Friday, June 27, 2008

Persevere!! 60 Pounds Gone

Ooooh I am so excited I can hardly contain myself!! I FINALLY lost a pound! WOOHOO!! This morning I weighed in at 218. That is a grand total of SIXTY pounds gone! Yippee!

Do you realize that it took me 28 DAYS to lose that one pound?? Talk about frustrating. I am convinced this is why so many people give up and regain weight. We work SO HARD to lose a couple pounds but we can regain them in a weekend of bad eating. In fact, all month long I have bounced up and down from 219 to 225, up and down like a teeter totter, always waiting to see whether the momentum was going to take me up or down. And frankly, it could have gone either way. I could have flung myself right back up the scale ten or twenty pounds (and the momentum just builds and it gets easier to keep gaining). It was (and still IS) a very emotional, life changing month. But thanks to all the support here... as well as a real tough, dig-down effort to persevere... I am not twenty pounds heavier. It is still a struggle but I am not giving up.

Even more than the lost pound, I am excited about my new measurements! Last month I was lamenting how my arms were totally not shrinking. I think they had only gone down about an inch since I started this journey. And when I look in the mirror I see the same figure I saw at 238 and 228. I wonder, "maybe the scale is wrong and I am still the same weight." But measurements don't lie.

In just this last ten pounds, since 228, I have lost:
3/4" off each upper arm
1" off each thigh
1 1/4" off my bust
3/4" off my waist
and 2 1/4" off my hips!!

Wow, can you even fathom this?? The inches just astound me. I feel the same size. I tried on some tighter clothes this morning and looked in the mirror (in preparation for my new pictures) and I see NO difference. But the measurements don't lie. I am different!

Pics to come :)


Arachne said...

Congrats Lyn! You are truly a motivation! I have lost 64lbs since March 15, 2008. I am now under 200lbs for the first time in pretty near 20 years. It feels good. :) Keep the faith! --ANN

Ryry the Adventurous said...

HOORAY FOR LYN!! Cant wait to see those pictures!! You are worth it, and you deserve it!

Heather said...

that is so wonderful!! congrats on the weight loss, the weight you havent gained, and the inches! most of all, that you never gave up.

round said...

Wow, good for you!

I am really impressed by your attitude and stick-to-it-ness vs the 1 pound. I think it's your way of saying you've worked for that pound for a month that shows the attitude I have a hard time harnessing - I often think of the scale fluctuations as back and forth, whereas you seem to see it as a variation from where you are and so you don't fret the pound or two up before coming back down.

Katschi said...

You deserve this work so hard and your determination is stellar to none!

Lyn, you are my HERO!!!

Anonymous said...

Well done, my dear, especially under the circumstances! You rock!

Donna B said...

Congrats! Can't wait to see your new photo! I am hoping to be at 218# this week, for a total of 50#'s so I enjoy immensely following your blog. Gives me tons of incentive!

Ceres said...

Well done!!!! I am very happy for you and looking forward to the pics! :-)

Twix said...

Eeeek! Congratulations!!!! Way to go! High five!!! Awesome!!! :D

Farseashore said...

Congratulations! 60 lbs!! Woo hoo! :D

Stephanie said...

Yay! Congrats to you - that is a huge accomplishment. And I am SURE you look different but I can totally relate to not feeling like you look any different! I like to focus on how my clothes feel - I have a little "practice" that helps me along the way when I am feeling like I am not changing. I have a "fashion show." I take out smaller clothes that I used to wear (and I've bought some new ones, too) and try them on to see how they fit differently. Sometimes I will do this every week, just so I can FEEL the difference, even if I can't see it. Try it - you'll enjoy the "show." :-) Good for you!

spunkysuzi said...

I am so happy to see the numbers finally go down for you ;) Your such a fighter!!

Big Girl said...

awesome,awesome, awesome! It's so great that you didn't give up and you've done it! keep up the great work.

R. Shack said...

omigosh! Congrats Lyn!

You so deserve it!

elife said...

YAYYYY for you!! That is amazing.

Olivia said... are AMAZING!! I am so proud of you and you have become such an inspiration to me on my weight loss journey.

Keep on loving yourself because your positivity changes the world.


Ready to Shrink said...

Your arms must have heard your lament and gave in and dropped for ya :) Grats lady you look AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Nice job. When it comes to losing weight, it's not fair that the more weight you lose, the harder it gets to lose some more (aka your body's adapting to the changes).

Try training for a half marathon. It matters not whether you walk or run. You'll become more fit and lose more weight.

Mal said...

Huge congratulations on this wonderful milestone. Sometimes, when the going is slow, I have to remind myself: It is the BEHAVIORAL not the NUMERICAL changes that matter most.

You look wonderful. You're also down into the range now, it seems, where little losses are going to be more and more noticeable. Like, toward the end of the Biggest Loser, the contestants really start to look like different people. Before that, they just look like the same people with a little bit more definition.

Best of luck to you!