Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Addiction: Part 2

I happened to run across this 2-minute video on YouTube:

Extremely Overweight Ppl

"This is me and my world. I love my food... once you eat, everything goes away. All the headaches, all the pain, all the misery... everything's gonna be all right. This is like, home sweet home. It's like another dimension... a twilight zone." ~Larry, 700 pounds, dying from obesity, and unable to stop eating.

Prayers for you, Larry, and everyone else out there who knows exactly what you mean.


Kate said...

After watching that video, I almost vomited. Literally.

there but for the Grace of God go I.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

I understand how easy it could be to get to that place.

As above, "There, but for the Grace of God, go I."

new*me said...

We have the TLC series set to record on our DVR. I am so glad TLC is doing this. People need to know how common this is becoming. We need to be aware so we can begin to change our world and teach ourselves what love really is. Thanks for sharing that, Lyn.

Chubby Chick said...

I can really relate to that quote. And to be perfectly honest... I don't think I could handle watching the video. It's scary and sad just thinking about it!

spunkysuzi said...

I'm sitting here with tears running down my cheeks. I know exactly what they're talking about!

elife said...


Alexia@theonelastthing.com said...

I saw the show when it aired. I am a smaller (not by much) version of them. Love to them, to all of us.

Dinah Soar said...

When the show that clip is from aired on TLC I watched it...so sad..even having a hard time resisting food, I still am not capable of understanding how a person eats as much as the people in that show eat...don't they get sick to their stomach? Or is it that they eat constantly-- 24/7 --so that doesn't play into it.

I'm not condemning them--that would be the pot calling the kettle black---I'm just a smaller pot than they. I can easily overeat too...except my "natural" stopping point put me 50 pounds heavier than I need to be as opposed to 500 pounds. Just wondering how they can eat so much. Though I imagine people who are normal weight can't understand how I can overeat to the tune of 50 excess pounds.

I did wonder when I watched the program--since the people are pretty much bed fast--why and how are they continuing to overeat? Someone is obviously getting/giving them the food. And...with the high cost of food, how can they afford to eat that much? It appears they are unable to go out to work--do they work from home to earn money to buy food?

Lots of questions, but so few answers...

Honi said...

It makes me so sad to see that.. i do understand the feelings of comfort after binging.. but eating yourself to death.. well..thats horrible.. My body lets me know when I eat unhealthy choices.. i get reflux.. I dont feel well.. but here is the thing.. when I listen to my body and eat healthy.. my body tells me how good it feels by no reflux.. by no running to the bathroom.. by feeling good.. when we lose touch with those feelings.. I can see how perilous the road can be..

redballoon said...

It's so sad and I can only pray that whatever has clicked in these people's heads to keep their hand feeding them won't click in mine...again. I DO understand it. It is just a matter of degree.

Like Dinah wrote, however, I wonder how this is logistically possible to keep food coming to these people. I guess their caretakers feel they have no choice. Or, perhaps they are even part of the cause of the problem.

My big question is, why can't some organization come in and force these people to stop. With all the mind-altering drugs isn't there something that could help these people stop? There must be. I think it is largely a problem of no one truly, truly caring, but perhaps simply more interested in watching these people as if they were not people, but merely pictures on TV or characters in a horror show, freaks in the circus tent. It is so sad but more so, it is infuriating that something is not done to help these people...NOW! while they're still alive.

Anonymous said...

I knew two people who were over 700 lbs. The girl's mother worked in my building, she couldn't even move from the floor, they piled up food for her when they left for the day. She died at age 12. The mother was prosecuted for letting this happen. The second person worked in my office (as did her mother). She was sitting in the backseat of her car waiting for a prescription to be filled and just fell over dead, on top of her little girl. They had to cut open the car to get her out.

There is no denying whatsoever that eating killed both of these people.

I used to say how could anybody get that large, but of course it's the way we all could, one pound at a time.

redballoon said...

I think honi touched on a crucial point, losing touch with one's feelings. We have to push on with our lives, not collapse, not lose it, but continue to be there despite whatever we are feeling, much of it NOT GOOD. It is easy to lose touch with feelings, in fact it is encouraged because it makes things easier overall for all included, but in the long run, things like being able to listen to our body and the feelings affecting it become so suppressed that we can't draw on them when we need to, like these people can't.
Like steroids that act as a quick fix for a skin rashes, but will cause the body to lose its ability to fight on its own, we have to get to the root of the problem. All of us. My heart goes out to these poor folks. I wish I could help them. I wish the people around them could feel their plight and break through the barriers they have put up in what was likely self-protection but has now turned on them and is literally killing them.

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Anonymous said...

I have never been that large, but I have been up to 264lbs (I'm 5'4") and I know what it's like to be UNSTOPPABLE. I got control of myself 5 years ago, lost 80 lbs (still working on the rest) and I've kept those 80 OFF since. But, watching this, I feel like that could have easily been me. Easily. Eventually. Maybe not 700lbs, but maybe 350, maybe 400.

What depresses me too, though, is the VENOM in some of the comments under the video. Hate-filled, curse-filled VENOM for people who have a serious health problem. Not pity, not understanding (heavens, no), not even indifferent curiosity, but RAGE and HATRED. I wish some of those people could live even 1 day in the shoes of an obsessive overeater who is 100 or 200 (or more!) lbs overweight. Maybe they would grow some compassion then.

Mimosa Faith said...

This video has really impacted me. Thanks for posting. I can totally see myself right there, obsesively trying to find my joy in food. I am so glad I know the truth! FOOD DOES NOT SATISFY THE LONGINGS OF MY HEART! God does. My prayers are with all of you who commented and with the folks who were on the video. I am going to print out a photo of a super morbidly obese person and put it in an obvious place to remember to pray for them. I think that will also help me stay focused on the truth that has saved my life!
God Bless,
Mimosa Faith