear you sista!!

In the middle of July I weighed the exact same that I did at the beginning of June. I had even had some tremendous losses during those 6 weeks. But if was all for not. Like I wasted 6 weeks of hard work and sacrifice! I hated that! I do not what to do that again.

You think it's hard losing weight?? It's harder losing the same weight, twice, right??!!

BTW, congratulations on the one-pound loss!!

nmburleson said...

I hear ya! Congrats on the one year mark of blogging. Big Congrats on losing 63 lbs. That's awesome!!!!! :)

Sarah said...

What you have done this month is called Maintenance! I know that is not the goal right now... BUt it is excellent practice for when you get to were you want to be.

Heather said...

at least you can say that you still lose in july, and I think is a great accomplishment. Ive been does suck to be losing, but losing weight that you have already lost. but at least you lost and didnt let those gains turn into more gains,etc.

MB said...

Your monthly chart looks like my chart for the year. I've lost enough to be at my goal but gained almost as much.

Can't wait for the progress pics.

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent and thought-provoking post. I'm at the beginning of my weight loss journey (I hate the word, but can't think of another more suitable). In the last two months I've lost six pounds - yay! - put on three of them - boo! - and have now lost two again - yay! After reading this post I promised myself that I wouldn't go through this ridiculousness again. It's just a waste of time to keep yo-yoing. Although the important thing is to ultimately have a net loss, I want to make things as easy for myself as possible. And that means not repeatedly regaining weight and having to lose it again. So thank you, for a very wise post.