Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Bathroom Dilemma

As of yesterday, I am back down to 217 pounds. That means all 7 pounds I gained on vacation are gone. I am really glad. Glad it is gone, AND glad I trusted myself enough to know it would come off if I kept on going. Had I given up in frustration, I might weigh 227, or more, by now. Trust yourself. Don't give up.

I was thinking about one benefit I realized since I have lost weight. When I was morbidly obese, anytime I went to a public rest room I headed straight for the handicapped stall. You know why: because it is huge. And I was huge. If you're thin, maybe you haven't thought about this. But imagine being 278 pounds and trying to fit into one of those narrow little stalls. You have to get in there, then straddle the toilet and lean wayyyyyy back like a rhino rearing up and pawing the air, hope you don't fall over backwards onto the dirty toilet, and try to shut the stall door which is stuck behind your protruding belly. Then you potty, and you have to get right back up, rear back again and try to pull the door in far enough so your stomach *pops* past it and you can unstraddle yourself and hobble out to the sink in front of the waiting line of people, all of whom are horrified at you, shaking their heads and looking disapprovingly at your Ranch-stained 3x t-shirt. Yeah. So you take the handicapped stall whenever possible.

I have, by habit, used that big spacious stall for many years. And now that I have a barely-3-year-old child, I have to take her in the stall WITH me. So we, of course, always use the handicapped stall. But while I was on vacation, one day we were shopping. The daughter needed to potty... NOW. We raced to the bathroom, and there was someone IN the handicapped stall. I had no choice but to usher my daughter into a normal, skinny stall to get her to the potty in time. And guess what? We BOTH fit in there!!! Without the rhino gymnastics!! My belly didn't even TOUCH the door. I was shocked. Several other times on vacation we had to go into the regular stalls and I had no problem. Can you believe it? I fit in a NORMAL bathroom stall WITH my 3-year-old! This is pretty cool!

And yes, if you add up my weight now plus my child's weight, we still would have to add another preschooler to weigh as much as I did, alone, a year ago. So no wonder we fit.

Small things like this make life better. I never, ever want to deal with the humiliation and physical strain of trying to pry my 278-pound body out of a skinny stall. Yet another reason I will never give up.

Vacation adventures, with pictures, coming up next!


nmburleson said...

Congrats on losing your vacation weight. That is an awesome accomplishment!

I can sooo relate on the stall thing. I always try to get the handicap stall. You should see me and my 4 yr old son try and squeeze into a regular stall....something else to look forward to when I've lost more of this weight! The rewards are endless aren't they!

Great job, love your blog.

MizFit said...

I adore this sentence:

small things like this make life better.


delurking to quote you TO you.



new*me said...

You have captured just how I have felt on many occasions in such a descriptive way.

I knew your extra weight would be yet a distant memory in a matter of days :) You go girl!

I relate to my weight loss in my kids' weight too. I already lost my 3 yr old (she is 32 lbs). My next goal is to lose the total of my 22 month old twins...which would be 50 lbs...I was at 44 on Tuesday. When I hold them on each hip together, that is a lot of weight...I can't believe that almost that much has already come off. Moving is a lot easier these days.

Have a great day!

Katschi said...

I'm glad for you that the holiday weight is gone. I'm learning to keep going, too.
I usually use the handicapped stall, hoping that no one who is actually handicapped doesn't need it. I can fit in a regular one but it's abit cramped. Some are smaller than others.
I can't wait to lose my stomach so that I can stand closer to the counter to do my dishes & not kill my lower back.

Anonymous said...

Nothing specific to say. I just love reading your observations.


spunkysuzi said...

Congrats on losing the vacation weight!
I also use the bigger bathrooms just because sometimes those small ones are so small and by the time i take my back pack in there's no room for me to turn around!!

Heather said...

Congrats on losing the vacay weight. I'm going out of town for a long weekend today and I'm hoping and praying I can stick to my plan. I'm sure I'll be fine. I'm well prepared.

I totally know what you mean about the bathroom thing. Thank you for always being so raw and honest in your blog. It's so refreshing.

Ceres said...

Great to hear you kicked those holiday pounds right off. Your blog made me smile, I had never thought of the "bathroom dilemma"!
I have been thinking: you are such a great source of inspiration for all of us in the blogosphere, but on top of that, I am awed by the invaluable lessons that you're teaching your children throughout this process. They should be really happy and proud to call you "mom" :-) Keep up the good work!

ptg said...

That is definitely an NSV. And I agree with mizfit -
"small things like this make life better."

Amen, sister. Amen.

Sheri said...

Oh Lyn, I laughed. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about, but the link to a rhino rearing is what I found so funny. I've been the same about using a handicap stall until about a month ago. Being overweight, we tend to wear things that are too big, and that includes the toilet stall. After I had to use one of the regular stalls because the handicap was occupied, I realized I finally could. It isn't just about getting in and out, sometimes its about dealing with the aftermath of why we've got to be there - maneuvering the fat stiffened body to effectively use toilet paper. "Get rid of what's too big, and wear what fits, because if its too big we tend to gain until we fit." I heard that once, and that is what crossed my mind the day I realized I could finally fit fine again.

Sarah said...

Isn't that neat? I can't imagine how you are doing this while feeding and keeping on top of 4 kids. But I am so impressed.

->cara said...

I remember those days well. I've been using the handicap stalls for the past 19 years. I used to hate the really small stalls that would make my naked hips touch the cold walls as I sat on the potty seat. Those were the worst bathroom experiences for me.

Now, I'm so proud that I can go to a regular sized stall. I actually smile every time I enter one and can close the door comfortably behind me. I know people think I'm weird smiling like that in a public restroom. But I'm seriously PROUD of myself for fitting.

Glad to hear I'm not alone on this one.

Congratulations on getting those 7 pounds off. Victory!!!!!

Lynne said...

Small things indeed!

You never realize how much weight affects your daily life... All those decisions, the thought you have to give to the trivial issues the thin world takes for granted.

Thanks for bringing it to the forefront! It makes me realize how much I gain from losing!!

Heather said...

glad to hear it! I know Im going to be in the same situation with getting my vacation weight off. knowing you coudl do it gives me strength to get mine off too!